One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours Review

artist: Fightstar date: 10/08/2007 category: compact discs
Fightstar: One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours
Release Date: Sep 24, 2007
Genres: Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock
Label: Gut, Edsel
Number Of Tracks: 12
This new album is on par with their last album, it adds something new to their sound without changing their musical intentions, contrasting to some other well known bands.
 Sound: 8.7
 Lyrics: 8.8
 Overall Impression: 8.8
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overall: 10
One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours Reviewed by: 19371, on october 08, 2007
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Sound: The sound in this album is arguably better than the previous release. Here, we have great riffs done in a whole load of different keys and tempos. Tannhauser Gate for example, that song is played in drop A#, on a six string guitar. Low tunes equal to heavy sound I guess. Fightstar have also layered the guitars many times to make the album sound mjuch more, again, heavy and fuller! I mean the music is just fantastic, it's some of the best work I have ever heard since Offspring released Smash in 1994. The great thing about this record, is it's different, every track on this album sounds different. Which I think is great personally. Take Deathcar, for example. The second heaviest song on the album. And then we have another incredible song like You & I. Compare those, they bare in comparison. Here is what I think of the album as a sound point of view:

01. 99 - this is a great sounding song. Amazing vocals, guitar work, a great opener to a great album.
02. We Apologise For Nothing - this track has many layers of guitars for extra sound. It was very interesting for me to tab.
03. Floods - very plain song for guitar. But for piano it's rather fun to play.
04. One Day Son - great post-hardcore here. Got the feel that Paint Your Target gave me, when I first listened to that.
05. Deathcar - mindblowing track. Great guitar work done here. Ad the use of drums is incredible.
06. I Am The Message - another rather boring song, but good nonetheless. Fun to play.
07. You & I - another incredible song. Great guitar work, another track that's layered. Look out for this one.
08. Amaze Us - good to out the Wah, once in a while. Great song.
9. H.I.P (Enough) - another rather boring song to play on guitar. But drums and bass, it's quite cool.
10. Tannhauser Gate - very complicated, tuning your guitar down this low can be tricky. Get a thicker set of strings.
11. Our Last Common Ancestor - great song to play. Nice and chilled.
12. Unfamiliar Ceilings - another layered song from what I hear. Should be fun. // 10

Lyrics: In the song Unfamiliar Ceilings, there is a guest voice from vocalist, Rachel Haden. Great vocals on this record. I think Als voice gets starts to get stronger and stronger through the record. Charlie's voice however has just improved on the screaming. Deathcar and Tannhauser Gate for screaming. Al doesn't do much screaming on the record. Two incredible vocalists though. // 10

Overall Impression: I think Fightstar have grown so much in songwriting, vocals and just overall being great musicians. This album will be something to be proud of. Easily the most impressive songs on the album are: Deathcar, You & I, Tannhauser Gate, Amaze Us. There are no bad songs on the album in my opinion. I love the fact that Fightstar have made a second album and not gone downhill. most bands like that just make rubbish music. Fightstar make real music. A great band. A great album. // 10

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overall: 9.7
One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours Reviewed by: bowdowntomono, on april 09, 2008
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Sound: Having only recently got into Fightstar, I've had the chance to compare their two albums at the same time. Fightstar are extremely good at making epic, emotional songs, with great sing-along choruses, as shown on their first album, Grand Unification. On this newer album, Fightstar have varied their musical formula from the standard which most of the songs on Grand Unification fitted into (with the exception of To Sleep, Mono and Grand Unification Part 2). They've gone much heavier (Deathcar), much softer (Our Last Common Ancestor, You & I, Unfamiliar Ceilings), a bit funkier (Amaze Us), a bit more mainstream (We Apologise For Nothing), and finally, they've incorporated the piano as a major instrument (Floods). Overall, although the variety of the songs is much wider, and might be a better selection for people who didn't like the old Fightstar style, in my opinion the songs aren't quite as memorable or as good as those on Grand Unification. This album is very very good compared to other artists, so deserves a 10, but not quite up to the standard of Grand Unification. To get an idea of what the album is like, listen to the singles (99, Deathcar, Floods, We Apologise For Nothing) and You & I, as this gives a rough idea of the whole album's sound. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics of Fightstar, which I assume are written by both Charlie Simpson and Alex Westaway, are quite similar to those of a lot of bands in that they sound meaningful, but don't actually have any clear meaning. On this album, it seems that the lyrics have become a bit more focused, with the lyrics of Floods about global warming, One Day Son being about the mess humans seem to have made of the world, and Deathcar being about Charlie's vengeful desires for his girlfriend's other man. The lyrics fit pretty well with the music, sounding suitably epic to go along with the music style. Because Fightstar have two vocalists who can also scream pretty well, they can do many things with their singing that set them apart from other bands. The interchange between the two vocalists is not quite as predominant as on the first album, but it makes the music more interesting to listen to, and adds extra vocal harmonies. // 9

Overall Impression: Fightstar have, in the space of a few weeks, become one of my favourite bands. Although their sophomore effort is not as good as their debut, there are very few other albums, in my opinion, that are superior to it. Instead of sounding generally post-hardcore, as Grand Unification did, One Day Son This Will All Be Yours introduces new elements to the music. The influence of Muse can be seen in Floods, Amaze Us's main riff sounds very Rage Against The Machine, and Deathcar sounds like God knows what. The most impressive songs from the album are 99, Floods, Deathcar, One Day Son and Amaze Us. What is good about this album is that the musical styles are more varied than in previous Fightstar works, and there are more soft songs, which Fightstar are fantastic at, though the downside to this is that the songs are not as catchy or as energetic in places as on Grand Unification. If it were lost/wiped off my computer, I would almost definitely buy it again, and get the physical version this time. // 10

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overall: 6.7
One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours Reviewed by: priceless_twirp, on april 18, 2008
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Sound: I will start with the simple fact that I didn't not enjoy listening to this album. it's of a high production quality, the overall composition is clever and enjoyable to listen to and they are clearly all very able individuals (and I would also like to take this as an oppertunity to commend frontman Charlie Simpson on how he has turned his career into this pure rockstar form for such an irretrevably pop start). it's just that as I listen to this album it's like I'm listening to a "best of compilation" of alternative and metal artists from the last ten years. "Floods" resounds with a definite "Muse" feel, "Death-car" being almost painfully screamo thrash, "Amaze-us", to be honest, IS RATM/AudioSlave. You can do this with virtually every track. So is this album good? Yes. Is this album interesting? Only beacuse you want to see how they've homaged their next favorite band. Is this album original? No way. // 6

Lyrics: I always thought Charlie simpson had a good voice right from the Busted days. Though then he was much more "Sum 41" than the metal mans voice he has assumed for this band and developed across the albums so that in this one it's the best it's been yet. He looses some points for that young "Busted-esque" voice rearing it's innocent head from time to time, but such instances are forgivably rare. As for the lyrics they seem comfortable, knowing how to make lyrics fit a huge chorus and not loose interest the rest of the time. Pretty standard really, but they show good command of their art. // 8

Overall Impression: This is the best sounding, yet at the same time, least ejoyable Fightstar album. It's trying to be so many different things so, though it does each well, the fleeting moments of Fighstar originality ("99" Download it because tobe fair it is extremely good") are lost amoung the rest. Lets just hope that by their next album they've settled into what they now really want sound wise and produce us another album of the "They Liked You Better When You Were Dead" standard! // 6

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overall: 8
One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours Reviewed by: BuryMeInBliss, on september 25, 2007
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Sound: Fightstar's new record has been eagerly anticipated within the Fightstar fanbase. And now it has been released. Now all fans may be thinking this will be a great album, and thankfully, I am the bearer of good news. Their sound from 'Grand Unification' has been carried on into 'One Day Son...' and their new songs are arguably better. The opener '99', as many will have heard, is a great opener, and is well written. Following that is the most recent single 'We Apologize For Nothing'. This is a bit anti climactic, as the second single never really lives up to it's predecessor. 'Deathcar' is probably the best song from the album. The raw aggression of the intro followed by the calmness of the verse is a great combination. This technique is sometimes a bit overused, as some parts of songs sound strangely alike, for example the verse to 'I am The Message' sounds awfully like the intro to '99'. Fightstar's covers of Deftones' 'Minerva' and 'My Own Summer (Shove It) show through style wise in some of 'Amaze Us'. // 8

Lyrics: Altogether, Fightstar's new album lives up to the hype. The rugged screaming vocals of Charlie contrasted with the calm singing of Alex works very well in songs like 'Deathcar'. Lyrics are tough to write, so I will give Fightstar credit for that. The almost euphoric chorus' lyrics are very well written, and create a sense of satisfaction and contentness. The lyrics and singing skills tie in very well with the style of music that Fightstar play. The vocal swapping is very effective, singing a line each and overlapping the last word. The singing of Charlie has undoubtadly improved from 'Grand Unification' and their EP, and Alex Westaway has became more confident and his singing parts have grown. 'One Day Son...' is a much needed profile boost for Fightstar, there wasn't much coverage of their older tracks such as 'Paint Your Target' and 'Grand Unification Part 1'. // 8

Overall Impression: This new album is on par with their last album, it adds something new to their sound without changing their musical intentions, contrasting to some other well known bands (not naming any names, but you know who I mean). Fightstar are definately one of the main bands in their genre, and these will be the band to beat. There are many 'Marmite' moments, that you either love or hate, for example some of the verses seem hastily written and aren't as effective, and some of the screaming parts may not appeal to some people, otherwise they are very good at writing their songs. If I lost this album, I would most certainly rebuy it. // 8

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overall: 8.7
One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours Reviewed by: Vizulize, on january 14, 2008
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Sound: This album was a serious make or break point for Fightstar. With its exposure to the public stretching a few months now, it has become clear that they have come a long way. Their original sound has been carried through, and yet such diversity and variation from their original album is clear. '99' was released before the album, and I have to say, I was seriously disappointed, worrying about how Fightstar were gonna pull off an album better than 'Grand Unification' with songs like that. However, I was unburdened of doubt when I heard 'We Apologisee For Nothing'. What. A. Tune. The album as a whole is definitely catchier, and I would have to say that, although I'm not a big fan of screaming, 'Deathcar' is probably the best song. Charlie's raw husky vocals ring through, contrasting with the aggressive tone of the song as a whole, expressed immediately with a creepy intro as you hear a loud gasp as a face is lifted from water (shown on the DVD accompanying the album as Charlie Simpson). Also, production is tighter than the previous album, and this is saying something, as 'Grand Unification' was something special. // 8

Lyrics: I've never been good at writing lyrics, and it seems that these days, neither are the mainstream bands, so Fightstar are surprisingly refreshing to listen to. The lyrics beautifully accompany the singing contrasts of Chaz and Al. Both of their's singing has undoubtedly improved, and the lyrical abilities of F* reflect this. // 9

Overall Impression: I would say that this album isn't quite on par with their last in terms of overall album quality (in all aspects), although their sound has got bigger without compromise. I regard F* as one of the (if not the) best bands in post-hardcore, and have a set a high standard from the beginning. You simply have to listen to this album! If this album were lost or stolen, I wouldn't hesistate in buying it again. // 9

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overall: 9.7
One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours Reviewed by: NatNatpressplay, on november 04, 2008
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Sound: the sound of this album showed extreme knowledge of music, I think it showed that charlie simpson and his crew really embrace music and can manipulate it to do what they want. All of the songs are quite dark and they really make you feel a certain way, it's hard to put your finger on it I think that it affects everyone differently. they definatly have their own sound which is ezpecially shown in this album, the use dropped c tuning for most of their songs and this does add to the dark mood quite a bit. another great thing is that this album is in such great proportion, the song is very heavy and made me jump when I firsted listened to it but it is balanced out by the chilled dark fightstar signature thing they have going on in between the heavier parts. also for instance the song unfamiliar ceilings really does show how much variation and subtlty fightstar have, it's a beautiful song and the use of the womans voice and that style of music is pure genious // 10

Lyrics: the lyrics are sometimes quite difficult to understand but it doesnt't really matter because they really blend with the music. again the lyrics are very dark, I really like this darkness but it's an aquired taste, take it or leave it (personally I'd take it) oh my god the lyrics and the music just flow together they did an exellent job in composition, but one thing that articularly struck me about this album is it's imagery. I have never listened to an album that painted a more vivid picture in my head it's unbeleivable, it may be different for other people but I listen to this album and imagine that I am the last person on earth it's really quite affecting. // 9

Overall Impression: well charlie simpson has come a long way since busted obviously, it shows that he is so much more comfortable making musc that he enjoys. the album is superb, buy it if you haven't already it's fantastic. the most impressive song for me is 'our last comon ancestor' I think this is because it affects me personally at this moment in time and again with the imagery it just paints this picture in my head. also the music in that song is really well thought of it varies in pace and volume it's fantastic. I love everything about this CD fcs buy it! // 10

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