Underdog Alma Mater review by Forever the Sickest Kids

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  • Released: Apr 29, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (36 votes)
Forever the Sickest Kids: Underdog Alma Mater

Sound — 10
What I personally love about this band is the different types of music that can be heard throughout the record. Each of the 6 members all have different tastes in music and is obvious and reflective throughout this record. The guitars are great. punchy and catchy. nothing too difficult but good enough to get into. The vocals of singer Johnathon Cook and guitarist Caleb Turman and bassist Austin Bello are fanstastic and it amazes me that when a band has 1 really good singer. But 3? That's pretty sweet. The vocals are all higher pitched so some might not like that. But overall great vocals on the album. Also forever the sickest kids incorporate a synth/keyboard player into there band (as with most popular "scene bands" today) but what sets them apart is the fact that it's actually a lot of keyboard and also the techi side with synth beats crazy DJ sounds. The music will pretty much make anybody wanna get up and dance.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are my favorite part about this band. They aren't overly thought out and not overly ambitious. Just straight foward and clear and very relatable and clever. The music is on the poppy side and the lyrics and vocals fit very well with it. Plus FTSK have 3 great singers.

Overall Impression — 10
This band is fantastic. I strongly recomend everyone to buy this record. Even if you're not into the more poppy or melodic side of music, I bet it'll get you hooked enough to be wanting more form these six dudes from dallas texas. I cannot stop listening to this band since I first heard them earlier this year and I will continue to be a loyal fan till the day I die. Sure, these guys are on TRL but if you give them a chance they might grow on you. Go buy this record!

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    FTSK is my fav band atm. Can't stop listening to this album all day. I just love everything about this band. Theres nothing repetitiv. It's just feel good music! they remind me a lot to Four Year Strong but they are better .
    nickelback fan
    one of my favorite albums they rule the lyrics are clever id put them next to bands like fall out boy, and every avenue the pop punk idea doesn't sound good but it is one of my favorite genres in music today
    They're alright. A little too much vocal effects, and more moog than I prefer, but they're decent.
    I agree, the old version of Hey Brittany was absolutley amazing, and same with breakdown, but now they're all electronic.
    panic filth
    I've listened to bout 6 of their songs n i thought they're good cause i've always loved fast melodic tunes..This album is close to panic at the disco's fever... however patd is much better!Ftsk's songs sounds a lil too happy
    excellent band... if you like FTSK, check out Friday Night Fever! www.myspace.com/fridaynightfever
    love em, but they tend to go a little overboard with the effects.... a little bit of tweaking every now n then is fine, but they just use a bit much, especially on this album, im just gonna keep listening to television off party on for now
    as far as other pop-punk bands i listen to(cartel, mayday parade, MAYBE all time low) FTSK suck compared to them