The Hidden Words review by Fell Silent

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  • Released: Aug 5, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (11 votes)
Fell Silent: The Hidden Words

Sound — 9
Opening with the kick to the teeth that is "Erase/Begin", any metal head with a taste for something a little different knows they're in for a treat. The Hidden Words is an excellent debut from the MK sextet, who've pushed the metal scene to it's limits from day one. The highlight for most guitar playing FS fans, will most certainly be Acle and Browne's tone. Pulsing their down tuned grooves through Engel stacks, and a library of pre-amps and racks, their riffing style and sound is instantly recognisable to any who've heard it. Much akin to their brothers in "F*cking sh*t up" SiKth, Fell Silent have a dual vocal attack, courtesy of front men Neema and Joe, Who deliver the very same energy and passion as they do live, on the record. Backing these double twins are the most righteous, Noddy the drummer, who's rhythmns and techniques are more likely to confuse most calculators, let alone most fans. And last but not least, Max, the bassist, keeping the whole sound held together at the bottom end, and giving the riffs the feeling they need.

Lyrics — 9
Not having the easiest screams to decipher, Joe and Neema leave a lot to the imagination with their dual attack, which is a good thing, meaning you're able to make of the song what you will, and relate to it your own way. Most of the lyrics on this album deal with the state of the world, and personal self struggles. Which the pair pull of very well. Many Fell Silent songs have huge and memorable sing along choruses. Such as "Its all too late, For the stream of broken souls. You've drowned in, my enemy." and "Magnify the cause, Of veiled remorse. There is no peace to be, Lifeless desires are" from Drowned In My Enemy and Mindless Self respectivley.

Overall Impression — 9
I was so impressed with this album when I first heard it, not having heard much Fell Silent before, but being a huge fan of bands like Meshuggah and SiKth. To tell the honest truth, I'm sick of seeing those two names crop up in Fell Silent articles and reviews, but influences are influences, what can you do? Each song stands out in it's own way, but personal favourites have to be Age of Deception, and Void. I'd be seriously pissed if this album got stolen, but I'd certainly go out and buy another copy. Go see this band, get the album, and buy a tee shirt. End of!

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    Awesome album...although call me weird but I actually slightly prefer the guitar tone on the EP tracks...obviously THW is much better recorded overall though. Oh and this band are so good live!
    Better get hold of this album... saw the band a few weeks back supporting ES and thought they were pretty much better than headliners
    Amazing band, amazing album. Saw them support ES and they were just as good as ES.
    Just wanna point out, Ultimate Guitar labelled this as Pop/Rock, Not me =]
    Shikari Hybryd
    Saw em on the ES tour, known about them for ages. Good at what they do but can't compare to Enter Shikari. All the songs sounded pretty samey...minus the single which I was obsessed with at one point. The album is worth a listen.
    These guys are sick, go buy this albumb now. I would say they are much more talented than Shikari. Also these guys are Math metal not pop rock :\
    Yeah you can't really compare them to ES, their style is completely different. Both good at what they do, and fellsilent have GROOOOOVE hehe
    Rational_Gaze wrote: Oh and this band are so good live!
    There more than good there immense my gf dragged me to enter shikari when these supported and I was blown away amazing band Spoke to one of teh guitarists after the show and they've just signed some sorta deal with the label that veil of maya are are ( sumerian records )