Say Hello To Sunshine Review

artist: Finch date: 06/27/2005 category: compact discs
Finch: Say Hello To Sunshine
Released: Jun 7, 2005
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Emo
Label: Drive-Thru
Number Of Tracks: 14
This album is another amazing record from Finch. This album is a definite must-buy.
 Sound: 9.2
 Lyrics: 8.8
 Overall Impression: 9.6
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overall: 6.7
Say Hello To Sunshine Reviewed by: ceg032006, on june 27, 2005
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Sound: I have just bought the newest Finch CD, and I expected it to be just as good as the last album. However, I was disappointed because the sound has changed much. The sound has gotten rougher and doesn't have that original Finch sound that it had on their album before "Say Hello To Sunshine." The album doesn't have those memorable songs like "Letters To You" and "What It Is To Burn." You kinda have to have the songs grow on you to like them. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics have also changed. It seems like Nate either got a better volcabulary list between "What It Is To Burn" and "Say Hello To Sunshine," or he used a dictionary when he wrote the lyrics for "Say Hello To Sunshine." The lyrics made me think about what in the world the song was saying. I couldn't even begin to understand what the song was about. I believe the lyrics could have been better written to where people can understand what the song is about just like "Letters To You." // 6

Overall Impression: If you are a big Finch fan just like me, you probably thought "Say Hello To Sunshine" was going to be another excellent Finch album, but it isn't. You should probably just wait until you find the CD at some pawn shop and get it. Don't waste your money. The best songs on the album are "Bitemarks And Bloodstains," "Insomniatic Meat," and "Bleed Brother Bleed." Although this seems to be a bad review, I am a huge Finch fan and I have long waited and anticipated this album. But I have been let down. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Say Hello To Sunshine Reviewed by: duncang, on september 19, 2005
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Sound: Much heavier than What It Is To Burn, and better for it. The guitar is complicated, though I can't say if its hard because iv never tryed any. Very differing drum beats too. Most of the riffs are offbeat and strange, but all the better for it. Top-class. // 10

Lyrics: I love Finch's singer, although I know a few people who hate him. His shreiking is one of the only singers shreik I quite like (unlike Trivium), although he does overdo it a bit. The lyrics themselves arent much, but the chorus lines are always really catchy, especially in "Insomniatic Meat," "Fireflies" and "Bitemarks And Bloodstains." // 8

Overall Impression: 01. Insomniatic Meat - great romp with a roof-raising chorus, and a great part where the singer shreiks 10/10. 02. Revelation Song - I don't like the opening much, but then it goes into a great riff and another almighty chorus. The weird thing is the next time it goes into the opening part, it actually sounds better. Weird 9/10. 03. Brother Bleed Brother - the riff and verse promise a lot, and the chorus lives up to it 9/10. 04. A Piece Of Mind - best riff so far, with a great double guitar thing going on. The chorus hasnt got the same appeal, but is still great 10/10. 05. Ink - the riff is very Blink 182-ish, and it scares me, until the verse gets in and it all goes sinster. The chorus it fucking powerful, and sounds like its designed to raise venue roofs 10/10. 06. Fireflies - overall good song, with a catchy-as-a-blunt-knife chorus, and good bass throughout. One of the best songs 10/10. 07. Hopeless Host - this is what I mean by weird riff, but the verse is great. The chorus does nothing for me though 7/10. 08. Reduced To Teeth - nice, good in general, with screamy bits too 8/10. 09. A Man Alone - catchy is the word. The chorus has one hell of a hook to it. The drum in the verse is a bit un-Finch, but the song is very good 10/10. 10. Miro - one of the lowlights of the album, but the chorus still keeps the trend of catchy choruses in this album 8/10. 11. Ravenous - Jesus. Very mad indeed. The verse could actually make a good chorus if it was a bit louder. Crazy song, but brilliantly so 9/10. 12. Bitemarks And Bloodstains - Finch left their big single until number 12 on the album? What are they on? But anyway, this song is near-perfect, with a verse which makes you know something great is coming, but your wrong. Something absolutely mindblowing is coming. The chorus has a hell of a punch to it, and this is easily one of the best songs by Finch ever. The lyrics make no sense, but sound great with the music 10/10. 13. The Casket Of Roderick Usher - wow, crazy. This singer in parts is like Justin Timberlake on helium and ecstasy. Weird or what? This song is totally overheavy and mad. But is still quite good 8/10. 14. Dreams Of Psilocybin - the beginning sounds like somebody practicing some karate moves or something. Then he goes crazy, and then it goes into a weird song, with 3 vocal layers, one doing a sinister whisper, one singing normal, and one with a trapped voice. The chorus has a hook too. Weird song, but not a bad one to finish with 9/10. // 10

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overall: 10
Say Hello To Sunshine Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 20, 2005
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Sound: This is one hell of a progression on their previous effort. Having struggled with producers such as Mark Trombino (who aparently wanted to create another WIITB) they eventualy turned to Jason Cupp and persuaded him to let Finch themselves co-produce the majority of the tracks. As a result, Finch clearly produced what they wanted and have destroyed any expectations you may have had of them cashing in on the success of WIITB. Randy's guitar work is outstanding and is like nothing iv ever heard ranging from crashing riffs in album opener, 'Insomniatic Meat', 'A Piece Of Mind' and 'Revelation Song', to the jazz-like 'Ink' which is destined to become a classic with a huge chorus that will stick in your head for weeks and raise venue roofs everywhere. The arrival of Marc Allen on drums is another huge step forward and I think makes the band a lot tighter and more of a coherant unit with the drums and base reigning in the schizophrenic (and occasionaly disjointed), yet utterly inspired, guitar work. // 10

Lyrics: Before I start this section il just say I have seen Finch twice the latest being in Manchester in May and the improvement in their overall live performance was simply incredible, most noteably in Nate's voice where he didnt miss a note all night, making the adjustment from croon to scream mid-song seem easy when anyone who has performed lives knows that it is anything but. I'm biased in this area as Nate Barcalow is my favourite vocalist/lyricists and has greatly influenced my own writing. His lyrics on this album, whilst more cryptic, have lost none of their impact and are fitting in the general advancement on WIITB. His voice seems to have grown in power and is very emotive although it does take a few listens to work out what he is singing about. The subject matter throughout the album is clearly very personal to Nate and seems largely to be about him battling his own demons. This becomes most apparent on 'Insomniatic Meat', and 'A Piece Of Mind' (2 of my personal favourites on the album). He quite clearly is not content singing about the standard emo/screamo topics, you know the ones - boy loves girl, girl dumps boy coz hes such an emotional mess blah blah blah and whilst what I originaly loved about Finch was Nate's ability to tap into personal, complex empotions and sing about them in a general way so that it could be understood on a global scale, I have grown up since I purchased WIITB as a vulnerable 14 yr old and clearly so have Finch. Ultimately, the lyrics suit the more progressive tone of the album and present much more of a challenge to the listener. // 10

Overall Impression: Although it is an obvious starting point (and I have done it myself on a number of occassions), it is not realy fair to compare SHTS to WIITB as they are so different in tone and subject matter. There are some clear influences such as Faith No More and Glassjaw with a hint of Deftones, and yet Finch have created an album that is void of any label or genre I can think of and for that alone I think they should be applauded. Instead of instantly cashing in and producing WIITB prt2, they took their time (perhaps a little too much time) allowing their fanbase to mature in order to produce such an accomplished and intelligent, yet emotionaly raw masterpiece. Highlights include 'Insomniatic Meat', 'A Piece Of Mind', 'Ink' and 'Casket Of Roderick Usher'. If I lost this album I would go out and buy 2 copies just to make sure I always had a copy and then id take out an insurance policy on one of them and put the other in a big vault to keep it safe. I love this album it is quickly becoming my favourite of all time, give it the chance to do the same to you. // 10

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overall: 10
Say Hello To Sunshine Reviewed by: grooved, on june 11, 2005
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Sound: This album is really different to 'WITTB', for me that album had a kind of metal shine to all the songs, a kind of high polished digitized sound. Which was fine, this album though feels much more rough, alternative and gritty. The drumming (new drummer) is very different with there being no double bass pedal, where as on the last album there was loads. Everything here is unpredictable and raw, the guitar playing really loose (choppy rhythms) and crazy (bizzare leads). So it's not quite as 'catchy' when its first heard, I found as I listened to it over and over it improves greatly. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are moody and dark, on the opening track Nate crys 'Oh my god I think I'm blind' and then later screams 'This is the worst thing that you have ever done'. All good stuff really, highly original in places and great to hear. Nate's singing is also very different. On the last album I found Nate would just sing in his 'normal' voice then Scream loudly. On Say Hello To Sunshine he makes much more of an effort. He still screams and sings, but he mixes the two much more effectively. He growls, barks and howls through some songs. Sometimes sounding simular to the way the Corey from Slipknot would sing on their new album, although not quite as intense. A great example would be 'Ink', one of the best songs on the album. // 10

Overall Impression: For me this is way better than the last album. The first seven or eight tracks are awesome. I really enjoyed them, more hardcore alt. punk than metal. With better guitar playing (I play myself so it was great for me to hear). Some of the songs towards the end aren't as good, they just fail to excite in the ways the opening tracks do. I can imagine alot of Finch fans not liking this one, because it is so different. I was really reminded of Refused 'the Shape Of Punk To Come' when listening to this album. Closing comments would be that this album is f--king great, just not like there last one. // 10

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overall: 10
Say Hello To Sunshine Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 26, 2005
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Sound: For all those fans wanting to hear another 'Letters To You' or 'Stay With Me' there are 20,000 bands out now with the same sound, go buy one of there CD's because Finch is never returning to that sound. They are trying something different and they get a 5 for that too. Sure they sound a lot like an updated cross between Faith No More (from Angel Dust On) and Glassjaw. But Finch already wrote Letters and Burn. If the catchy type songs like 'Letters' or 'Stay With Me' are what you are looking for forget about Finch, they will never write songs like that agian. They just have moved on from that type of music. I wish those fans who say they love Finch but want them to keep writing music like that could just understand things change and deal with it. If that mans you're not a fan anymore, something tells me it won't really bother them. Sure this CD grows on you, but those are the best kind anyway. If I listen to a CD and like it instantly, I grow tired of it in about 3 months. I discover new and exciting things about each one of these songs every time I listen to them and I have had the CD a month before it was released. Since everyone comments about Nate and the other members, I'll comment on Marc Allen, the new drummer. Unlike Pappas who played a machine like style (think Travis Barker - Blink 182), Allen playes a loose and innovative style that actually make the drums not sound so repetitive (think Stephen Perkins - Jane's Addiction), yet Allen is sooo good at the drums and his style, he holds down the band, along with Derek Doherty (bass) better than Pappas ever did. Allen is just a beeter fir for this music and where Finch is headed. By many this CD will be considered a flop or Sophmore Slump, but I think that has everything to do with people expecting one thing a getting something completely different. So they listen once or twice, and give it a very low grade. But again, if you want simple punk type music, listen to New Found Glory or the Millions of other bands out ther right now. Looking for something Different and willing to give a CD some time. I promise Say Hello To Sunshine will end up as one of your Favorite CD's of all time. It's a shame people are so quick to judge. // 10

Lyrics: Nate Barcalow. One of the best Frontmen I've heard in quite some time. Sure, the Mik Patton influence is obvious, but he is widely considered on of the most innovative vocalists in rock/punk alternative, whatever genere's history, so I don't think there is a better influence to have. Lyrically this CD is much more dark and abstract than Finch's past two recordings. All it confirms is growth on the part of Barcalow and the effort he put into writing these lyrics. And the melodies? People wonder where they went. That's the thing, if you listen to this CD once and then throw it away or never pick it up again, you won't find them. But they are there, it just takes time to uncover them. However, once they are in your head they won't leave. Invest some time in this CD and you'll get tremendous rewards. And for my money, Barcalow is the best young vocalist, rock has right now. He impressed the hell out of me with the growth he had on from WIITB to Say Hello To Sunshine. He is charasmatic, incredibly talented (with both lyrics and melodys), incredibly innovative, and live - hearing him you realize these are not studio effects. In other words he sounds just as good live, as on the reocrd and that is a true example of someone incredibly talented. // 10

Overall Impression: Like I said Finch's influences are obvious. From FNM to Glassjaw to Radiohead. They might not have the respect those bands have, but the members are in their very early 20's and this is really there 2nd full length release, so they have a lot of time if they choose to stay together. That said I think Marc Allen has been instumental in adding new life, and a new direction to this band. Insomniatic Meat, Ravenous, FireFlies, The Casket Of Roderick Usher and Reduced To Teeth are just a few of my favorite songs, while if there was a throw-away track I would choose Miro, but that's just me. I think Finch shows incredible BALLS on this CD. They could have easily made WIITB 2 and possibly gained even more fans while keeping there old ones, but instead they have tried something different, and while not Absolutely Perfect, they were tremendously successful on Say Hello to Sunshine. I Already have 2 copies of this disc 1 from the net and the other I bought afterwards. If you give this CD a chance it will tatto itself on your heart and brain. But if you loved Letters to you and wish they would continue to write songs like Stay With Me or Post Scrpit (and I love all those songs, but I have grown tired of them) then move on. Don't waste your time buying this CD and then Badmouthing it, when you aren't going to give it a chance in the first place. Say Hello To Sunshine is excellent and will be one of the most underrated CD's of the year, just because Finch had the Idea of playing what they love instead of what many fans wanted to continue to hear. Like I said, there are 20,000 bands out there who are or have tried to write What It Is To Burn 2, while Finch has moved on and stand alone with their new CD, and a differnt sound and direction. If you hate it, that's your perrogative, but something tells me they don't care. // 10

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