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artist: Feeder date: 09/12/2006 category: compact discs
Feeder: The Singles
Release Date: May 23, 2006
Label: EMI
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 20
This album is a compilation of all of Feeder's singles, bar one or two of their earlier ones.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 8.7
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overall: 10
The Singles Reviewed by: nmendies, on may 22, 2006
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Sound: The sound of Feeder has developed over the years from a heavy, 'grunge' like sound, to its most recent softer take on Rock Music. Although the band is generally considered as 'indie', many fans, such as myself, beg to differ. It is clear that this new sound appeared after the suicide of the original drummer, Jon Lee. After his death Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose developed the sound of the band into a softer, more melodic sound, and they instantly left thier roots of Rock, grunge and heavy metal. The songs on the album made before his death have more use of Overdrive and Distortion, as well as vocal effects, and the songs written after his death use a more clean guitar sound with bare naked vocals, which is now recognised as Feeder's new defining sound. You could instantly tell any Feeder song from the rest. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are probably considered the best part of Feeder. Many rock bands try to make good songs but the lyrics lack what is needed for that. With Feeder it is different - they have the greatest lyricist in rock, Grant Nicholas, and a whole range of life situations to draw lyrics from. The album 'Comfort in sound' was written just after Jon Lee had died, and it is obvious on this singles album that it played a huge part in Nicholas' songwriting, especially in the song 'Just The Way I'm Feeling'. Feeder's lyrics match perfectly with the sound they make from their instruments. The words flow excellently alongside the guitar riffs, especially in songs such as 'Forget About Tomorrow', 'Suffocate' and 'Yesterday Went Too Soon.' In my opinion, their best songs where lyrics are concerned are 'Forget About Tomorrow' (my all time favourite song of theirs), 'Tumble And Fall', 'High', 'Suffocate', 'yesterday Went Too Soon' and 'Tender'. The singing skills of Grant Nicholas are unquestionable. He can go from deep, dark and distorted notes straight to high notes. He also has a 'whisper' effect to his singing, which needs no artificial effects to create. If I had to create an ultimate band, I'd be chossing between Grant Nicholas and Chris Cornell for lead singer, but due to Nicholas' vocal range, he'd definitley come first. // 10

Overall Impression: Well this album is a compilation of all of Feeders singles, bar one or two of their earlier ones. Feeder always choose the best songs off of each album to release as singles, so there is no worries as to wheter they are good or not. The album also includes three brand new songs, 'Lost and Found', 'Save Us' and 'Burn the Bridges', all of which are fantastic. I actually have the DVD and CD version of the album, with a DVD containing every video that Feeder ever made, including the video to 'Peice by Peice', which was going to be released, but they later decided not to. The videos made by Feeder range from the early budget videos to the recent 'art like' music videos which work brilliantly with their songs. If this album was stolen I would run to the nearest music shop and buy it again, even if it cost me ten times more. What I love about the album, well actually Feeder as a Band, is that they work the hardest out of any band, and even though they arent as popular as other bands, they never give up, even through hard times, and keep on pushing to create better and better songs. I also love the fact that they arent like the 'Corporate Rock Sell Outs' you find nowadays, who make songs for the MTV masses. They have a distinct and amazing sound which can lift you up when you are down, and can make you want to just get up and play air guitar wherever you are, and this singles album captures all of this. This is probably the best album in my collection, and I will be proud to play it to my future children, if I have any, as I dont think their sound will ever die out through time. // 10

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overall: 8.3
The Singles Reviewed by: Rock God #1, on may 31, 2006
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Sound: Ah... the highly anticipated album, containing all of Feeder's best loved songs. Yep, this is a nice one for any feeder fan, or for those that don't want to go and buy the other albums that hold the tracks on this compilation album. Although old tracks, they are certainly not dated. With "Buck Rogers", "Just A Day" and "Just The Way I'm Feeling" still as clean and crisp as ever, the album takes us back to when feeder had only just began, to the new hit "Lost & Found". Was it too soon for a compilation? In my view, no! "Feeder: The Singles" is the compilation album of the year. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics, at times can be pretty straight-forward (for example, the line "Drink cider from a lemon" on "Buck Rogers"). However, the lyrics keep to the school-boy style anthems that Feeder have grown to produce. The lyrics on "Burn The bridges" and "Just The Way I'm Feeling" (amongst others) are very good, and are well worth listening to over and over again, until they sink in. // 7

Overall Impression: Of course, with the album holding all of Feeder's singles, it is extremely hard to compare this album to the other past ones. It is, of course, in a class of it's own with fellow compilation albums (with "Travis: The Singles" on a par with this album). The 'must listen tos' on this album are: "Come Back Around", "Buck Rogers", "Lost & Found", "Just The Way I'm Feeling", "Just A Day", "burn The Bridges" and "Forget About Tomorrow". This album is certainly a must for your collection. If you're lucky, you may find one with an extra DVD, which holds all of Feeder's videos. Now you can not only hear the music, but see it! Definitely buy this album. If you lose it, well then you better go and buy it again! You must not miss this one. // 9

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overall: 7.7
The Singles Reviewed by: IndieMetalhead, on september 12, 2006
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Sound: Being a compilation album, it's hard to define the sound. Basically, it manages to nicely compile Feeders Career into 20 tracks. the only problem is that it focuses mainly on their current work (10 of the tracks being from Comfort In Sound onwards (including the 3 new tracks), and only 3 From Polythene). However, it makes up for this by including the amazing single version of "Suffocate", and some of the better singles they released (Forget About Tomorrow, Just A Day and Turn). // 8

Lyrics: As I said earlier, most of the songs are Post CIS, so it is where Grant was at his peak of songwriting. The CD has its fair share of singalong songs, however nothing really stands out. I used to be a big fan of Grant, but it just seems now that he's pulled ideas around and written a load of jibberish. // 8

Overall Impression: The only reason I really bought this album was for the DVD (which has videos for every single Feeder released. Good for die hard fans. Otherwise, it's a bit of a lost cause. Two of the tracks recorded for the CD have been released as singles (well, it is a singles album), and the rest are on the albums. If you had only just heard of feeder, I would recommend this album. Die hard fans, unless you want the DVD, it's a bit of a lost cause. If it were stolen, I'd just leave it. I have the DVD ripped to my PC, and the tracks on my PC. // 7

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