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artist: Fear Factory date: 12/14/2005 category: compact discs
Fear Factory: Obsolete
Released: Jul 28, 1998
Genre: Rock
Styles: Alternative Metal, Industrial Metal, Heavy Metal, Industrial
Number Of Tracks: 10
On their latest the quartet offers more of the same sound, with a bit of experimentation thrown in for good measure.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Obsolete Reviewed by: Dyer's Eve, on september 13, 2004
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Sound: This is a heavy band if there ever was one. with their usual voyages into the lower end with Dino's 7-string Ibanez. They start the album well with their catchiest tunes, 'Shock' and 'Edgecrusher' giving the listener a sneak of whats to come. More of the same until track 5, 'Descent', Fear Factory providing a great, melodic riff with a heavy, pumping bassline keeping the verses alive. More of the same ear-splitting banter through 'Freedom Or Fire' with a chorus that could bend steel. Then along comes their masterpiece. Track 9 brings us to 'Resurrection' with it's stringed intro its fools us into thinking it's gonna be easy listening. Then about a minute through the riffing begins, possibly their best riffing to date, followed by a 'string-riff-string-riff' verse. Repauses for some more string section, accompanied by burton's magnificent voice. Then springs back to life, and ends with some slow progressive chords that literally force your heaad violently back and forth. Then ends with quiet inrospection in the stringed piece 'Timelessness'. // 10

Lyrics: FF had a great concept for this album. They based the lyrics for each song around a story that is printed in the pages of it's sleeve. Topics cover rebellion, war, death and pain. All the elements of this album meld together perfectly, and wouldnt have the impact if not for Burton C. Bell's extremely versatile vocal range. In terms of voice he may have the greatest voice in metal. // 10

Overall Impression: FF were part of the second wave of american thrash that included Pantera, Machine Head and Sepultura. They're probably the heaviest of their rivals and can go blow for blow with any of the bands mentioned above. As I mentioned earlier, my personal favourites are 'Descent' and 'Resurrection'. If you like a new flavour to your record collection buy this. These are in a similar state to the deftones to name one, in that 'they're the best in a genre of one'. It's so-called 'cyber-metal' stylings are different to waht any band have done. Buy it. Now. If you lose it. Buy it again. // 10

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overall: 10
Obsolete Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 14, 2005
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Sound: There are a lot of Korn influenced tracks on this album, such as "Edgecrusher" and "Resurrection." alothough not being a bad thing, fear factory on this album, bring the nu-metal sound into whole new dimension. With the catchy Edgecrusher, it's a very heavy song, with the scratching and industrial beats, and synth background, it brings Fear Factory into nu realm. Although there is only one or 2 nu-metal type songs on this album the album shows alot of what demanufacture brought us. "Shock!!" is a big example of this as is "Securitron" and "Shmasher/Devourer." These songs also show Burton's wide vocal range, ranging from raw, aggresive, dry-lung vocal, to the soft, soothing, amplifying, melodies of his actually singing voice. The drumlines are sick! Raymond's drumming on this album shows why he is one of the best drummers in metal, and rock. I play guitar, and I love the sound of Dino's heavy, pummling, down-tuned guitar. the thrashy sound and way he picks the guitar from the palm muting tremolo picking, combined with great catchy riffs like edgecrusher and descent and the epic "Resurrection." The opening track "Shock!!" really does it for me on guitar sounds. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics in this album are all based on the story that comes with inside the with the lyrics itself. The lyrics show deep thinking about the world, the government, rebellion, escapism and although Burton stating that they arent political or he didn't mean for them to be political, there are alot of political relations to these lyrics. "Freedom Or Fire," "Edgecrusher." The "Securitron" lyrics are about the internet and other things in general, saying that there is alot of confinment and that privacy is very much under control. "Edgecrusher" is a rebel song, "Shock" is also a rebel song, Shmasher/Devour is about the evils of media, TV, the internet. Descent is a very depressing song, I think Burton revealed that it was about a time in his life where he felt like nothing, because all he did was cheat, lie on other people, and he was in a situation were he felt like nothing. There are a lot of hidden meanings behind these songs though. But there is of course a story in the lyrics. // 10

Overall Impression: This album was actually their best selling album, reching top 40 Billiboard chart. I love the versitile sound on the album, the fact that there is a change from heavy to melodic parts. The most melodic bein "Timelessness" which also showed off Burton's wide range of vocals. Really great singing in that song. Overall I love this album it is the best album that fear factory has brought out. I think it has defined Fear Factory. // 10

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