Everywhere But Home [DVD] review by Foo Fighters

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  • Released: Nov 25, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (28 votes)
Foo Fighters: Everywhere But Home [DVD]

Sound — 10
Toronto: the sound is supurb, from the opend "All My Life" to the softer acoustic "Times Like These" to one of the Foo Fighters heavest songs Stacked Actors. The Foo Fighters keep the sound as they always have in the studio, the only song that I found different was Tired Of You, and as for Dave Grohl, who loves to scream into the mic, does it mutiple times, the very last during Everlong. Toronto song list: 01. All My Life 02. My Hero 03. Breakout 04. Have It All 05. Generator 06. Learn To Fly 07. For All The Cows 08. Stacked Actors 09. Low 10. Hey, Johnny Park! 11. Moneywrench 12. Times Like These (acoustic) 13. Aurora 14. Tired Of You 15. Everlong For some that looks like some sort of Bridge school, The Foos do quite well, and like Dave Grohl says "The trickey part is, choosing the songs, because most of are song are like [screams into mic] like that." Washington, DC track list: 01. Doll (acoustic) 02. See You (acoustic) 03. For All The Cows (acoustic) 04. Everlong (acoustic solo) I was dissapointed in the Slane show, for it only showed 2 songs, with not very good camera angles, when outdoor shows like this ussually are amazing. Slane Castle: 01. All My Life 02. Everlong For an audio only, I love Reykjavik, for it has 17 songs, all performed well, Reykjavik, Iceland (audio only): 01. All My Life 02. The One 03. Times Like These 04. My Hero 05. Learn To Fly 06. Have It All 07. For All The Cows 08. Breakout 09. Generator 10. Stacked Actors 11. Low 12. Hey, Johnney Park! 13. Monkeywrench 14. Aurora 15. Weenie Beenie 16. Tired Of You 17. Everlong. Overall the Foo Fighters sound is execllent.

Content — 10
This DVD is jam packed with features including: 15 live songs from Toronto, 4 live acoustic sngs from Washington, DC, 2 live songs from Slane, 17 live songs Reykjavik, Iceland (audio only w/slide show), in - studio photo gallery, tour photo gallery. This is, in fact, a live DVD. The songs are very ranged from new to old, I am very satisfied with it. As I have said, this DVD is jammed with features.

Production Quality — 9
Production quality is exillent. I did not hear and tricks or anything, just different types of distortion and such.

Overall Impression — 10
Out of all the live DVD's I have, I have not seen any other band put as much energy into live shows as the Foo Fighters, the most impressive thing about this DVD, is the passion the Foos put into every single song. I love this DVD because of the effort they put into every show. If I lost this DVD, I would go right to the store and buy it again. But then again, I'm a Foo Fighters freak. The only trhing I could see making this better is a live CD.

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    i found this last yr, so happy coz the dublin stuff i hadn't seen b4 All the Easter Eggs (bonus footage): 1) Dublin Gig at Ambassador Theatre From the menu select SLANE CASTLE, on this menu press NOTHING except the numbers 382546 (corresponding with the letters D,U,B,L,I,N on a phone). After each number is pressed, the screen will freeze for a mili-second, don't worry, it?s meant to, you should now be taken to the DUBLIN GIG MENU. Enter the SLANE menu, press 3 and hit enter, the screen pauses; then press 8 and hit enter and the screen pauses and so on until you've pressed 382546 and it will take you to the DUBLIN GIG MENU. For the Dublin gig it's not a simple matter of punching in the numbers - you have to put the cursor on the telephone (it will be invisible). Then you type in the numbers 382546 to go to the DUBLIN GIG MENU. For the Dublin gig, try: 03,08,02,05,04,06. 2) Dave Grohl vs. The Toilet of Doom On the DUBLIN GIG EASTER EGG, watch the gig; the last song is EVERLONG, as EVERLONG ends and Dave thanks the crowd, press ENTER. 3) Nate swimming On the TORONTO gig, press ENTER 21 minutes, 51 seconds in (about halfway through HAVE IT ALL, just as Taylor kicks in with the drums again). 4) My Hero Acoustic From the main menu choose the WASHINGTON DC gig and select FOR ALL THE COWS in the track select menu. As Dave explains that you have to choose your battles when doing an acoustic set, a small white D.C will appear in the bottom RIGHT corner. Press ENTER to be taken to a menu entitled FUNNY SHIT; press enter for MY HERO ACOUSTIC. 5) Bass Signing Go to title 6, chapter 1 for the bass signing. 6) Dave addressing the Iceland crowd/ Nilfisk Go to the REYKJAVIK menu. Choose PLAY CONCERT and as ALL MY LIFE starts to play, skip back TWICE to go to Title 8. See Dave address the crowd. It works on my Panasonic DVD player To see Nilfisk opening for the Foo's in Iceland, play the REYKJAVIK gig. Around 34 minutes in (mid-way FOR ALL THE COWS) a picture of DAVE AND SOME FANS appears with the word HERO in the bottom right corner, press enter. Unfortunately this doesn't work by selecting FOR ALL THE COWS in the track select; you need to watch the whole glorious concert!
    i think the DVD is cool but i think its very long because of many medleys or fillers that the band did with their songs plenty of drum solos and guitar stuff going on their but its in a way because its not stereotype as they say.