Silent Cry review by Feeder

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  • Released: Jun 16, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (28 votes)
Feeder: Silent Cry

Sound — 9
There has been a great amount of harsh reports from the people that are the music critics of this world about this latest release by Feeder. While it isn't as heavy as Polythene or Yesterday Went Too Soon, it combines the deep, thoughtful lyrics seen previously in Comfort In Sound, Pushing The Senses, and to a lesser extent, Echo Park. After the 2002 suicide of drummer Jon Lee, one would have thought that Feeder wouldn't have made it this far, let alone make an album as good as Comfort In Sound, follow it up with Pushing The Senses and then this. The vast majority of songs (the minority being "Space" - a totally pointless track that would've been better as an download-only ringtone) show that Feeder are brilliant at making extremely catchy songs that get stuck in your head (well, my head anyway) for a great period of time. I have no idea what the crow has to do with the cover though, yet I've noticed that it has been used on all the single releases (Miss You, We Are The People and Tracing Lines/Silent Cry).

Lyrics — 8
Like I said before, Grant's deep lyrics combined with the grunge sound of early Feeder really does this album a whole lot of good - "Miss You" Even "Space" has relatively interesting lyrics - it didn't deserve to be a track by itself. Had it been at the end of "Who's The Enemy" or the start of "Into The Blue", I wouldn't have cared less. For some reason, I think of "A Day In The Life" by The Beatles when I hear "Heads Held High" - absolutely no idea why, but I thought I'd throw that in. But I can't compare Feeder to The Beatles. That'd be a stupid thing to do. "Guided By A Voice" is a fantastic song too - I really love the chorus "It's our time/So think about it/I know you wanted to". I believe that this is related to the late Jon Lee, just by hearing the lyrics. Lead single "We Are The People" has been unfairly judged - it's a good opening track, but it's fair to say that it shouldn't have been chosen as the lead single. Had that role been handed to "Who's The Enemy" or "8.18", then maybe Feeder would have had a higher charting single, and perhaps, if by mysterious circumstances involving Coldplay not releasing Viva La Vida, their first number one album. "Itsumo" is also an interesting piece of music too, and "Sonorous" is so very Muse-inspired that it isn't funny. However, I do get a bit fed up with the synths, but apart from that, it is one good album.

Overall Impression — 9
I've always loved Grant's vocals - his voice is rather unique, much like Liam Gallagher (Oasis) or Kelly Jones (Stereophonics). Nothing like that generic indie sound of Kaiser Chiefs, Dogs Die In Hot Cars or Franz Ferdinand. They all sound the same. Feeder don't. While they still haven't got the calibre of bands like Stereophonics, they can still pull in a crowd with their great anthems. It wouldn't be a first choice to give to people to start them off, but it would definitely be the third, right behind Comfort In Sound and Echo Park. If the album was stolen, I would buy it again.

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    Never mind the sound or the old/new arguements, they have clearly moved on. This album has just as many anthems as you would hope for in a Feeder record. We the people, Fires, Insumo, Miss you and Whos the enemy would be rocking the summer festivals if this band had been more sensible in its marketing. Instead this albums floated into obscurity, its their first record not to get to No 1 in a long time. A mature record from veteran song writers, up there with every other Feeder album great but not a masterpeice.
    This album is good. Not amazing, but good. It lacks one or two killer tracks, like Polythene had Polythene Girl and Cement, and CIS had Just The Way I'm Feeling and Find The Colour. Still not a bad effort though.
    really good and im a huge feeder fan, i don't think they have done a bad album every song is great even all there b-sides, the album is one you can listen right through due to there sound change to more half and half of feeder its given mixed views but maybe next album it will persuade everyone to enjoy feeder more because they are so underated