Silent Cry review by Feeder

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  • Released: Jun 16, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 9 (28 votes)
Feeder: Silent Cry

Sound — 7
Feeder used to be a rock band, and I mean a proper rock band. Songs such as 'Descend' and 'Stereo World' off debut album Polythene rocked venues to their foundations as did others such as second album cut 'Insomnia'. But then drummer Jon Lee died and Grant Nicholas' songwriting improved, lyric wise, unfortunately the sound became a rather nasty Travis-Coldplay hybrid with only occasional songs packing any real rock punch. This is something Feeder have addressed on their new album, 'Silent Cry'. It's not too heavy so as to put off fans of their more recent releases but it's heavy enough to appease many fans who disapproved of the last two albums. Feeder have finally evolved to the stage when they have the ability to mix different sounds with reasonable results. Their sound also has something new to it, although it's hard to pinpoint quite what it is. Then you realise that it's not something the band have done with their playing style but the production, which Grant took care of himself this time. The instruments can be heard with a cleanness that may seem distinctly un-Feeder at first but it's something that can be appreciated when relistening to the album.

Lyrics — 7
01. We Are The People - the lead single from the album, not one of the best tracks though. More for fans of the bands most recent work but it's the first sign of the balance between old and new that they've struck. Very emotive and uplifting lyrics. 02. Itsumo - Itsumo is japanese for 'always'. This is one of the best songs on the album: very anthemic and instantly memorable. Some nice singing from Grant too. 03. Miss You - this has been floating around for ages since the band gave it to their fans for free ages ago. It's the heaviest song on the album, really high-octane stuff. Gets a bit boring after a while though. 04. Tracing Lines - a very 'blend' song, as in it mixes old and new Feeder. The jury is out on this one for me. 05. Silent Cry - good lyrics, not very memorable but it's growing on me. 06. Fires - a real festival anthem this is going to be. The line: 'She lights the fires' will become engrained in your memory. One of Grant's best ever vocals in my opinion. 07. Heads Held High - very generic Feeder acoustic opening. It's placed at the wrong point in the album for me, slowing it down when it doesn't need slowing. Probably would've been better left as a b-side. 08. 8.18 - one of the best songs here. All that needs to be said. Love the intro too. 09. Who's The Enemy? - nice lyrics and nice vocals from Grant. The most complete sounding track on the album, possibly the best. 10. Space - not really a track, just a segue between two tracks. 11. Into The Blue - a less rocking version of old single 'Shatter'. Goes a bit weird in the chorus. 12. Guided By A Voice - not very imaginative, not very special, not very good. 13. Sonorous - a nice end to the album. This song gets better with each listen. Very uplifting end to the album. There are also two bonus tracks on the deluxe edition: 'Yeah Yeah' and 'Every Minute'. They aren't anything you should worry about missing but are decent enough.

Overall Impression — 7
Grant's lyrics have got better, I've been fed up of him using the same lines in so many different songs for years and the sound has evolved, if not necessarily got any better than that of 'Polythene' and YWTS. Not an essential purchase if you are not a Feeder fan: you won't get into them through this but if you are a fan of the band it's well worth the dosh. Essential tracks are: Itsumo, Miss You, 8 18, Who's The Enemy?

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    Thom Yorke
    GoWithTheFlow wrote: this band is one letter away from being Fender
    Really, I had never noticed
    Buck Rogers
    i think its amazing!! really love it! i was expecting to be a little dissapointed but in no way am i love nearly every track though we are the people wouldnt be my favourite (not classing space as a track here) though i do like it. very festival-anthemy. ESSENTIAL TRACKS: 8:18, Tracing Lines, Itsumo
    Thom Yorke wrote: It's miles heavier than CTS and PTS but not like the first 3 albums. I like it though - I think it's a night mix between the mature side of Feeder and their old days. ESSENTIAL TRACKS: Itsumo, Miss You, Who's The Enemy?
    Completely agreed there, the perfect mix. I would also mark 'Into the Blue' and 'We Are The People' as essential tracks.Good review btw
    Big Mac n Fries
    I'm a big fan of feeder and all their work, from polythene up to silent cry. In my opinion this is a good album, not a great one but still good. I'm glad for the slightly heavier sound in this album and who's the enemy is one of the best feeder tracks ever made. Other songs I really liked were Silent Cry, Fires and Miss You.