The Demo Tapes review by Foo Fighters

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.7 (11 votes)

Sound — 8
"The Demo Tapes," the name says it all, these were some of the earliest acutal recordings (not bootlegs) that could be considered Foo Fighters material. This CD is almost totally written, sung, & preformed by Dave Grohl (the exception is the song "X Static" where Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs plays alongside Dave). Although it's largely unknown, this was a major record for the band, which was just Dave at the time, as the Foo Fighters became a reality because of this self-produced recording session. The tracks on "The Demo Tapes" will be familiar to any fan as 12 of the 16 songs were remixed and re-released on the Foo Fighters self-titled record. All of that CD is present here along with the tracks, Winnebago, Podunk, Butterflies, and the hidden/unlisted song No Action. All of these are great songs, better than B-sides in my opinion, especially Butterflies and Winnebago (both Podunk and No Action sound heavier and alot like something off of Grohl's metal side project "Probot"). Overall "The Demo Tapes" is an album that's pure early '90s rock with some grunge thrown in.

Lyrics — 9
For anyone who is a Foo fan or anyone who has even listened to the first, self-titled Foo Fighters CD, you'll recognize much of this album. The lyrics are great, with some of Dave Grohl's earliest hits represented here (Big Me, This is a Call, I'll Stick Around). The music does lack the polish that's on the later albums. This causes problems with a lack of clarity on a few tracks where the volume shifts a little in different spots (wether this was intentional or not, it's noticable for better or worse). But then again, you really can't listen to something titled "The Demo Tapes" expecting a big-label, squeaky clean, heavily mixed sound. Overall, it's Dave belting out his lyrics; and it sounds just as good here as it does on "In Your Honor."

Overall Impression — 8
"The Demo Tapes" stacks up well with rest of the earlier Foo Fighters music. In my opinion this CD is equal to, if not better than the self-titled Foo Fighters CD that it shares many tracks with. Why? Well, while their self-titled, breakout record was excellent in its own right, it sounded like a group of musicians playing Dave Grohl songs instead of a band playing songs that each member had collaborated on. "The Demo Tapes", on the other hand, is Dave's music performed by just Dave himself. Sure, it's unpolished, but the lack of polish makes the music sound really authentic. I'd have to recommend this to any hardcore Foo Fighters fan, or any fan who doesn't own the self-titled album. The most impressive tracks are Big Me, This Is A Call, I'll Stick Around, Floaty, For All The Cows, and Butterflies. If it were lost I'd buy it again as it's a great CD that really shows the roots of the Foo Fighters and shows off Grohl's musical talent.

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    this review is over "the demo tapes", if you read the review you would've seen where he mentions that 12 of the songs ended up on the 1st album, and that there were four other songs that haven't been released
    ALthough he failed to mention that it was still only Dulli that appeared on the debut album and not a group of musicians playing Dave Grohl songs