Echo Park review by Feeder

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  • Released: Apr 23, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (15 votes)
Feeder: Echo Park

Sound — 10
I'm suprised this has got so many bad reviews. I think this album is great, every chorus has a giant hook to it. Feeder are the masters of choruses in Britain. I love all the songs, and its all just great.

Lyrics — 6
Well, the lyrics arent much to be honest, Buck Rogers especially, but think about it, who put a bad review of Blur's "Song 2" just on lyrics? Exactly. I dont generally care about lyrics in albums, but I can tell these aren't much good really.

Overall Impression — 10
01. Standing On The Edge - weird song, with a massive heavy part with some kind of whooping noise in the background, a Kasabian-like verse, and a very, very quiet chorus. But it sets up the album well, showing they are capable of playing hard rock, indie and alternative rock. Interesting. Best bit: verse 9/10. 02. Buck Rogers - this is the song which made Feeder famous, very mainstream pop. And for that I absolutely hate it. The lyrics are also crap, and this is easily the worst song on the album, but without it they wouldnt have been able to make the next two albums popular, then the public woul have missed out on songs like "Feeling A Moment" and "Just The Way I'm Feeling," so I've got to give it credit. Best bit: chorus 6/10. 03. Piece By Piece - relaxed song, with a good guitar riff. The lyrics here are actually quite good here I think. Nice use of synthesiser in the chorus. And the part where it just stops midway is very clever. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 04. Seven Days In The Sun - actually, Buck Rogers need not have been so popular, this would have made Feeder just as popular. Lyrics are poor, but the sound is amazing. One of the most catchy things ever in that chorus. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 05. We Can't Rewind - quiet-loud dynamic, and yet again, bad lyrics. Grrr. Another catchy chorus, but very simple guitar part. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 06. Turn - from the beginning doesn't sound like much, and isnt really, but thats where the catchiness comes in. If none of these songs were so catchy, then the whole album would be pathetic, but it's just so good. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 07. Choke - one of the only songs to lack a really catchy chorus, but the verse makes up for that. Rubbish lyrics again! "Working shifts at sainsburys?" Christ. Best bit: verse 8/10. 08. Oxygen - boy does this one make me feel down. The best song on the album, no question. Slower verse, with a really powerful chorus, even though it isnt very loud. Absolutely mindblowing. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 09. Tell All Your Friends - upbeat, and slightly better lyrics this time. This is the opposite of Oxygen, this song really lifts you up. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 10. Under The Weather - Weird opening, with a shout/synth bit. Very odd verse, and a pretty weird chorus too. Best bit: verse 9/10. 11. Satellite News - the most laid-back and slow of the album, and pretty good for it. Doesn't compare to Piece By Piece or Oxygen, but still good stuff. Best bit: chorus 9/10. 12. Bug - nice heavy song to finish off the album, but I would have opened it with this and put Standing On The Edge at the end because of its quiet verse. The "Revolution" line is great, although it makes no sense really. Best bit: "Revolution" bit 10/10.

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    i havent read many of these but Buck Rogers was origionally written for a small amaerican band. Feeder wrote it as a joke and then afterwards they decieed to use it. So it isn't partiuclarl as bad as you think