Poetry Of The Deed review by Frank Turner

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  • Released: Sep 7, 2009
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.7 (3 votes)
Frank Turner: Poetry Of The Deed

Sound — 7
Frank Turner is such an outstanding individual it would be difficult to describe his sound. Very busy acoustic guitar work is featured on his earlier efforts, whilst relatively-light electric is more frequent here, though one thing remains the same: his fantastic voice. Turner generates such power in his voice for songs such as "Isabel" and "Sons Of Liberty" he leaves the listener quite taken aback. This just about makes up for the fact that the emphasis here is no longer solely on him, but equally on his band. Drums, pianos and lead electrics are higher up the mix than ever on "Poetry Of The Deed", to mixed effect. Whereas sheer power is conveyed through the epic "Isabel" and wonderful energy in "Try This At Home", fans will perhaps miss the simplicity of acoustic tracks which are no longer frequent on this album; "Dan's Song" seems to be the only solo effort. However, this album successfully marks Turner's transition from young punk troubadour to a more mature rock musician, and for that development in sound I can only commend his efforts, even if the results aren't always ideal.

Lyrics — 9
Personally, I rate Turner incredibly highly as a lyricist. His self-proclaimed "punk-rock sense of honesty" shines through in most of the songs on "Poetry Of The Deed" and this at least compensates for the change in sound. I have already praised Turner for his incredible vocal ability, but it is his lyrics which compliment it so well. Ranging from the dark and brutally honest "you can't pretend it's news that if you cut yourself you'll bleed" or "the machines we've made will damn us into hell" to the tongue-in-cheek and upbeat "We write love songs in C and we do politics in G, we sing songs about our friends in E minor...", Turner continues to impress lyrically.

Overall Impression — 7
Comparing it to other Frank Turner albums, I'd suggest "Poetry Of The Deed" is the weakest as Turner now appears to be writing songs not purely for himself, his fans or his friends, but for his band. This leaves us with an album that doesn't really centre on the main man, which is quite a let down. Despite this, Turner's lyrics are as good as ever and as I stated earlier, better he progress in sound than remain stale and repetitive. "Poetry Of The Deed" will not go down as a Frank Turner classic (see "Love, Ire And Song") but it is far from a flop; merely a solid addition to what will surely become an impressive back catalogue.

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