Sin And Bones review by Fozzy

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  • Released: Aug 14, 2012
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (42 votes)
Fozzy: Sin And Bones

Sound — 10
This band is really tricky. With the closed mindedness of the metal community, this band has never been given a fair shot because vocalist Chris Jericho s a professional wrestler. But apparently, acting is ok! Nevertheless, the sound of this album is a very typical Fozzy sound. It's very rooted in traditional, old school heavy metal with crunchy riffs and melodic vocals. You can hear influences from several different bands in the songs, including some Iron Maiden in "A Passed Life" and some GNR in "She's My Addiction". They also continued their more progressive work with my personal album highlight, "Storm The Beaches", a song about the Normandy landings. Guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey pulled out some fantastic riffs and solos for this album, including the extremely catchy riffing on the thudding title track "Sin And Bones", and several sections of "Storm The Beaches". Overall, this is their most mature sounding record musically, and has some of the best musical work of the bands career.

Lyrics — 8
Ah. This section is where we encounter the reason for the b-tchfests. Chris Jericho. Many fans bemoan this. How dare someone who found fame in one profession decide to pursue another passion? That's not allowed! Oh well. Lets go to one fact. Chris is not a fantastic singer. Can he sing? Yes. Does he make it work? Yes. Is he a great showman? Absolutely! Hmm, that sounds like Diamond Dave, actually... So, Jericho can sing, that's out of the way. And he does the best singing of his career on this album, although there are some spots where he tries a bit too hard to reach beyond. His lyric writing is mature and provocative, with subject matter ranging from fantasy to religion to wars. He and Rich work together on many lyrics, and it shows in the mature style of the lyrics. The lyrics match the music very well. I only have two complaints that lower the mark a bit: 1. Jericho tries a few times to reach too far with his singing. 2. The lyrics have some awkward moments where they don't flow as well. With that in mind, the lyrics and vocals are well done. I give them 8/10, with those two complaints bringing down the mark.

Overall Impression — 9
This album is easily the best work of the bands career. Almost everything is clicking perfectly, with the band firing on all cylinders. The standout tracks for me are the epic "Storm The Beaches", the cock rock throwback "She's My Addiction", and the provocative "A Passed Life". Fozzy continues to prove the critics wrong. Hopefully they gain the respect they deserve with this album, because this is their best so far. I love the thought provoking nature of the album. I love the musical diversity and the variety of influences. This is essential Fozzy. This is them at their best. Buy this album. Give in to the Fozzspel.

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    Umm. Just listned to Fozzy with some tepid expectations and an open mind... Blechh.
    Hmmm. Haven't heard enough of this album to give a fair assessment. I loved Chasing the Grail. But from Sandpaper and Blood Happens, I would say this is a step backwards. But I will give it a fair chance. Maybe the album will grow on me
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