In Your Honor review by Foo Fighters

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  • Released: Jun 14, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (262 votes)
Foo Fighters: In Your Honor

Sound — 10
Foo Fighters are a great band, and nobody can deny that. They have made 5 albums now, and not one of them has a terrible song. They all have their lowlights and highlights, but not one terrible song. Out of about 60. Christ. The rock side has a classic Foo's sound to it, not like One By One, which really broke the mould, In Your Honour just makes you even more sure this is gonna be absolutely mindblowing. Dave Grohl's vocals are powerful as anything, and I think Chris Shiflett is one of the best guitarists in a band which barely ever uses solos. Breakdowns are the key here. The acoustic has a similar sound to it, and as Dave has said in many interviews, it can be as powerful as a wall of amps sometimes. Overall I prefer the rock, but the acoustic side has Dave showing his soft side. With appearances from Josh Homme, John Paul-Jones and (oh yes) Norah Jones, this makes one good album.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are great (especially in No Way Back and Miracle) and the way Dave sings some of them really puts it forward. Otherwise I really do have no idea what I'm on about, because I'm not the cleverest (or admittedly, oldest) of people. But I'll give it a 5 anyway.

Overall Impression — 10
Rock Disc: 01. In Your Honour - epic and spreaded well. The breakdown has a screaming Dave Grohl, and I am glad that doesnt feature many more times. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 02. No Way Back - a good shot for a single, but I would never have released this over Best Of You. Anthemic, and a chorus to match most Foo Fighters songs. And thats saying something. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 03. Best Of You - first single, and I would say it was awful and repetitive if it wasn't just so damn amazing. It's more epic than the whole first album, more anthemic than Learn To Fly and has a better vocal than any other Foo Fighters song, except for possibly Learn To Fly and All My Life. Beat bit: pre-final chorus 10/10. 04. Doa - the new single, and it's good stuff, but I got this album on the day it was released and since then it has got irritating. The riff just gets in your head in the bad way. The chorus is brilliantly un-epic, which shows the Foos aren't going for the overblown approach. But when I first heard it it was the best song ever. So its getting a 10 anyway. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 05. Hell - one of the catchiest songs on the album, and in a way relaxed, even though its fast, loud and a burning 2 minutes long. Best bit: chorus 10/10. 06. The Last Song - another probable single, with a pure rock chorus, very Breakout-ish, and just another good song. Best bit: last chorus 9/10. 07. Free Me - nothing like anything else Foos have done, because it's in 6 over 4, very different, and heavy. Best bit: riff 10/10. 08. Resolve - anthems make me listen to them too much, I'll be listening to nothing but this album for ages now! Christ. Best bit: chorus 8/10. 09. The Deepest Blues Are Back - the softest of the rock songs, but the chorus still packs a kick. Best bit: verse 9/10. 10. End Over End - classic quiet-loud dynamic, with the end being more like loud-louder. Riff of the album methinks, except maybe Free Me. Hooks you from the beginning, this would have made a better single than Doa, if they edited it a bit, because singles don't like to be too long. Best bit: chorus 10/10. Acoustic Disc: 01. Still - opening tells you what to expect from this side, as does the name of the song. Good guitar, and soft singing from Grohl, which continues throughout 9/10. 02. What If I Do - a bit more of an old-fashioned guitar part, and the song in general. The chorus is impressive 9/10. 03. Miracle - one of the highlights, this could easily work as a rock song too. John Paul-Jones features 9/10. 04. Another Round - best song on the acoustic side easily. Nothing left to say 10/10. 05. Friend Of A Friend - Nirvana-esque and about Kurt obviously, very chilling, and in fact it's better than anything Nirvana did with this kind of formula 10/10. 06. Over N' Out - I wrote a song with a riff very much like this one before I had heard it, and made it into a heavy rock song! It was very weird when I heard it played so softly and smoothly sang by Dave Grohl! They stole my song! But it's probably better this way 9/10. 07. On The Mend - this one is the lowlights of the set, this song would be awful live, and isnt exactly great on the album 7/10. 08. Virginia Moon - featuring Norah Jones, which is actually a good thing, this wouldn't be even slightly good if it was Grohl on his own, this is very much a womans song to sing. And being Norah Jones, she has a great voice and performs it well 8/10. 09. Cold Day In The Sun - Taylor comes out from behind the drums and Dave retreats back, and it sounds good. I wouldn't be suprised if they did this a couple more times in (if they make any) future albums. I'm not sure if Taylor's voice would fit in a rock song though. Stick to Dave for the screaming guys 10/10. 10. Razor - features Josh "Amazing Band Destroyer" Homme with a second guitar part, I was veyr puzzled about this until I heard that Josh was in it, because it sounds amazing hard, but it is hard to distinguish the two parts, obviously Dave has the easier part because he has to sing, but he is also a better guitarist than Josh. Who knows 9/10.

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