Six Wheels On My Wagon review by Fluke

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  • Overall Impression: 10
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Fluke: Six Wheels On My Wagon

Overall Impression — 10
From the opener Groovy Feeling you can hear this is going to be a great album. More mature and knowledgeable in their musical tastes, Fluke were never going to make a boring techno/house record that others have. (See Underworlds Beacoup Fish). Dance orientated enough to get the younger generations listening but also musically complex enough to get the mums and dads out there to take notice, this album showcases the best in techno, house, trip-hop and ambient dub. Electric Guitar will always be at home both on the stereo and on the dancefloor, Slid remains a great pop song and Top of the World builds and builds as only a Fluke song can. Get this now, youll always find time to listen to it.

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