Pushing The Senses Review

artist: Feeder date: 11/07/2005 category: compact discs
Feeder: Pushing The Senses
Released: Jan 31, 2005
Genre: Rock
Styles: Alternative Metal
Number Of Tracks: 10
Gone are the soaring, rip-roaring guitar-driven pop-metal anthems of old, replaced by what can best be described as rather insipid power-ballads.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 9.3
Pushing The Senses Reviewed by: Landstrom, on november 07, 2005
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Sound: Pushing The Senses is in my opinion the best album Feeder have done since the tradgic death of Jon Lee. However, gone are the festival anthems but enter the more mature side of Feeder. The album contains some of the deepest songs that Grant has ever written. I love the sound of this album to some people it may be depressing and if you're looking for upbeat anthems I would suggest an earlier album. However, this album to me is amazing. The songs are mellow and provide lyrics that really convey the feelings of the band. I would say, however, that the songs are very depressing. I find them that way with a few exceptions yet I would still rate this as an amazing sound for an album. // 9

Lyrics: As mentioned previously I believe that these are the best lyrics ever to be seen on a Feeder album. They are deeper than other albums and convey an emotion to the listener. When you listen to Grant singing on the album you can really empathise with him. There is real emotion in his voice and this changes appropriately with the song. For instance the finger picking on Dove Grey Sands is joined by an almost far away voice. The more upbeat Feeling a Moment is matched with a fairly lively voice from Grant yet it maintains the constant feel throughout. The lyrics too are well suited to the music and this album shows the most mature song writing yet seen from Grant. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is definately one of my favourites and if I lost the album then I would definately buy it again. If you want hard rock then do not buy this album. If you want a well written and mature album then this is definately a good recommendation. I can, however, criticise the album on the fact that the guitar isn't amazingly hard. The song's music is not something that will go down as a legendary piece of composing but I think that that works fairly well. I love this album and I have listened to the majority of the tracks a lot. This album would definately go down as one of my favourites and I would recommend it strongly to anyone. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Pushing The Senses Reviewed by: chinko, on september 22, 2005
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Sound: Feeders sound may have progressed majorly since their 1995 debut, but this album seems to be a step in the wrong direction. taking more from CIS than it should, Pushing The Senses is a soft indie album, and detracts majorly from their poppy side. This is alledged to be the actual album written in anguish of Jon Lee's death, as most of comfort in sound was actually written before his unfortunate departure. As such, the album is slow, soft and ballady, and sounds very much like coldplay. However, where they have gone softer, there are still some cracking tracks on the album. The albums title track, bitter glass and pilgrim soul are reminders that feeder are still strong in the rocky department. // 8

Lyrics: Omitting Pain On Pain, the lyrics are outstanding as you would expect from grant. He is an incredible singer and his voice is astounding on the album. He fits the music perfectly, and always has. // 10

Overall Impression: If you loved CIS you'll like this, if you are more of a Polythene, maybe Even YWTS or Swim fan, then you'll pretty much hate this album. Most impressive songs? Bitter Glass, Pilgrim Soul and Pushing The Senses, with feeling a moment being a nice relaxing track. However, first single Tumble And Fall was dire, and Pain On Pain is just dreadful (this is coming from a huge fan, only BadHairDay is as bad as pop). If it were stolen I would buy it again, just take a while doing it. // 7

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overall: 10
Pushing The Senses Reviewed by: Feeder_Fan_4eva, on january 24, 2005
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Sound: This album is Feeder's 5th album and has no links what so ever to its older brothers polythene, YWTS and Echo Park, but more of a link with CIS. This album is more mellow with a few piano tracks aswell, it's a calm album with more of an uplifting atmosphere to it, would definatly be loved by people who likes comfort in sound, I know I did. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are very good on the whole but a few suspect moments where lyrics don't seem to flow with the song but Feeder have never really concentrated on lyrics really, just the singing, which is done very well by grant. A very good singer and someone who I feel should be more recognised and appriciated and he is now. // 10

Overall Impression: I like all the songs on this album but my favoures would have to be Bitter Glass, Pushing The Moment and Slip A Like. If you liked Comfort In Sound then you would deffinatly like this album and I know that I would definitly go buy this album again if it was stolen or lost. But seen it's not out at the time I wrote this (23rd of Jan, album doesn't come out till 31'st of Jan) it would be very hard but I know I would buy it again. // 10

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overall: 6
Pushing The Senses Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 25, 2005
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Sound: This album is a far away from their pastimes, there are less rocky songs and more of the mellow songs like on CIS. However the songs that attempt to be heavy fail because they don't have any of that feeling like the older feeder songs did, and the mellow songs get old and repetetive quickly. // 6

Lyrics: As usual grants lyrics are great, they really make the songs. However sometimes the singing doesn't quite fit with the music and the song sounds weird. Other than that excellent singing and lyrics from a brilliant vocalist. // 6

Overall Impression: I can't compare this album to any other feeder album except CIS. Pushing The Senses attempted to keep the mellowness of CIS but failed really, as the songs are nothing special and don't have that brilliance that came through in CIS. The few songs I like are Pilgrim Soul, Pushing The Senses and Dove Grey Sands. I'm sure Jon would never have wanted the band to go this way after his death, but Mark does a brilliant job of drumming. If it was stolen then I wouldn't really mind as it is a copy of a promo, but I'm hoping that when I buy it legit on the 31st that the extras are worth the money I pay. // 6

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overall: 10
Pushing The Senses Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 07, 2005
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Sound: I absolutely love this album, it's so relaxing and really speaks to you. I agree that it is a huge step from Feeder but I think it's a good step. This album is more like Comfort In Sound but bands change their style and Feeder has changed from the harder rock sounds to the more mellow but it works for them and I think that they're incredibly talented muscians. // 10

Lyrics: I think the lyrics in this album are extremely good and just emphasise what an amazign songwriter Grant is. There isn't a single Feeder album that hasn't got at least five songs that truly speak to your soul, there isn't a single song I don't like on the album. Grant is an excellent singer and you can tell that he has put all his effort in writing these songs. // 10

Overall Impression: My favourites on this album would definitely be Feeling A Moment, Dove Grey Sands, Morning Life and Pushing The Senses. This album would compare to Comfort In Sound well as it is most like that album than any previous Feeder albums. I love the dreaminess of the more mellow songs from the album and how the whole album jsut inspires you and relaxes you at the same time. I can honestly say that no matter how hard I try I truly cannot think of a single bad thing on this album. If I were to do anything to change I would perhaps put one or two more heavyier sounding songs on it other than that nothing could make it better. If this album were to be stoeln I would most definitely buy it again. The exra features are amazing as well, really make the album completely worth your money! // 10

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overall: 8.7
Pushing The Senses Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 28, 2005
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Sound: A more "rounded" version of the CiS sound, the piano effects on Pain on Pain are annoying but otherwise the intro to Feeling a Moment at the start of the album is beautiful, the whole sound of Tumble and Fall is so comfortable and faintly pretty, and Feeder can still smash at their guitars if they choose to on songs like PTS. As with the last album, perhaps even more so, the vocals really ring out, but that's no problem as Grant's singing goes from strength to strength. The only flaw I would pick out in the sound is that it's just a little too polished and distant for my taste. // 8

Lyrics: Grant is a wonderful lyricist. He always used to have nice touches (though the writing on echo park was weak), but on the last two albums the lyrics are flawless. Poetic, delicate, effective, and catchy. The sound of his voice is nice is the best word. It feels comfortable and very genuine. // 10

Overall Impression: A wonderful "journey," just as Grant intended it. The album lacks the two truly "great" Feeder songs that elevate CiS so much, Come Back Around and Just the Way I'm Feeling, but every song is good on its own, and Feeling a Moment and Tumble and Fall are especially outstanding. The b-sides are worth a look too. Shatter especially is very reminiscent of older Feeder. That riff is scary, and the pleading chorus is so genuine, as with all Feeder's work. It just needs one really brilliant song to raise to a 5 - this has long been a problem for Feeder - listen to their b-side collection and you find Grant has written loads of really good songs, far more than could be fitted on albums, but he has almost never broken the final threshold. Still, a wonderful and very moving album. Rock music for poets as usual. Much impressed, would happily buy it again and am buying up all the b-sides. // 8

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