Tonight: Franz Ferdinand review by Franz Ferdinand

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  • Released: Jan 27, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (193 votes)
Franz Ferdinand: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Sound — 10
When I first heard the singles from the new album I was a little hesitant. It wasn't that the sound was too different, the songs just didn't seem that good. Now that I have listened to the entire album multiple times, I find that all the songs are well written. There is more synth than on previous Franz albums, but there are still plenty of the catchy guitar riffs that make you want to get up and move. I've noticed a strong evolution in the bass. There are definitely more complicated and interesting bass parts on this record. The combination of the dirty synth, evolved bass playing, and the same catchy guitar and melodies keep the sound fresh and at the same time familiar enough to jump right in.

Lyrics — 10
Franz lyrics don't get much better than those featured on this album. There is a definite common theme, sex, dancing, partying, but what's new with Franz? There are definitely parts of the album with differing subjects. There are plenty of clever one liners. All in all the lyrics compliment the music perfectly, they fit the music and they are good ole fashion Franz. Some stand out lyrics: "I don't care his breath is in your hair, I don't care his skin is still between the still-warm fold of your sheets, send him away." "I typed your number into my calculator, where it spelled a dirty word, when you turned it upside down, you could turn my dirty world, the bright way round."

Overall Impression — 10
Basically this is just another great Franz Ferdinand record. They haven't done one thing wrong so far, let's hope that continues. The only other album that has captivated me like this one recently was The Killers Day & Age, and since that came out last year, Franz is the best album of the year so far, no competition.

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    so...10 on every point? Come on...even an obviously biased view like yours can SURELY find some say that this album is perfect is way off
    "I typed your number into my calculator, where it spelled a dirty word, when you turned it upside down," i remember when we based an alphabet around this. It was like 8-10 years ago. Its a bit childish/geek stuff i think.
    This album isn't perfect, but for sure it deserves greater than a six. Besides, arguing with a review writer on UG about objectivity and bias is rather flawed from the start: most reviews you read on here are 10 or very close to 10. Personally, I'd rather give a Franz Ferdinand album a 10 than a Dragonforce or Nickelback one. That said, naturally it's a poor review, but you don't get very many good ones on this site, even by the staff. After all, are you going to write a review for something you're not really interested in? No, you won't even have listened to it. I really like this album, but I have a bias too as I've always loved Franz. Their witty lyrics and catchy hooks always get me.
    ze monsta
    I gave it 5. It was pretty damn boring. The same catchy melodies? I think not.
    Self-titled was incredible, "You could have it so much better" was fine, and "Tonight" is just... average... first two tracks are great, and lucid dreams is ok too, but the rest is forgettable...
    Its a great album, almost as good as the first, and more consistent than the 2nd.
    ze monsta wrote: I gave it 5. It was pretty damn boring. The same catchy melodies? I think not.
    I agree. This album is like a 3 for me. Sort of sad because I used to really think they were great, the Scottish and goofy answer to Interpol. Now I know that was wrong. While Interpol's second two albums were no where near their first one, they were good albums. Franz's second two, nothing special at all. It's a pity. The worst thing: the best songs that have been since Franz's debut aren't on either album. They're B-sides! "Jeremy Fraser" and "L. Wells." There's maybe five songs between the two albums half as good as those.
    sorry? Franz Ferdinand and Interpol are 2 totally different bands. Somnambulance is like saying that Obama is the black answer to Bush. Senseless comparison, my friend.
    I wrote up a stupidly-long review that probably won't be posted, so I have to throw my two cents in and say that the album gets exponentially better the more you listen to it. (Same with their second, to be honest.) But I agree, they have some excellent B-sides that deserve to see the light of day. At least 'Can't Stop Feeling' made it on the album. The turn-around they did on that one is ridiculously awesome.