Always Open Mouth review by Fear Before the March of Flames

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  • Released: Sep 19, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (12 votes)
Fear Before the March of Flames: Always Open Mouth

Sound — 10
The sound has changed dramatically since art damage and odd how people shake, more towards the older 'shake' era. If you're reading this review, you must have already heard about this band before, and if not, you have definately been missing out. FBTMOF have come out and put their best grown-up effort to date. I would personally single out this CD as the best of 2006. Derek Fisher (guitar) finally found his delay pedal laying around somewhere (those who are Fear fans know what I'm talking about). The guitar work is beyond amazing, definately much more refined than any previous Fear work. the only negative I have to say about this sonic masterpiece is that the last few songs do not compare in terms of quality to the rest of the CD, but it's hard to blame fear for it.

Lyrics — 10
The vocals turned for the good, and now it is easier than ever to hear what Dave Marion has to say, and he does have a bit of a message. Most of it is about how we should be aware of our surroundings, and stop believing what "they" tell us, and "they" is really a fill-in-the-blank. Some messages come with a little sarcasm, which adds to the albums dark and mysterious tone. My favorite quotes from this CD are "Anything to numb/anything to encourage ignorance", "Our child gets a scratch we give our child a brand new head", and the most imporant message of the CD: "Everything cannot be made right."

Overall Impression — 10
Pick this one up no matter what your opinion is about this band, it will either blow you away, or you can give it to your friend with better taste in music who will appreciate it. The best songs on the CD are very hard to pick out, since all of them are close to perfect. If you like slower stuff, download "My (F--king) Deer Hunter" and "Taking Cassandra To The End Of World Party". If you're into the heavy and dark, try "Drowning The Old Hag" and "A Gift For Fiction". If you just love all music like I do, get "Of Horses And Medicine" and "...As A Result Of Signals".

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    when i saw FBTMOF live it inspired all of my live performances, the singer is a god at live performances. Yourmessigh, thats a piss poor review, next time please know what the band was thinking when they wrote it, or what kind of message they are trying to send
    JB guitarist
    This is my favorite cd by FBTMOF. Its different yes..but in a good way. Its better than them just making the same cd twice. they are deffinately verrrry talented. Because I dont see how they write their music. It sounds just like a bunch of random guitars and weird noises. But it all fits together perfectly
    I love how they push boundries, combining post-hardcore(wich I generally don't like)metalcore, and even some indie and electronic influences, and the thing is they pull this off well. One of my favorite albums.
    This album is amazing. Everything just sounds so complete, right from start to finish. The little atmospheric and background noises show just how much effort went into every song, the lyrics are awesome too.
    Phe4rTheGod wrote: i saw this band live...horrible...
    I saw this band live last night... amazing.
    one of the best albums i've exer heard. it's gonna be my post-hardcore number one i think