The Colour and the Shape review by Foo Fighters

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  • Released: May 20, 1997
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (89 votes)
Foo Fighters: The Colour and the Shape

Sound — 10
The CD is good and quality. Lots of innovative songs, especially "Up In Arms" which is one slow song, then repeated super-fast. Dave Grohl does excellent drumming (William Goldsmith was originally the drummer, but quit during production, which led Grohl to drum along with singing/guitar) especially in "Everlong" (single) and "Monkey Wrench." Guitar, covered by Dave Grohl and Pat Smear, is well done, and nice and distorted. The album has a lot of high-noted songs, which gives it a awesome, fast paced feel in the songs that are, well, fast paced. Slow songs are played moderatly well, "Doll," "Walking After You" aren't exceptional, but still catchy. "Doll" is a sort of intro, but still good. "Hey, Johnny Park!" is an excellent song, very catchy with some nice bass lines, and fantastic riffs.

Lyrics — 8
Dave Grohl has a very good voice for this type of music, very rough, with lots of variety. He excells most on "Monkey Wrench," "New Way Home" and more. He's not fantastic at the slower songs, just mediocre. His voice doesn't just sound right on most them. He does improve considerably on the Disc 2 of "In Your Honor" and is a pleasure to listen to there. Lyrics are up to their normal standard. Very catchy, though not always making the most sense. The lyrics are diversed and not all focused on the same subject, thankfully not a whole load of love songs or anything. Titles are creative, "Monkey Wrench," "Everlong" are nice original titles. Remember, though reporters and critics like to insinuate that Grohl is always writing songs about Kurt Cobain (few have actually been based on that, except for "Friend Of A Friend" in "In Your Honor" ), this is not the case, and never was. Hooray.

Overall Impression — 10
Well, a month or so ago I got "In Your Honor," the Foo Fighters latest CD. I loved it, to say in the least. After a month or so of nearly nonstop play, I figured I'd buy another CD of theirs. I took previews of the other CDs, and settled on this one, the Color and the Shape. So today, I picked it up, and WOW. Like, huge, frickin wow. For your reading pleasure, I've included ratings out of 10 for each song. 01. Doll - 6/10, kinda stinks that this is just an intro, as partway through it gets to be quite a catchy tune. I would've been 8, but it's too damn short. 02. Monkey Wrench - 9/10, very catchy and cool song. Nice, high pitched, and upbeat. Proper length, and some very fancy guitar work. Lyrics work very well with it. 03. Hey, Johnny Park! - 10/10, possibly my favourite song of all time. Written for Dave Grohl's childhood friend. Simply awesome riffs and basslines. Catchy, diverse lyrics. Only slight, very slight, letdown is the chorus, kinda unoriginal. 04. My Poor Brain - 8/10, very well thought out lyrics, with a good layout. Dave's screaming excells at certain points. Only child-unfriendly song in the CD, because of the "f--k." 05. Wind Up - 7/10, another rougher song, and sounds great for it. Pity it's so short, I love it. 06. Up In Arms - 8/10, very creative song, starts slowly, for a minute or so, then the song gets repeated, fast forward. Very awesome, I love the drumming and the tune. Again, it's just too short! 07. my Hero - 9/10, simply awesome drumming. Fantastic. Very cool lyrics, would've gotten a 10, but it gets old. 08. See You - 7/10, a very upbeat song, bright, and shiny. Though not the catchiest song, it quickly grew on me. 09. Enough Space - 6/10, probably my least favourite track. Dave's screaming just does not fit in. The main riff is alright... I like it. Not so bad that it's so short. 10. February Stars - 8/10, a nice, soft song. Nice to chill out to, reminds me of "In Your Honor"'s "Virginia Moon". Unfortunatly, it won't win any awards. (Anyways, it came out in '97. 11. Everlong - 10/10, my second favourite track, the song defining the Foo Fighters. Their hit single, the one everyone loves, and with good reason. Very catchy, somehow very calming, though its so fast, especially the tune, which I love. 12. Walking After You - 7/10, it's an alright song, but it repeats it's self too often. All the same, it's another good chill out song. 13. New Way Home - 9/10, very catchy ending song, slow, yet fast at the same time. I loved the lyrics, and there couldn't have been a better song for the ending. Whew, my computer nearly froze a minute ago, I would've hated to lose all this writing. I have a new favourite album! I would reaptedly buy this album again and again no matter how many times it was stolen.

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    Big Bhoy how can you own an album and not even know its name?
    Big Bhoy
    I know the name, I just Clicked the wrong one. I know its stupid and im sorry.
    My Favorite CD ever! The Foos at the top of their form! I miss Pat Smear alot, he was their best guitarist.