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  • Released: Jun 26, 1995
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.1 (41 votes)
Foo Fighters: Foo Fighters

Sound — 8
The sound of this album is quite unlike their future albums, as most of these were recorded by Dave Grohl during his spare time with Nirvana, he didn't really have the best way to record it. Most of the songs have a bit of a fuzzy sound to them (especially "Exhausted") but that by no means ruins them. There aren't many slow tracks on the album. I'd only consider "Exhausted" the truly slow one, the rest are fast, or just mid-tempo. Distorted guitars are put to well use, with very catchy riffs, evident on "Weenie Beenie," "I'll Stick Around," "Alone + Easy Target" and "For All The Cows." He did an excellent job of playing all instruments on the album (except a guitar part on X-Static). Drumming is exceptional (considering Dave was Nirvana's drummer), and guitars and bass are innovative and catchy (especially because they aren't Dave's main instruments).

Lyrics — 7
Unfortunately, a lot of the lyrics on this album are sort of, nonsense. "Wattershed" is a prime example, but it is still an amazing song. As these were Dave's first attempts at singing, (and maybe it's me) he sung quite faintly, and his voice we all recognize isn't as evident in his songs as in the later albums. Some of the songs are better on lyrics, like "I'll Stick Around" and "This Is A Call." Others are a bit weird, in "For all the cows," "Wattershed" and the oddly entertaining distorted voice in "Weenie Beenie." Dave Grohl's voice in "Weenie Beenie" has been so distorted I seriously doubt anyone can make out all the lyrics, except Dave himself. I don't call it stupid, I call it originality.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, I've enjoyed this album quite a bit, though the songs start to sound the same after a long while of playing. For your convenience, I've included a rating for each song, as I have done for my review for the album "The Color And The Shape" (which I wasn't logged in when I made the review, just so you know). 01. This Is A Call - 8/10, some of the best drumming on the album in my opinion, and a very anthemic song. Not as catchy as the others, and the singing isn't amazing. All the same, it's a good song. Still haven't found out why he sings about fingernails. 02. I'll Stick Around - 7/10, a favourite song with many people, I don't like it as much, the singing, again, just doesn't seem to match with the music. Good intro though (many people have insinutated this song is about Courtney Love "I don't owe you anything..." which it is not). 03. Big Me - 9/10, a pretty song, to say in the least. Lyrics get repeated alot. It has an older sound to it, an older style of rock, sounds like from the '80s almost. The video for it is quite entertaining, it includes a parody of Mentos, "Footos," which led Dave Grohl to be pelted with Mentos at many performances. 04. Alone + Easy Target - 9/10, one of the more fuzzy songs on the album, which doesn't take away from it in the least. Dave's singing does though, the song is unexplainable catchy, and one of my favourites. 05. good Grief - 9/10, the main riff is an excellent one, and this a much more fast paced song. Singing is reasonable, and drumming stands out here. 06. Floaty - 9/10, though it doesn't seem very good at the first few listens, you'll eventually notice how good the song is. The chorus stands out. 07. Weenie Beenie - 8/10, great song to get you pumped, though you can't understand the words very well. Start of the chorus really gets you going, best part of the song, definitly. 08. Oh, George - 7/10, a dreary song, with dreary sounding singing, and dreary guitars. It doesn't really pick up at all, the solo is alright though. 09. For All The Cows - 10/10, my favourite song, (Dave Grohl isn't really singing about cows though). I love the bass, and it goes slow/fast/slow/fast/quiet/loud/quiet/loud ect. I'm obsessed with the verse, and it's quite a song to hear acoustic. After paying attention to the lyrics, they actually do make sense. 10. X-Static - 7/10, the intro is a great one, but the song just doesn't amass to anything. I really hate the singing on here. There are some good parts, but not many. 11. Wattershed - 8/10, super fast guitar playing, super fast/loud singing too. It's an ok song, catchy, but sounds pretty much the same throughout. The lyrics are comeplete nonsense from my point of view. Doesn't take away from the song at all though. 12. Exhausted - 9/10, a very fuzzy song, disapointingly, because I love it. A very heavy song, and I think would make a good single if less fuzzy. Overall, this album deserves an 8. I don't suggest anyone other than a Foo Fighter fan to buy it, better to start with "The Color And The Shape" or "There Is Nothing Left To Lose." A reasonable album, I'd probably buy "There Is Nothing Left To Lose" instead if I lost this album, as I don't own it yet, and it's a very good one.

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