American Capitalist Review

artist: Five Finger Death Punch date: 06/05/2012 category: compact discs
Five Finger Death Punch: American Capitalist
Released: Oct 11, 2011
Genre: Heavy metal
Label: Prospect Park
Number Of Tracks: 11
Prior to its release this record was hyped as "The album that will define the Five Finger Death Punch sound". And I pray to god it does.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7.7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 9.7
American Capitalist Reviewed by: Bluesmetalguy, on october 13, 2011
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Sound: American Capitalist is the latest Five Finger Death Punch release. Prior to its release this record was hyped as The album that will define the Five Finger Death Punch sound. And I pray to god it does. The guitar is in that classic FFDP drop B and the solos have new reign on this album. The bass is unbelievably solid and the drums are aggressive and hectic. Finally the mix of clean vocals and growls is remarkable and the lyrics are intelligent and angry as always. On this release Five Finger continues to create amazing no bull heavy metal. From the starting words I'm a red blooded rough neck son of a bitch /I'm a god damned American Capitalist you know what this album is going to be, one of the greatest records of the year. The guitar is the first thing to draw one in to any Five Finger Death Punch record and American Capitalist is no exception. The riffs are as brutal as ever on this latest disc. One of the most notable riffs is probably the one in The Pride which features hardcore death metal guitar. Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook team up to create a formidable death metal sound. The problem with these guys is that occasionally the riffs become to repetitive and the guitar gets kind of meh. Yet the overpowering might of the drop B tuning typically compensates for this. One of the interesting advancements of this album over previous releases is that here there is more solo friendly material. I feel that on this record the guitar solos get a lot more respect than on previous records. Now the solos are explosive and beautiful roaring waves icons and not hidden streams. Another interesting development is the addition of more acoustic intros, this makes the album feel a lot more intelligent yet loses none of that good ol' FFDP brutality. All in all the guitar work on this album is amazing, it features brutal riffs and explosive solos and even a few more acoustic bits. The rhythm section is tight and spot on. The solid drum/bass synchronization is one of the things that makes songs like Menace so amazing. Bassist Chris Kael makes a great debut with FFDP and Jeremy Spencer continues to live up to his name. The rhythm players even get their own little solos on this record. For bassist Chris Kael its the intro to Generation Dead. For drummer Jeremy Spencer its at the end of the solo on American Capitalist. In both cases these guys show their skills to the utmost and prove they can do more than their repetitive but awesome synchronization. I do feel that the one thing that might add to the brutality to the music would be more aggressive drumming. Overall though the rhythm section of Five Finger is one of the greatest in modern metal. // 9

Lyrics: Now on to the vocals, and boy can Ivan Moody rip it up. His growls and clean vocals are both top notch. The growls in 100 Ways to Hate are probably the key example of his down and dirty vocals. Conversely his clean vocals are demonstrated in the surprisingly light but awesome track Remember Everything. One of my favorite things about FFDP has perennially been the sheer anger captured in Ivan's growls. Take any one of tracks from the record (apart from Remember Everything) and the sheer aggression and hatred will blow you away. Yet once this horrible anger has blown you away the melodic clean vocals kick in and your mind is blown again by the sheer contrast. The vocals match these evil growls at the same time as the melodic vocals by having extremely angry but intelligent lyrics. Some of the words on this album can only be described as poetry. In short the vocals, melt your face and take you to a whole new level of metal glory. // 10

Overall Impression: In conclusion the new Five Finger Death Punch record is one of the greatest things you'll hear this year. With the sheer might of the guitar with its brutal riffs and shredding solos this album draws you in. The powerful drum/bass combination helps to make the album even more brutal. Finally the vocals are amazing with both growls and clean vocals that are top notched Five Finger can not be beat. My favorite track is probably American Capitalist I just love those lyrics. So go check out this record today. You won't regret it. // 10

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overall: 5.7
American Capitalist Reviewed by: Tenaciøus-A, on october 13, 2011
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Sound: 5FDP is back with their third album. The mixing on this one sounds considerably better than the first, however some songs just aren't as good mixing-wise. Without a bassist, they had to comprimise with their producer playing the bass parts for this album. Overall, a good effort. Here's a track-by-track: 01. American Capitalist: a fast-paced riff kicks off this album. Sounds fairly solid so far, with the vocalist alternating between screamed and clean vocals often - A huge complex solo is also added in to make the song just a tiny bit more epic. Great start. 02. Under and Over It: catchy, catchy stuff. Most of you should've already heard this one, it's annoyingly catchy but a letdown in comparison to the first track. Fairly dull riff, and an uninteresting solo also. 03. The Pride: it's hard to believe this song made the album. For starters, the song has some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard - For the most part it's just listing items in modern society.. The solo is also really boring to listen to. Probably just filler track, next.. 04. Coming Down: the first 'softer' song on American Capitalist, similar to songs from their previous album such as "Far from Home" and "Walk Away" - Considerably better than the previous two songs despite the fact it's not heavy in some aspects - The song builds up in instrumentation and atmosphere as it goes on despite the lead guitar mostly being acoustic (It switches to electric for the solo). Really good song. 05. Menace: "OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!! F*** IT." - The opening scream as this song bursts into life. One of the heavier songs on the album (There are a lot of them, might I add, but not all of them as good as this one), and fairly catchy also. Even better than the title track. Solo really fits the song, also, which is nice. One of my favourites. 06. Generation Dead: this song never really picks up. It's fairly good but it doesn't ever go anywhere. Fairly bland, much like "Under and Over It". The vocalist uses a fairly strange vocal tone in the verses of this song also, which is somewhat offputting. A more powerful vocal effort in the choruses, however. 07. Back for More: my personal favourite track on the album. One of the heavier tracks despite the lack of fully-screamed verses. Catchy chorus, and a brilliant guitar solo. Riffage in this one is considerably better than most of the tracks on the album, too. I honestly can't find anything bad about this track. 08. Remember Everything: another ballad, this one's more likely to bring out the tears, however. The lyrics in this one are far more emotional in comparison to "Coming Down". Almost poppy elements are utilised in the chorus, where the instrumentation suddenly becomes a lot heavier much like in a handful of other ballads. The solo just makes the song even more powerful. Love it. 09. Wicked Ways: back to the heavy. Another fast-paced riff, just like in the title-track. The song slows down a little as the vocals hit, sadly. Fairly dull, and the vocalist's tone doesn't seem as good as in other tracks. The lyrics aren't exactly commendable on this track, either. Just filler. 10. I'll Fall: a third ballad? You'd think so, judging by the introduction - But then it suddenly bursts into life. This song is badass. It does get all ballad-like in parts but only briefly, and that really adds to the atmosphere within the song. Ends with an acoustic guitar playing out which also adds to the effect. 11. 100 Ways to Hate: yawn. This song is pretty much just profanity, and it's honestly the most uninteresting song on the album. If you're an immature 12 year old who laughs every time you hear a swear, you're going to love it. Apart from the guitar solo, this song just doesn't pick up. Giving the album an overall rating of 7, although there's the occasional filler track it's mostly great and is considerably better than "War Is the Answer" since that only had like 5 good tracks in my opinion. // 7

Lyrics: While there's some shining lyrics now and then, it's generally just bad. The Pride for example sounds like it's been written by a 2 year old.. Unimpressed. "Disneyland, White House, JFK and Micky Mouse John Wayne, Springsteen, Eastwood, James Dean Coca Cola, Pepsi, Playboy, Text me NFL, NBA, Brett Favre, King James" That's an example of lyrics within The Pride - Just horrible. // 4

Overall Impression: Although there's some really interesting songs every now and then it's generally a bland and boring album. Great soloing in a handful of the songs, though. Their guitarists have improved a little from their last album, not just focusing on shredshredshred but also concentrating on melodic playing. If it were stolen, though, I wouldn't panic since you can't exactly steal from iTunes. // 6

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overall: 8.3
American Capitalist Reviewed by: the warriors, on june 05, 2012
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Sound: Heavy, I love it, the first song opens up with a dark and fast riff. And the last song ends with a dark and fast riff. 5fdp have really evolved in their tone, in the instruments and in Ivan's voice. He sings more than he screams/growls in this album. I think this is a awesome album. 01. "American Capitalist": The first song, an okay song, not the best in my opinion a great solo though. 02. "Under And Over It": Uoow go! This is one of the best on this album, almost perfect, except the solo, it's slow and it does not fit the song. 03. "The Pride": The main riff kinda sucks in this song, but it's enjoyable, a filler, I'm sorry to say it, but it is. 04. "Coming Down": Great song, the album's first ballad. "But I'm not the only one". Loves the work on the instruments and on Ivan's voice. 05. "Menace": Simply awesome, heavy, fast, great solo, great singing, Yeah! 06. "Generation Dead": I was surprised that Ivan didn't scream in this song, not disappointed, but amazed. It's good though. 07. "Back For More": Great song, despite that awful bridge that comes at about two minutes in the song, I hate it and I do not know why. 08. "Remember Everything": Love it. 09. "Wicked Ways": Not my song, but it's okay. It's a love song in a way, and I f**king hate love songs. 10. "If I Fall": That intro riff, gives me an erection. And the verse is good, but the chorus is really bad. It sounds like a mainstream pop chorus. Shame on you guys! 11. "100 Ways To Hate": Back on track, hell yes. Heavy song, with a lot of aggression and hate, I love it. Solid album, not the best, but it's good. // 8

Lyrics: Very good lyrics. They went from: f*ck this, f*ck that, I f'cking hate you. To poetic lyrics (most of the time). They ditched most of the macho thing behind, it's great. 01. "American Capitalist": this song is about, some of the Americans who is just to blind to see there own flaws. 02. "Under And Over It": I believe that this song is about Ivan who is tired of the fame and sh-t. 03. "The Pride": Bad, BAD lyrics, a list of things the band think sold out. 04. "Coming Down": A brilliant song, sounds like someone "double crossed" or was just being an a-shole to Ivan and he thought of this song. 05. "Menace": aggressive "The Way Of The Fist" like. 06. "Generation Dead": This song is about Ivan, not wanting to live in this world, kinda understand him. 07. "Back For More": this song is, for me about sports, I don't know why but for me it's just a sport song. 08. "Remember Everything": Masterpiece! Lyrics are at the top point in this song. About Ivan begging for forgiveness within his family, kinda like "The Unforgiven" by Metallica. 09. "Wicked Ways": About being let down by a girl, or a guy. 10. "If I Fall": About dragging everybody down with him, if he ever falls. 11. "100 Ways To Hate": Read the damn name. Ivan is an awesome singer simple as that, he doesn't fail to impress me. // 9

Overall Impression: It's not as good as the two previous albums, but it's still kicka-s. The best songs (in my opinion) are: - Under And Over It - Coming Down - Menace - Generation Dead - Back For More - Remember Everything - 100 Ways To Hate I love the switch between Ivan's voice scream and non-scream. Zoltan's solo's and of course the other instruments. The things I hate is: It's a damn short album, not many surprises, you expected it all. If this album got stolen I would buy a new one, without doubt. // 8

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