Anything Goes review by Florida Georgia Line

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  • Released: Oct 14, 2014
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.3 (9 votes)
Florida Georgia Line: Anything Goes

Sound — 9
Florida Georgia Line have certainly made their place known in the music industry with the success of their debut LP "Here's to the Good Times" and their constant visits to the number 1 spot on the charts, with recent singles "Cruise," "Get Your Shine On," "Round Here," "Stay" and "This Is How We Roll" claiming the #1 spot on various country music charts. With collaborations with many well-known acts in music including: Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, Sarah Buxton and Nelly, they have some of the best in the business in their contact. They have become the frontier runners of the recent bro-country scene that has been sweeping their way across radio over the last three years. So their sophomore album "Anything Goes" was well awaited by country and pop fans and it seems set to follow in "Here's to the Good Times" success.

Produced by Joey Moi, they're well known "bro-country" sound has carried through in the second album with the classic collection of country party songs present throughout the album. The lead single "Dirt" has already claimed the #1 spot on the charts. This is well deserved of the track, it contains a catchy hook, a relatable subject and it shows to their audience that they aren't all just party and drinking songs, yet still has that Florida Georgia Line edge to it. It is a stand out track on the album and has a similar place to what "Stay" has on their debut album, where it broke away from the typical party, drinking songs, yet kept to the catchy four chord sound that the country duo has been known for.

Amongst the twelve track on the album there are many stand out tracks and radio hits including: the title track "Anything Goes," "Smoke" and "Angel." Amongst these tracks there are the usual country hooks the band is loved for, but keeps the songs from being too much like their past hits. All three of these tracks have single quality and any selection of these tracks would work in the band's favor as the next few singles. Unfortunately though the hit quality of the albums tracks doesn't carry through as well as they previous album with many of the songs being the typical, bro-country, drinking, party song that we hear on the radio all the time. These tracks, whilst still listen-able and catchy tunes bring the album down when compared to potential radio hits "Smoke," "Anything Goes" and the album's lead single "Dirt."

Lyrics — 5
Lyrically, the album isn't all that exciting. There aren't many songs on the album the dig in deep lyrically... With the exception of a few track the songs are the usual thing we get from Florida Georgia Line with a serious of filler tracks that whilst they would still work really well amongst their party rock 'n country-rock sets, don't work as well as singles or radio releases. They consist mainly of the typical summer jam, country party, beer and tailgates and hot girls everywhere that has polluted the country airways with the introduction and sudden popularity of the bro-country scene. Even so, the partying, good timing duo have compiled a good collection of songs that appeal greatly to their audience and their following. The songs are simple and easy to remember, fun to sing along to however carry-on too much from the subject matter already discussed in the majority of the tracks on "Here's to the Good Times."

Overall Impression — 8
In saying that, the album is generally similar to the works of their previous LP, there is an interesting style in the album's second single "Sun Daze" - the island song, summer jam is an interesting addition to the album and gives the record a great spin that shows fans a new side to listeners. With the album's mix of classic country hits and monotonous bro-country party tracks the album seems to be less attractive than their debut release "Here's to the Good Times," however is still a quality album and a great achievement by the country duo. It seems that there'll be no stopping soon for the boys in Florida Georgia Line and their new release will be just as big to look forward to. 

All Up: Great record, filled with upbeat party tracks and rock 'n country hits. Stand out tracks/radio Hits: "Dirt," "Anything Goes," "Sun Daze," "Smoke," "Angel," "Confession."

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