Picture Of Perfect Youth Review

artist: Feeder date: 12/04/2006 category: compact discs
Feeder: Picture Of Perfect Youth
Release Date: Aug 10, 2004
Label: Echo
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 36
Picture Of Perfect Youth is a limited CD and vinyl collection of B-side's over Feeder's history.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Picture Of Perfect Youth Reviewed by: rpquincey, on december 04, 2006
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Sound: Picture Of Perfect Youth is Feeders limited edition B-Sides album realeased in August 2004 and sold exclusively through their website. No more copies are going to be made and I had to buy mine off eBay for 60! Very rare. I was surprised when I heard this album from start to finish how good the songs were. Feeder produce not much else but fantastic tracks, but this being a B-Sides album I was naturally hesitant. How these are classed as 'B-Sides' I do not know. They are all absolute classics, with a great range of heavy rock songs and more mellow offerings. Many are very reminisent of the older albums grungier, darker songs, but are none the less suitable for fans who prefer Feeders later albums. Within the album you will notice some tracks from the 'Swim' album (Elegy, Spill, World Asleep) as well as the one and only 'Just A Day', originally released as a B-Side (until they saw the light)and packaged on to this album in all it's original glory (it is slightly different from the Single version). Note, 'Come Back Around' is not the version on comfort in sound, it is a completely different song. Excellent sound, just what you would expect from Feeder. // 9

Lyrics: This album boasts some of the greatest lyrics written by Feeder, and also a few of the worst. Best things first though. Yet again Lead singer Grant Nicholas is on top form, both in the singing and writing department. Stand out tracks include 'Circles', with its mellow and thought provoking lyrics, 'Rubberband', with some very clever and sing-a-long lyrics and the excellent 'Feel it Again' with it's extremely positive and uplifting words ("It's getting better all the time now; I can Feel it again!") there's also the beautiful cover of Frankie goes to Hollywood's 'Power of Love' and Police's 'Cant stand losing you'. There are even more positives and every song on here boasts some excellent lyrics, except for a very small few, in fact, only two songs, 'Oxidize' whose lyrics are far too distorted for my liking and 'Bad Hair Day' which makes very little sense and isn't one of those songs that stays in your head. Otherwise, absolutely top quality! // 9

Overall Impression: Overall this is an absolute stonker of an album which if released to the general public would have gone down an absolute storm, but the fact that it is limited edition makes it even better, giving the lucky few who have a copy that warm feeling inside of having something not many others have. This boasts some of Feeders greatest tracks and to be honest it's an insult to call this a 'B-Sides' album, because it's so much better than that. In terms of standout tracks just get the tracklist from the top of this review and remove 'Oxidize', 'Bad Hair Day' and one other of your choice just for luck. And out of 36 tracks, that's not bad! This album wouldn't be stolen or lost as I would defend it with my life. it's a must have for Feeder fans but maybe only for the more hardcore fans due to the price and difficulty of obtaining a copy, casual fans may not want to pay out that much. But if youve got the money I would highly reccommend it, worth every penny. // 10

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