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artist: Fiction Plane date: 09/13/2010 category: compact discs
Fiction Plane: Sparks
Released: May 10, 2010
Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Label: Roadrunner Records
Number Of Tracks: 14
While the sound of this album is a little more poppy/mainstream in areas, the band retain that indie/ska/rock sound through the majority of album.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
Sparks Reviewed by: belavista man, on september 13, 2010
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Sound: While the sound of this album is a little more poppy/mainstream in areas than the previous releases (Everything Will Never Be Ok, Left Side Of The Brain), the band retain that indie/ska/rock sound through the majority of album. Songs like You Know You're Good, Push Me Around (the first single from this release) and Revenge in particular contain that ska (with a hint of indie) feel. Rock is introduced in particular in Talking, Tommy and on the solo for You Know You're Good - a great dynamic, I think. Speaking of Tommy, that's got to be one of the musical highlights for me. It's catchy and the premise of the songs is a little unusual, even for Fiction Plane. Sure, the singles (Pushe Me Around, Out Of My Face) are good, but this is the real dark-horse of the album. Containing so many dynamics and a great riff, I think it'll be a live favourite for sure. The variety in genre continues in places, with Out Of My Face being a lot less up-beat when compared to others, and Denied being quite ballad-like. // 8

Lyrics: The first few lyrics of the album ("La, La, La, La, La") can be misleading as to what you can expect with this album. The band are quite good lyrics writers, although they do get drawn into using simplistic hooks a little too often. Zero is a prime example, where the word 'Zero' is the main hook of the song. If you don't mind that, or can get past it, I think you'd be satisfied. When it comes to vocals, the band do some great harmony/unison vocals in places, but don't over-do it. Joe's vocals on their own sound very Sting-like in places (as can be expected, since Joe is Sting's son), although they have more of a Southern-England edge to to them. Joe's vocal style sits perfectly with the music, and I can't find much fault. // 7

Overall Impression: The album isn't quite as impressive as 2007's The Left Side Of The Brain, as songs like Two Sparks and parts of others (to an extent) are incredibly weak when compared to anything off the previous album. Saying that, You Know You're Good, Push Me Around, Denied, Tommy, Out Of My Face, Talking and Revenge in particular really bring the album up to scratch. In all? Not as mind-blowing as the last album, but still pretty good - some real great tunes on here. // 8

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