Seven Sleepers Review

artist: Feeder date: 03/24/2009 category: compact discs

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Feeder: Seven Sleepers
Released: Feb 18, 2009
Genre: Alternative Rock
Number Of Tracks: 6
Seven Sleepers is a six track mini album released in Japan and available through the Feeder website. It contains two brand new tracks and four B-Sides.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
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overall: 8.7
Seven Sleepers Reviewed by: rpquincey, on march 24, 2009
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Sound: Seven Sleepers is a six track mini album released in Japan and available through the Feeder website. It contains two brand new tracks and four B-Sides. The track listing is as follows. 1.Seven Sleepers 2.Snowblind 3.Public Image 4.Tracing Lines 5.We Are The People (Acoustic) 6.Somewhere To Call Your Own Since the first two tracks are technically the only new ones I shall concentrate my review on them. Seven Sleepers and Snowblind both have a very rocky sound to them but a sound that I have not heard from Feeder before. Seven Sleepers opens with a distorted guitar riff which continues through most of the song and provides the grounding for the track. In a very rare moment it is not Grants singing that takes centre stage as it is covered up slightly under layers of heavy distortion, but it works so well and is different from their usual Rock/Pop style. Snowblind is similar in that it has some quite heavy guitaring, something you don't normally hear from Feeder. Snowblind has a very distinct sound similar to that of 'We Are The People' with a soaring chorus and simple yet incredibly catchy drumming. These are two tracks that I feel easily justify the price by themselves, but then we come to Feeders infamous "B" sides, which are often as good if not better than their alphabetically higher counterparts. Public Image is a great cover track which fit's in well with Feeders overall sound but the only other true B Side 'Somewhere to Call Your own' never seems to really get going, although perfectly good it never seems to have the same certain something that their other tracks do. There is also an acoustic version of We Are The People which many people would not bother listening to, seeing as it's an acoustic track and perhaps not as good as the original, those people would be so so wrong. The acoustic version of We Are The People is a completely different take on a song we already know and love, with a much more restrained feel, but retaining it's soaring chorus, even with only a singer and guitar. // 9

Lyrics: Once again Grants vocal skills have been shown off, especially in the songs Snowblind and the acoustic version of We Are The People. He is able to show off a wide variety of singing styles in this mini album, from quite rocky in 'Snowblind' and 'Seven Sleepers' to a much softer yet raw sound in We Are The People Acoustic. The lyrics however are not the main show in the two new tracks, just more a supporting role. This is not to say the lyrics haven't been thought about, they are well written and even more well sung, with Grant showing off a range of his musical singing styles that he has perfected and then perfected some more over Feeders incredible career. // 8

Overall Impression: Two very musically sharp tracks with a little bit of something different yet again but not so far gone that they lost the spark that have kept them going all these years. Feeder are a band that don't reinvent themselves, rather mix it up a bit and keep it fresh all the time, a formula of sorts but not the same formula you see from most one or two album rock bands whose labels drop them the instant their not played on Radio 1 every five minutes. This is a great little CD with 6 quality songs, 'Somewhere to Call Your Own' being the weakest but still a good track and the the two new songs being some of the best I've heard and hopefully a sign of things to come from one of the most consistent yet underrated bands of our generation. Long may they continue. // 9

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