Six Wheels On My Wagon review by Fluke

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  • Overall Impression: 10
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Fluke: Six Wheels On My Wagon

Overall Impression — 10
What should probably be called Flukes first full length album is, without a doubt, a must-have. Three of the cuts, namely Groovy Feeling, Electric Guitar and Slid seem to be remixes of songs by various other artists. Although I have no idea what the originals sound like, they do an admirable job of making them easy to listen to. Their own material is also extremely well done, although some of the music tends to lean away from the electronica I'm used to, and more towards the dancy, pop-albumish music you hear on the Top 40, if only for a minute. But it's forgivable, and this Fluke fan is desperately awaiting a new release sometime in the next year or two, if only to add to my already extensive collection of Fluke CDs. Well done, guys!

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