Echo Park Review

artist: Feeder date: 10/16/2007 category: compact discs
Feeder: Echo Park
Released: Apr 23, 2001
Genre: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 6.2
 Overall Impression: 7.7
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overall: 6
Echo Park Reviewed by: j0nmcc, on november 05, 2003
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Sound: This album is back to Feeder form, and is a healthy dose of British Rock \m/. Grant Nichols uses many powerfull riffs and powerchords to make each song individual. The album is a mixture of heavier music to the softer side of Rock. Tracks like 7 Days in the Sun, Choke and Buck Rogers offer more of a heavier side whereas, songs like We Can't Rewind and Oxygen contrast with soft rock. // 8

Lyrics: However, the lyrics on this album are abit of a Disapointment, alot of the tracks lyrics seem dull, boring and very repetivie (in songs such as Buck Rogers). // 4

Overall Impression: Overall, This is a decent effort by Feeder, The sound on the album is very good, however the lyrical side, lets it down. No Feeder Collection is complete with this CD, however more work could of been spent on it. // 6

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overall: 6
Echo Park Reviewed by: Pedge, on april 15, 2004
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Sound: Echo Park is one of Feeder's most commercial album yet, and is considered as their "Pop" album, as it went very high in the charts, an marked 2001 as one of Feeder's most succesful years. There are a lot of good things about Echo Park, some bad. It's starts of with Standing On The Edge, which isn't a bad way to start the album off, there are pop rock songs like Buck Rogers and Seven Days In The Sun, punkier songs such as Tell All Your Friends and Under The Weather. But a couple of disappointments such as Turn, a bland mellow song and Bug, a heavy song with a simple riff and distorted vocals. The is, however nice slow tunes like the haunting Oxygen, Piece By Piece, and the much inspiring Satelite News. Overall I would say it's got a pretty good sound to it, just not as good as they always have. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics aren't half-bad. Like a lot of Grant Nicholas' lyrics, the words say something with a lot of meaning and he sings them well enough. I think he did a fantastic job on vocals for Under The Weather, something very different than normal. // 6

Overall Impression: Echo Park had some great cover artwork, not all the songs are that bad. If I could change one thing maybe it'd be the song tracklist, just a little. I'd definitely go and buy it again if I lost it, I'm a big Feeder Fan. Good, but not as good some of their other stuff. // 6

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overall: 9.3
Echo Park Reviewed by: Rippleseeker, on june 06, 2005
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Sound: This was an interesting twist coming off of Echo Park, where Feeder had focused on music that would interest the general public. Comfort In Sound was slowed down and drawn out, but by no means in any way worse Echo Park. Comfort in Sound showed a return to a calm, mellow sound that Feeder was known for. The music was still upbeat, but there was a greater attempt to make the instruments part of the actual song instead of just backing for the lyrics. There were also some amazing in-song rhythmic changes, which demonstrated a musical ability not seen from Feeder before. // 10

Lyrics: Most people found the lyrics a let down on this album, but I disagree. There was definitely a change from what Feeder normally did, but it seemed a progression. There was a push to do different things, just as they did with their sound. Of course, their singer can actually sing, making life easier to mold the music and lyrics together. The only problem I found with this album was something I saw the exact opposite of in previous albums. In all other albums the music was molded to fit the lyrics, but in Comfort In Sound the lyrics were fitted around the music. This gave a broad, sweeping voice that occasionally didn't make sense, and was used as a filler. // 8

Overall Impression: There was no problem with the album, and it probably should have been bigger than it actually was. It's become a fact that Feeder will never grow popular state side, but the album was just as good as Echo Park, and it was surprising that it was not very popular in the UK. Part of the problem with Comfort In Sound was that all of the songs blended together. They were not all the same song, but the songs together told a story. Although the music is nothing alike Queens Of The Stone Age, Comfort In Sound showed the same problem as QOTSA's Songs For The Deaf, the songs were too interrelated for only a couple to become singles. // 10

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overall: 6
Echo Park Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 28, 2005
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Sound: A poppy album by most accounts, there's actualy a lot of pretty metallic stuff. It's the quieter songs that get axed, which is a pity as Satellite News is probably my favourite song on the album. We can see Feeder starting to head this way in earlier b-sides like Can't Dance To Disco. It was my first rock album years ago when all I'd heard before was pop and old stuff really. But retrospectively, the style change isn't a good thing. The band didn't enjoy recording the album, made based around a throwaway pop song called Buck Rogers that was originaly written for another band by Grant. On the redeeming side, it has to be admitted it's catchy. And it's happy any album that makes people happy in a genuine way has something going for it at least. // 6

Lyrics: This is by far Feeder's weakest album lyrically. Fairly uninteresting lyric lines repeat themselves, and pop cliches abound. There are exceptions - the Standing On The Edge or Satellite News lyrics - but on the whole meanwhile, Grant's voice is generaly pretty straightforward and ordinary on this album, perhaps overly buried in guitars at times. // 6

Overall Impression: The worst Feeder album, surely, it's got catchiness but lacks either roaring or fragility. Every song on the album is good in itself. But the effect is bland. Satellite News is the prettiest song, and no song is outstandingly bad. But none is outstandingly good. I must note that if you get the Japnese edition, with Just A Day, Purple, Heads, and 21st Century Meltdown, the album becomes far better - Just A Day has gone on to be a fantastic last song for a show (I know, I've been) and is much like a far emotionally deeper and lyrically superior version of Buck Rogers, whilst Purple is the closest thing likely to a return to Polythene-esque multi-layered poetic rock. Both excellent songs and superior to all songs on standard Echo Park. The one flaw is that that album omits the best song on the normal album, Satellite News! // 6

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overall: 8.7
Echo Park Reviewed by: duncang, on september 19, 2005
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Sound: I'm suprised this has got so many bad reviews. I think this album is great, every chorus has a giant hook to it. Feeder are the masters of choruses in Britain. I love all the songs, and its all just great. // 10

Lyrics: Well, the lyrics arent much to be honest, Buck Rogers especially, but think about it, who put a bad review of Blur's "Song 2" just on lyrics? Exactly. I dont generally care about lyrics in albums, but I can tell these aren't much good really. // 6

Overall Impression: 01. Standing On The Edge - weird song, with a massive heavy part with some kind of whooping noise in the background, a Kasabian-like verse, and a very, very quiet chorus. But it sets up the album well, showing they are capable of playing hard rock, indie and alternative rock. Interesting. Best bit: verse 9/10. 02. Buck Rogers - this is the song which made Feeder famous, very mainstream pop. And for that I absolutely hate it. The lyrics are also crap, and this is easily the worst song on the album, but without it they wouldnt have been able to make the next two albums popular, then the public woul have missed out on songs like "Feeling A Moment" and "Just The Way I'm Feeling," so I've got to give it credit. Best bit: chorus 6/10. 03. Piece By Piece - relaxed song, with a good guitar riff. The lyrics here are actually quite good here I think. Nice use of synthesiser in the chorus. And the part where it just stops midway is very clever. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 04. Seven Days In The Sun - actually, Buck Rogers need not have been so popular, this would have made Feeder just as popular. Lyrics are poor, but the sound is amazing. One of the most catchy things ever in that chorus. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 05. We Can't Rewind - quiet-loud dynamic, and yet again, bad lyrics. Grrr. Another catchy chorus, but very simple guitar part. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 06. Turn - from the beginning doesn't sound like much, and isnt really, but thats where the catchiness comes in. If none of these songs were so catchy, then the whole album would be pathetic, but it's just so good. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 07. Choke - one of the only songs to lack a really catchy chorus, but the verse makes up for that. Rubbish lyrics again! "Working shifts at sainsburys?" Christ. Best bit: verse 8/10. 08. Oxygen - boy does this one make me feel down. The best song on the album, no question. Slower verse, with a really powerful chorus, even though it isnt very loud. Absolutely mindblowing. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 09. Tell All Your Friends - upbeat, and slightly better lyrics this time. This is the opposite of Oxygen, this song really lifts you up. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 10. Under The Weather - Weird opening, with a shout/synth bit. Very odd verse, and a pretty weird chorus too. Best bit: verse 9/10. 11. Satellite News - the most laid-back and slow of the album, and pretty good for it. Doesn't compare to Piece By Piece or Oxygen, but still good stuff. Best bit: chorus 9/10. 12. Bug - nice heavy song to finish off the album, but I would have opened it with this and put Standing On The Edge at the end because of its quiet verse. The "Revolution" line is great, although it makes no sense really. Best bit: "Revolution" bit 10/10. // 10

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overall: 7.7
Echo Park Reviewed by: Thom Yorke, on october 16, 2007
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Sound: Echo Park sees the band develop on the sound they obtained in previous album 'Yesterday Went Too Soon'. They use well the quiet loud dynamic of grunge and alt metal as well as having songs that are more modern rock and indie. The guitar sound here is often clearer than on previous attempts, particularly on songs like 'Buck Rogers' and 'Turn'. Feeder are a special band in that they use all these different musical genres in their songs so it's hard to give the album an overall genre apart from Alternative Rock. Suitable for anyone who likes bands as different as Nirvana and Manic Street Preachers. // 8

Lyrics: Grant Nicholas isn't exactly the world's greatest lyricist. The lyrics on 'Buck Rogers' are awful and 'Seven Days In The Sun' isn't much better on the lyrical front either. So the overall impression on the lyrics is pretty average but they're pretty well matched with the alternative rock style of the music and although poor the lyrics on 'Buck Rogers' are never forgotten once heard which is one of the things Feeder have on their side. Nicholas has an often curious singing voice as well which enhance the lyrics in some cases. His voice is often placed through distortion, perhaps to hide some of his worst lyrical attempts! // 7

Overall Impression: 01. Standing On The Edge - unusual song with a very quiet verse after a broodingly loud verse. 02. Buck Rogers - it may be very mainstream but it's the best indie rock has to offer and you never forget it once heard. 03. Piece By Piece - an unusual song after the last two but one of Feeder's best. It's slightly weird and wouldn't sound out of place on YWTS. 04. Seven Days In The Sun - another instantly memorable Feeder classic. Humourous but not at the expense of being a good song. 05. We Can't Rewind - a fan fave but you feel it's missing something to make it a classic song. 06. Turn - a very indie song that some seem to love but it never really progresses. I still like it though. 07. Choke - a pretty average song with some poor shouty lyrics. The album wouldn't be any worse without it. 08. Oxygen - a mid tempo song that relaxes things somewhat but another personal favourite. 09. Tell All Your Friends - awful lyrics but a memorable chorus. Not much to shout about. 10. Under The Weather - the best out of the shouty songs on the album. 11. Satellite News - another Feeder fan favourite. Just feel it never really goes anywhere having meandered along pleasantly for 5 and a half minutes. Could be a bit more memorable. 12. Bug - another average song. If this album were lost I'd buy it again. I love it because it's the album that really got me into Feeder and for that I will always be grateful. // 8

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