Greatest Hits Review

artist: Foo Fighters date: 12/05/2011 category: compact discs
Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits
Released: Nov 3, 2009
Genre: Alternative rock, hard rock, post-grunge
Label: RCA
Number Of Tracks: 16
It displays most of the Foo Fighters most impressive songs and any Foo Fighters fan, either you be a hardcore fan or a casual fan, will love this CD.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9
Greatest Hits Reviewed by: andrewjp123, on april 09, 2010
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Sound: This album is incredible. Most of the Foo Fighters greatest songs are here, with the exception of I'll Stick Around, Let it Die, and DOA. However, it all fits together nicely and sounds great. 01. All My Life: pretty good album opener. This song will eventually grow on you. 02. Best Of You: for those of you who haven't heard this song, it was everywhere a couple years back. Every time you turned on the radio, there it was. However this is a really great song with a catchy chorus. 03. Everlong: a Foo fighters classic. Starts off quietly then gets pretty loud. This song is extremely catchy. Listen to this song! In my opinion one of the best Foo Fighters songs ever. 04. The Pretender: another song you couldn't escape from every time you turned on the radio, this song is pretty good. In my opinion not as good as classics such as Everlong and My Hero, but it will still get stuck in your head. 05. My Hero: GREAT song. the verse and chorus and pretty much everything about this song is catchy and WILL get stuck in your head. It starts off with a really cool riff and just gets better from there. 06. Learn to Fly: one of the Foo Fighters more soft songs, this is a song that will cheer you up if your in a bad mood. If your in a good mood it will make it even better. 07. Times Like These: real good song and great opening riff. Really fun to play along to on guitar, and great to just listen too as well. 08. Monkey Wrench: another Foo Fighters classic. One of the Foo Fighters more heavy songs, it starts of will a cool descending riff and then heads into a a great sounding verse. The chorus is great, and is yet another Foo Fighters song that will be stuck in your head for weeks.In my opinion, the bridge is the best part, and a great part of the song is when the bridge just ends and heads back into the chorus. 09. Big Me: a quieter foo fighters song, it just features Dave Grohl and an acoustic guitar. Sounds good, and really fun to play along to if you have an acoustic guitar. 10. Breakout: for those of you who thought you heard this song but you didn't know where, it was in the movie 'Me, Myself & Irene' at the restaurant scene. Pretty good song, has some solid hooks. 11. Long Road to Ruin: kind of a slower electric song, it speeds up to the chorus and then an amazing solo (not a fast solo, but sounds really good). 12. This Is A Call: very weird intro to the song. However it gets better and into a Nirvana-ish riff for the verse. Overall, a pretty good song. 13. Skin And Bones: great acoustic track, and sounds very cool, especially at the weird sounding bridge. Yet another Foo Fighters song that is fun to play on the acoustic. 14. Wheels: previously unreleased, this song proves that the Foo Fighters still can make great, memorable songs. 15. Word Forward: another previously unreleased song, not as good as wheels in my opinion, but still sounds original, and overall, it will grow on you and the guitar riff in the pre-chorus will get stuck in your head. 16. Everlong (Acoustic): a great closing song, it's a much softer version of the song, and has a much different atmosphere. In my opinion a great song to end on. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are good. On some songs they are weird, but others they are deep. Some are in a joking manner, but on most songs they are about issues in Dave Grohl's life. In my opinion, they are pretty good and they match the music. Dave Grohl sings in his signature way on basically all songs, and sounds good throughout the record. // 8

Overall Impression: My impression is that this is a great album. It displays most of the Foo Fighters most impressive songs and any Foo Fighters fan, either you be a hardcore fan or a casual fan, will love this CD. In my opinion, the best songs on the CD are Everlong, My Hero, and Monkey Wrench, but all songs on this CD sound good and fit together. The only thing wrong with this CD is that it is missing a few well known Foo Fighters songs. If it was stolen or lost, I would buy it again FOR SURE. It's only about 15 bucks, and I think that price is well worth it. // 10

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overall: 10
Greatest Hits Reviewed by: hiwaychild1, on december 05, 2011
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Sound: I like the grunge music that they make overall. It's reminiscent of Nirvana but has a little more modern in it! My favorite songs here are definitely "The Preteneder", "Everlong", and "Hero". Despite my love for rock, I deterred from Foo Fighters for the longest time. It wasn't that I didn't like them, it was just that I didn't know about them. But one faithful day, I was wandering aimlessly around walmart with a pocketful of old giftcards I wondered would still work, I saw the cover and picked it up. I flipped it around and stared at it and finally decided to get it. Now I'm amazed and hooked. This thing is amazing! // 10

Lyrics: I feel like the Lyrics fit the music very well! The singer molds his voice to the harmony (with the help of two or three overdubs I noticed). He goes from a somber, melancholy voice, to a violent scream in a few lines. The lyrics are clever in their songs and that's hard to come by in such a generic music world nowadays. Good. // 10

Overall Impression: This definitely reminds me of Nirvana (yes I'm aware he's their old drummer). I love "Everlong", "Hero", "Wheels", "Skin And Bones", "The Pretender". they're all great though! I enjoyed the entire album and it will fit well with my collection. I've had a few bad CDs in my lifetime that was a complete waste of money, but this one makes up for them all. I love it and I'm definitely going to buy the rest of their CDs! I would definitely go buy this CD again if it were stolen. // 10

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