Finch [EP] Review

artist: Finch date: 03/05/2009 category: compact discs
Finch: Finch [EP]
Released: Sep 10, 2008
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Emo
Label: 3D Japan
Number Of Tracks: 7
Finch are back on the road and their self-titled EP, released July 2008, brings another musical style change.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
Finch [EP] Reviewed by: Shaunedy, on march 05, 2009
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Sound: Finch are back on the road and their self-titled EP, released July 2008, brings another musical style change. When "Say Hello To Sunshine" was released in 2005, fans were disappointed with the sharp musical change: it was far from a "What It Is To Burn" 2. Is their latest release a Say Hello To Sunshine II?

No. While retaining the post-hardcore nature of their previous records, the structure of the songs plus the instrumentation is more complex. Songs like 'Daylight' and 'From Hell' are more in-your-face. Explosive guitars, fast, hard-hitting screams and beautiful singing are what craft this EP into something amazing. // 10

Lyrics: Compared with 2005's "Say Hello To Sunshine", the lyrical content of songs is far more different. Songs from the previous album had to contain at least one instance of the words 'teeth, ' 'bite, ' 'contagious, ' 'burning', and talk about shredding, suffering or burning. And I loved it.

But the lyrics of this EP deal with different matters. No biting or dying or burning, no pills or drugs or death. It's harder to interpret the song meanings. The singing of the lyrics is amazing, and the lyrics match almost perfectly with the music. There's a lot of power and emotion put into the lyrics when sung, although a bit too much at one point. (listen to the end of Chinese Organ Thieves and you'll see what I mean). // 8

Overall Impression: By far, "Famine or Disease" and "Chinese Organ Thieves" are my favourite tracks on this EP. The music and singing fit together so well, and while "Daylight" and "From Hell" aren't as good, they are still amazing, just like this record.

I'd buy this as many times as I wanted to. It's just brilliant. Finch have astounded me once again, and from all the comments I've seen, everyone is loving it. According to the band, this EP is just a teaser; when their third album is released, it should hopefully be musically compatible with this EP, instead of, once again, changing styles. If you haven't already, go ahead and buy this. It definitely made it to my "top 10 purchases" of 2008! // 9

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