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artist: Forever Never date: 09/24/2009 category: compact discs
Forever Never: Forever Never
Released: Apr 13, 2009
Genre: Metal
Label: Siege of Amida Records
Number Of Tracks: 13
There are a lot of bands who like to do this whole low tuning thing, I think FN have got a good idea of how to do it though.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
Forever Never Reviewed by: eddiehimself, on september 24, 2009
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Sound: The singing on this album I think is remeniscent of some of the "goth" bands of the early part of this decade but with a man singing it, that man being Reny Carrol. There is also a bit of a soul-like quality to some of the melodies he sings, a bit like heather small or something. Sounds awful I know but I mean it in the best way possible because along with the chrushing low tuned (some in F#, but mostly in A) guitar riffs and metal drumming, along with the breakdowns too really sort of works in it's own way. The harder vocals that reny does are really well executed and brutal sounding too. All in all, I'm a big fan of the way they've brought the sounds of metal and hardcore music and mixed with softer styles too. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are very emotional, very much about the way they're feeling. Some of the lyrics are quite dark, about subjects such as death and the "otherside". Some songs are quite fantasy based, whilst others are very much real life sort of things. None of the lyrics I would say are very abstract, you pretty much know what they're trying to say with the words. They do however try to do something different with subjects that you commonly find written out in songs, in a way which I find is pretty creative. Overall, pretty good. As I've already mentioned I think the singer is really good, he can pull off both clean and dirty vocals pretty well imo. // 8

Overall Impression: There are a lot of bands who like to do this whole low tuning thing, I think FN have got a good idea of how to do it though. The best songs from this album I think are the first ones, "Broken Kingdom", "Never Enough", and "Empty Promises". I think "Exitdose" does need a special mention though as it has a guest singer, Vikki Turner out of solsikk or something like that anyway. Pretty good song done together too. What I love about this album is the way everything sort of just works together. What I'm not a big fan of is the way some of it can get you down a bit. Overall I think if I lost the songs I would try to get most of them back. // 8

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