Rise Or Die Trying Review

artist: Four Year Strong date: 09/01/2008 category: compact discs
Four Year Strong: Rise Or Die Trying
Release Date: Sep 18, 2007
Label: I Surrender
Genres: Punk-Pop, Emo, Hardcore Punk
Number Of Tracks: 11
Once spin in your CD player will be enough to ensure that this will be racking up hours of your life for some time to come.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8
Rise Or Die Trying Reviewed by: Zao_89, on march 25, 2008
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Sound: If Fall Out Boy and Bury Your Dead had a baby, this is how it would sound. The latest band to be signed to Pete Wentz's Decaydence Records, FYS combine the pop-punk sound of Fall Out Boy and the hardcore breakdowns and 2-step riffs heard in most modern metalcore/hardcore bands (hence the BYD reference, although it should be noted FYS guitarist/frontman Dan O'Connor was once part of the very same band). If you were to listen to a FYS song for the first time, the first thing that would come to mind is, "another Fall Out Boy sounding band?", but by the end, you will have heard a band like no other. Amidst the use of regular band instruments, there is the use of synths, though not uncommon in modern music, rare in pop-punk bands (sure, there's Motion City Soundtrack and Hellogoodbye, but nobody listens to them, right?) // 9

Lyrics: The vocal aspect to FYS is similar to FOB. Both singers are in the higher range, and sing about anything (but mostly girls, although I don't think FYS is trying to appeal to 13 year old teenyboppers). Dan's voice suits the band well, but alas, draws too many comparisons to Fall Out Boy. I'm sure they could have found a more original vocalist. An example of most FYS lyrics (from 'Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die'): "I've seen the best and worst of you/But we're sticking through/Cause the without all of the ups and downs/We've been through/You know that it's true/That I could get really sick and tired of you." // 7

Overall Impression: If you don't like Fall Out Boy, you probably won't like this band (unless you're a fan of melodic hardcore). I prefer the music on this album over their previous efforts, because this album includes more of that harcore sound that seperates them from other pop-punk bands. I would have liked this album more if it had more screaming (the only screaming on the album was done by ex-BYD vocalist Mat Bruso, on 'Prepare To Be Digitally Manupulated'), although the gang vocal parts make up for that loss. They should have had better use of keyboard parts (instead of lead, why not try some strings, or possible a piano interlude? ), and more usage, too. For fans of: Set Your Goals, Fall Out Boy, Hellogoodbye, and possibly A Day To Remember. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Rise Or Die Trying Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 01, 2008
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Sound: Four Year Strong, from Worcester Massachusetts are best described by their fans as "pop mosh" or "bubblegum hardcore". Blending elements of modern Hardcore and Pop Punk to create a sound that they state as "exactly what they want to hear." Noteable influences include: New Found Glory, the Gorilla Biscuits and Saves the Day. Which can be heard all throughout their newest release "Rise or Die Trying". FYS incorperates breakdowns, double bass kicks, gang vocals and growls (all aspects of modern day Hardcore ex: Bury Your Dead, xLiferuinerx) along side Poppy vocals, catchy guitar licks and solid basslines. Definately giving fans something to dance to. Whether that be hardcore "throwing down" or just plain dancing. // 9

Lyrics: As far as lyrics and singing, I'd have to say both are pretty solid. Guitarist and frontman Dan O'Connor, who's voice can be compared to that of Patrick Stump of fellow record label mate Fall Out Boy and Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory, sings well for this style of music, with help from guitarist Alan Day. Making an interesting shared vocal experience. As far as lyrics, typical pop punk lyrics mostly about relationships and girls, but with interesting choices of words and sayings, making awesome gang vocal chants and catchy choruses anyone can sing along too. Songs to check out on the album: "Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die.", "Bada Bing! With A Pipe!", "Wrecked 'em? Damn near killed 'em!", "Men are From Mars, Women are From Hell." // 9

Overall Impression: Overal impression, this is one of my favourite albums of all time. I love every single song on this album, there's nothing to hate in my opinion. I recomend this to fans of: Set Your Goals, New Found Glory, A Day To Remember, Fall Out Boy and Forever the Sickest Kids. Also, this band puts on an amazing live performance, touring with such bands as: From First To Last, the Starting Line and the southern powerhouses, Every Time I Die. Check them out on the Softcore tour across USA this fall! // 10

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