Back Burner review by For the Fallen Dreams

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  • Released: May 24, 2011
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 6.7 (10 votes)
For the Fallen Dreams: Back Burner

Sound — 4
For The Fallen Dreams' third full-length album, "Back Burner", managed to do two things: to bring the recycled, generic metalcore sound back to the listener, and to fall below the several other generic metalcore bands that share their label. The guitar work contains power chords, overused metlcore riffs, and several open-note breakdowns. Every song shares similair, simple song structure. The typical "screams followed by a clean-sung chorus" formula is definitely overused on this album, and by the end it becomes very stale and bores the listener to tears. Even with this formula "Back Burner" falls short compared to today's other metalcore bands that share this formula. The breakdowns, 2-steps, and the climaxes of the songs are weak and unexciting, and the melodic parts lack any depth or texture.

Lyrics — 5
The vocals share the same stage with the rest of the band, in that you can expect highly produced screaming, and clean-sung (catchy?) choruses. The album's opener, "Say What You Will" is probably one of the best A Day To Remember impersonations out there. The lyrics unfortunately are in the same boat. There is the angst-filled lyrics that are found in every song. The most common topics include emptiness, anger at society, and frustration. While there is some emotion to be found in the lyrics, the disappointing vocal delivery takes all emotion out of it.

Overall Impression — 4
While I was personally expecting better from For The Fallen Dreams based on their past albums, "Back Burner" disappointing me by providing a mediocre, generic metalcore album. One that brought absolutely nothing new to the table at all. The weak breakdowns, lack of climaxes, and the lame attempt at catchy, A Day To Remember type choruses create an album that puts For The Fallen Dreams below the other bands in the Rise Records family, which is saying quite a lot.

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    I sadly agree, I was expecting a lot more from them.. oh well. I do like a lot of Rise bands though. Listen to The Air I Breathe's new album, much better than this.
    I think you forgot you were reviewing a metalcore band. If you don't want to listen to open note breakdowns, two-steps with power chords, then listen to Architects or Born of Osiris or some other techy band. Don't bash their album because it sounds like metalcore. IT IS metalcore. And they stepped up and actually tried the clean vocals thing, which was touched on in "relentless" but not like this album. I feel that the choruses are catchy, and there's a lot of emotion in each one of the songs. Regardless, i can't help but want to move when listening to this new album. Isn't that what metal is about?
    I disagree with you. One thing you have to remember is that the band lost their original drummer and bass guitarist. This is a very good album considering they lost two important members of the band. They kept their old sound while adding more harmony and meaning to their music. I think it is incredible. Easily better than Relentless which bored the hell out of me.
    I've seen people on Facebook straight up tell the band that they suck and "sold out", among other douchebaggery. It's extremely rude and annoys the hell out of me.
    While I agree this album is a disappointment compared to the last two. To say that there aren't any exciting or strong breakdowns is false, the ending breakdowns of 'Let Go' and 'My Anthem-Like Symphony' are really great sounding.
    geez it wasnt THAT bad. i thought it was bad at first but its really grown on me and now its one of my favorite albums
    and what do you mean by "disappointing vocal delivery" his screams and his singing voice are both awesome
    Cee Neero
    I hate It wen ppl say dat the band sold out bcoz they sing a lot nw...lyk wat the hell....this is a very awesum,crazy nd. catchy album....if u guys say u fans of the For the fallen dreams,than jus stick by em no matter wat...dnt knw y guys r bitchin over this