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  • Released: Oct 4, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (171 votes)
Flyleaf: Flyleaf

Sound — 9
I first heard Flyleaf when they were called Passerby. At first, I was very skepticle about them because they had a female vocalist. In most cases I just don't prefer female vocalists, but their passion, sound and style is undeniable. The sound is really dynamic and moving. The vocal style used by Lacy is very unique. My favorite component of Flyleaf's sound is the guitars. The guitar riffs are very creative, catchy, and possess a wide range of influence. The leads accentuate the pulsating rhythm very well. Flyleaf possesses an original sound that is executed well. Some of my favorite songs are Fully Alive, So I Thought, All Around Me, Perfect, and Breathe Today.

Lyrics — 10
I've always liked bands that have clever lyrics attached to the great sound of the instruments. The "nobody likes me, I'm suicidal, my dad didn't come to my baseball game" type lyrics are exhausting. Lacy covers a broad area of topics in her lyrics. Flyleaf is primarily a "spiritual-based" band, and they draw from their spritual experiences and extend them into their music. Lacy's lyrics are intelligent and thoughtful. Her interpretation of her life, spiritality, and perception of the world incites your own personal reflection. The lyrics alone have given me hope and spirtual strength.

Overall Impression — 10
Flyleaf is definitely on the rise. They are original and genuine rockers. I love that their lyrics are honest and up-lifting and their sound is like a shot of adrenaline. I totally love this band and the message they try to get across. Flyleaf's passion for their spirituality is evident in their music. I know a lot of people are turned off by spiritual or christian music, but musicians are good musicians if they draw their energy and message from the soul and heart.

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    BuzzingForYou17 wrote: Flyleaf : the first review praticly hits it, where the 2nd review is of a faggot who is not open minded at all...never listen to people who don't have a wide range of a musical ear...i am a Metal fan up to SlipKnot and Mudvayne and i love this CD so what i'm trying to say is masterometal666 is retarded...speak for yourself Bitch (female dog that you'd love to beat the hell out of) and if you find this comment offensive i apologize but people need to hear it so they can form their won opinions and not listen to little minds such as him/her Yeah, and everyone reading these reviews is going to take a user whos name is "Flyleaf" seriously. Youre a pussy. Don't bash anyones review because youre a stupid fanboy. Criticize it if you can actually find anyhting valid to complain about.
    You're right..... at least I didn't take him/her seriously..... no offence to the one reading this casue its not meant to be offensive.....douchebag.
    Yea man flyleaf is amazin! ANd the guitar and vocals are amazin! All together metal friggin' gods.
    in extremis
    Aside from Kittie, Flyleaf is the only other "bigger" band that has a female vocalist that does some of the screamo. I heard of Flyleaf from my drummer, Lucinda, and when I checked it out, I was completely thrown off. Avril Lavigne has nothing on Lacey Mosley. When you listen to their music, you hear the passion in her voice. She's doing something that comes from her, not like a lot of bands that just sing to get paid. Flyleaf is ultimately a wicked band.
    i agree. i just wish lacey would have screamed a bit more. i find the diversity especially amazing for this album, i mean, you go from the heaviness "im so sick" to the softness "so i thought", quite the transition.
    thats what i meant labonza. but diveristy my friggin Ass. that album was boring. It was more fun to microwave it than to listen to it.
    oh and by the way i am a guy. there seemed to be some confusion with that. I have a dick and i'm perfectly happy with that. now the sexist accusations can begin, right?
    'They generally play in C# throughout the album' - masterometal666 rehear the album! THEY ALWAYS PLAYS IN DROP D!!!
    i'm with stupid
    I first heard Flyleaf while my friend Brandon was giving me a ride to football one day, and I didn't know who it was, but I thought they were pretty cool. Then Flyleaf was mentioned while we were playing and on the way home, he said "This is Flyleaf by the way" and the next day I had my friend make me a copy of the cd. I really like them, and I wish I could scream and sing like she does! They are a cool band, and I can't wait to hear more from them!
    i am a fan of all kinds of rock if u will. good music is good music.. metallica,mudvayne,slipkn ot, and this album is ok in my books... fully alive is kickass. music never lives up to the expectations of the masses.. if you think you heard a better cd then you should try to make your own music and have a million pple judge it..not everyone is gonna agree with it.. plus the leader singer is kind of hott.... i'd do her.BONG!!! LOL