Say Hello To Sunshine review by Finch

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  • Released: Jun 7, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.2 (50 votes)
Finch: Say Hello To Sunshine

Sound — 10
For all those fans wanting to hear another 'Letters To You' or 'Stay With Me' there are 20,000 bands out now with the same sound, go buy one of there CD's because Finch is never returning to that sound. They are trying something different and they get a 5 for that too. Sure they sound a lot like an updated cross between Faith No More (from Angel Dust On) and Glassjaw. But Finch already wrote Letters and Burn. If the catchy type songs like 'Letters' or 'Stay With Me' are what you are looking for forget about Finch, they will never write songs like that agian. They just have moved on from that type of music. I wish those fans who say they love Finch but want them to keep writing music like that could just understand things change and deal with it. If that mans you're not a fan anymore, something tells me it won't really bother them. Sure this CD grows on you, but those are the best kind anyway. If I listen to a CD and like it instantly, I grow tired of it in about 3 months. I discover new and exciting things about each one of these songs every time I listen to them and I have had the CD a month before it was released. Since everyone comments about Nate and the other members, I'll comment on Marc Allen, the new drummer. Unlike Pappas who played a machine like style (think Travis Barker - Blink 182), Allen playes a loose and innovative style that actually make the drums not sound so repetitive (think Stephen Perkins - Jane's Addiction), yet Allen is sooo good at the drums and his style, he holds down the band, along with Derek Doherty (bass) better than Pappas ever did. Allen is just a beeter fir for this music and where Finch is headed. By many this CD will be considered a flop or Sophmore Slump, but I think that has everything to do with people expecting one thing a getting something completely different. So they listen once or twice, and give it a very low grade. But again, if you want simple punk type music, listen to New Found Glory or the Millions of other bands out ther right now. Looking for something Different and willing to give a CD some time. I promise Say Hello To Sunshine will end up as one of your Favorite CD's of all time. It's a shame people are so quick to judge.

Lyrics — 10
Nate Barcalow. One of the best Frontmen I've heard in quite some time. Sure, the Mik Patton influence is obvious, but he is widely considered on of the most innovative vocalists in rock/punk alternative, whatever genere's history, so I don't think there is a better influence to have. Lyrically this CD is much more dark and abstract than Finch's past two recordings. All it confirms is growth on the part of Barcalow and the effort he put into writing these lyrics. And the melodies? People wonder where they went. That's the thing, if you listen to this CD once and then throw it away or never pick it up again, you won't find them. But they are there, it just takes time to uncover them. However, once they are in your head they won't leave. Invest some time in this CD and you'll get tremendous rewards. And for my money, Barcalow is the best young vocalist, rock has right now. He impressed the hell out of me with the growth he had on from WIITB to Say Hello To Sunshine. He is charasmatic, incredibly talented (with both lyrics and melodys), incredibly innovative, and live - hearing him you realize these are not studio effects. In other words he sounds just as good live, as on the reocrd and that is a true example of someone incredibly talented.

Overall Impression — 10
Like I said Finch's influences are obvious. From FNM to Glassjaw to Radiohead. They might not have the respect those bands have, but the members are in their very early 20's and this is really there 2nd full length release, so they have a lot of time if they choose to stay together. That said I think Marc Allen has been instumental in adding new life, and a new direction to this band. Insomniatic Meat, Ravenous, FireFlies, The Casket Of Roderick Usher and Reduced To Teeth are just a few of my favorite songs, while if there was a throw-away track I would choose Miro, but that's just me. I think Finch shows incredible BALLS on this CD. They could have easily made WIITB 2 and possibly gained even more fans while keeping there old ones, but instead they have tried something different, and while not Absolutely Perfect, they were tremendously successful on Say Hello to Sunshine. I Already have 2 copies of this disc 1 from the net and the other I bought afterwards. If you give this CD a chance it will tatto itself on your heart and brain. But if you loved Letters to you and wish they would continue to write songs like Stay With Me or Post Scrpit (and I love all those songs, but I have grown tired of them) then move on. Don't waste your time buying this CD and then Badmouthing it, when you aren't going to give it a chance in the first place. Say Hello To Sunshine is excellent and will be one of the most underrated CD's of the year, just because Finch had the Idea of playing what they love instead of what many fans wanted to continue to hear. Like I said, there are 20,000 bands out there who are or have tried to write What It Is To Burn 2, while Finch has moved on and stand alone with their new CD, and a differnt sound and direction. If you hate it, that's your perrogative, but something tells me they don't care.

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