Man Vs Monster review by Fighting With Wire

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.1 (15 votes)
Fighting With Wire: Man Vs Monster

Sound — 9
To put it simply; this album hits you like a lorry-load of bricks, but in a good way! This is the debut album from Northern Ireland's 'Derry rockers, and it is what has brought them their success, tours and a signing to Atlantic Records. On the sound; it's just great. Front man Cahir's ability really stands out, being the solo guitarist and vocalist. Really strong and driving guitar riffs, and this is backed by solid and powerful rhythm from the other 2 members. It's kept simple, just a no-nonsense rock album, combining catchy leads with heavy guitar riffs, and then usually a melodic chorus, with good vocals. In my opinion I would compare the sound of some songs to Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, and the darker songs are not unlike people like 30 Seconds to Mars. My only contradiction; I think that some of the songs are a bit 'same-y'. Strength in Numbers for example in my opinion has a very similar style to a lot of the songs. Saying this it's still an extremely good song! I can't really complain!

Lyrics — 8
For me, lyrics are good. Well thought out. They really suit the style's of the songs. Whether it's the rushed 'shouting' in Cut The Transmission right at the start of the album just to wake you up and make you pay attention, melodic choruses of 'Woah-ohh's, or the quiet and serious messages in some of the darker songs like This Body Is In Danger. They are what lifts the quality of the songs from good, to outstanding. Also the way they are presented, Cahir's singing style, is very good. He has a good voice, and ranges between shouting, falsetto and just general good singing! Doesn't even drop his quality when they play live if that matters for you! Excellent frontman.

Overall Impression — 9
Really is an album to check out; a definite act to watch for the future. An album you can put on and listen to the whole way through, and it'll almost have you on the edge of your seat! In my opinion, best songs: 01. Cut the Transmission 02. Everyone Needs a Nemesis 03. Long Distance 04. Sugar 05. And then there would be a toss up between Make a Fist and Into the Ground The albums only got 11 tracks and I have to name 5 or 6 as my favourites; I think that sums it up. I think I need 2 copies just in case I lose one, because it would take to long to get a replacement! A great listen again and again!

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    I think this is a pretty decent review, although I would not liken them to 30 Seconds to Mars at all. I really like all the tracks on this album, and I like their earlier songs which didn't make it on the album also. Make a Fist, My Armoury, and All for Nothing are awesome tracks also. Hopefully going to see them in January.
    flambe chicken
    i really like this album, and would also say that i don't liken them to 30STM... i suppose if i had to liken them to anyone i might say biffy clyro's recent stuff. but they are a really good band in their own right, i would definitely recommend this album.
    i dont listen to much 30 seconds to mars tbh, but i couldnt really think who to compare those songs with lol... sorry about that guys!
    yeah i can't see the similarity to 30 Seconds To Mars either. If i had to say another band to compare them to i would say Biffy Clyro, who they're supporting at their dublin show