Salto Mortal review by Fangoria

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Fangoria: Salto Mortal

Overall Impression — 10
Fangoria is the name of an american gore magacine. But it's also the name of one of the greatest spanish bands. Fangoria is the musical project of the spanish/mexican diva Olvido Gara (aka Alaska) and her bass/keyboards/lyricist and friend Nacho Canut.Fangoria is probably the most advanced and vanguardist band in Spain, and they've been rocking the spanish indie scene since 1989 when Nacho and Alaska left their former band, Dinarama and decided to create a new project based on experimental electronic and pop music, with drops of rock, reggae dub and other styles... In 1990, influenced by all the British and American music waves...(acid house, techno, electrorock bands like Primal Scream, club sounds like Soup dragons, disco moods like New Order...etc)Fangoria launched their first album, called "Salto Mortal".It wasn't a massive hit but still today is seen as one of the brightests gems of spanish poprock music history. "Salto mortal" means "Dangerous jump", and it's a really appropiated name for the album, because it's a vanguardist, different and eclectic experimental album. It's formed by 16 songs and there are a lot of different moods and feelings in each song.Alaska's voice sounds deep and dark, but also familiar and delicious, and most of the lyrics are cool, ingeniously traced and full of pop art/kitch/postmodern mentions... The first song, "Salto mortal", it's a good way to begin the Fangoria's experience...Science fiction lyrics, electro drums, synthethizers... "En mi prision" is the name of the album's first single, and one of the greatest songs of spanish pop music in the 90's.Sampling some well known melodies, and using scratchings, electronic beats and pianos they get a great atmosphere where Alaska's declamations and prayers sound magnificent. "Hagamos algo superficial y vulgar" has got a reggae club mood, a special feeling and a great piano+metal horns combination. It's another highlight moment in the album.Very special moment. Songs like "Entre dos mundos" and "Nunca tiro a dar" talk about bizarre/gore/sarcastic terror lyrics...all into a lively disco beat. Other themes, like "La razon de vivir", "Llorar" or "Soy tu duea" are full of dramatic elements and expressive verses... "Punto y final" gives the epic feeling, and "Contra viento y marea" the funny moody relaxing club melody. Salto mortal is a great album. A very nice work. A dangerous but finally safe jump. A delicius gem that everybody (even not understanding or liking spanish language) should listen. Very recommendable. Lovely. Funny. Fangoria's first masterpiece.

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