The Premonition review by Firewind

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  • Released: Mar 25, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (53 votes)
Firewind: The Premonition

Sound — 10
Firewind are a band that have release 5 totally different albums. All of which are phenomenal in their own way. Thier latest contribution to musical ecstacy "the Premonition" offers a new side of firewind. Fantastic keychanges, Soaring melodies and fantastic musicianship from every member.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrical content of the songs on the prmonition seems to be a thoughtful insight into the human condition. With uplifting songs like "Head Up High" and sombre moments in "My Lonliness". The vocal work on the album is some of the best heard on any firewind album (or even any metal album for that matter). Apollo Papathanasio boasts a thundersome midrange vocal capability and a high end that leave many rock/metal singers wanting.

Overall Impression — 10
As the owner of every peice of work firewind have released I would say this stands up proud against the rest of their back catalogue and is a keen contender for the best metal album of 2008. Unlike many bands that Write a few awesome songs then fill the album with crap to package it, The premonition is 10 tracks of sheer genious. From the opener "Into The Fire" with it's pulsing beat and it furious guitar and keyboard work to the closure on "Life Foreclosed" which slows things down and prepares the listener for the end of the album while still leaving their eardrums in tatters. I love every moment on this album it is musically perfect and I feel sorry for firewind now that they'll need to follow this album and better it on their next attempt (but remain fully confident that they will not let us down). I don't hate anything about the album musically. However the fact that I can't play it all on guitar yet does cause annoyance. If this album were stolen or lost I would indeed buy it again. I don't think my CD collection would be complete without this masterpeice. In closing, if you are not the owner of this album your life isn't as good as it could be. Go out and get it now!

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    AWESOME ALBUM! Awesome band! Would like to see them visit South Africa some point
    Heard it on there myspace. Pretty boring IMO! But hey thats just me each to he's own! injoy...
    I think this album isn't the best (Forged By Fire is my favourite) but some of the tracks are incredible
    Firewind is the only powermetal band I like... I don't know why. Good, solid album.
    well, Firewind has done it again!!! I love this album, got it the first day it came out! Gus G is by far the best! I hope he comes back to the NAMM show s I can see him there again!
    I usually can't get into power metal much...Firewind use to be my big exception...but this new album has ALOT of the ballady stuff that is my big turn off to power metal. I still love their previous release...buth this CD was a big dissapointment for me. I'm probably gonna get flmaed for saying that but it's just my personal opinion, so y'all can wank off. =] It's not like I'm damning anyone else for their thoughts.
    damienFROST wrote: AWESOME ALBUM! Awesome band! Would like to see them visit South Africa some point
    She's a maniac! Maniac! On the floor! And she's dancing like she's never danced before! LOL They covered this song in this album. I read the title and was like "hmmm" then I played the song, heard the keyboard intro, and LOL'ed. Dance metal!
    Brilliant album. Got it the first day it came out in th UK! Love the short live DVD that comes with it too. Definately a premonition of what the upcoming dvd will be like.
    All these comments and reviews are positive, so why did this get a users' rating of only 5.2?
    friggin great album! listen to their early albums just as bad ass. i hope they come through dallas,tx on the bloodshred and tyranny tour
    Ace Frehley
    Too bad I will not go to their show tonight.The album is truely amazing!Excellent work by the Greeks
    i just love the 'maniac'cover on this album... other than that its still a very solid album...
    I've got this album, very very creative, another new and different step for firewind, and i love it
    are you serious? this is the worst firewind album by far..... first and last tracks are the only good songs the rest are boring