Tonight: Franz Ferdinand review by Franz Ferdinand

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  • Released: Jan 27, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (193 votes)
Franz Ferdinand: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Sound — 8
A good album can be many things. Too many to list here. Tonight:Franz Ferdinand is a good album, it's very enjoyable as a whole and newcomers to the band (like myself) will enjoy it. This is my first album by Franz Ferdinand and I can tell you, it's not so innovative as it was made out to be by the band members. Sure there's keyboards and synths but it's been done before. My very first thought about this album was "this sounds like Candy-O by The Cars but without the flashy guitars". This album is not guitar centric, it's driven by percussion, bass and the keyboards. The best part? It all works. It sounds very good, it's not innovative but Tonight: Franz Ferdinand does not sound bad at all.

Lyrics — 9
Lucid Dreams (whichever version you own, I have both) has some of the strongest lyrics I've heard in a long time. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand has very strong lyrics; somewhere in this album you'll come across a lyric that will mean something to you, personally this really helps the album aquire it's attitude.

Overall Impression — 9
After all the hype that I heard about this album I have to say I'm very disappointed. Again I'm going to say most of the album sounds like Candy-O from The Cars, know what though? I'm fine with that. When it comes to choosing what to listen to I'm going to choose Candy-O but thats because of music taste. The last half of the album blows the other half out of the water. Once I got to "Live Alone" something just clicked;I felt like the album took some direction that I just really liked. "Lucid Dreams" is going to pretty much be the highlight for everyone I think. It's just such a solid track and it ends with a memorable techno breakdown. Now, if you have the "Original" 4-Minute of Lucid Dreams it's the same story but minus the techno breakdown. The Original version of "Lucid Dreams" is a strong rock track with a great chorus. Another two great tracks are "Ulysses" and "No You Girls". As a final note about Tonight, it's not an average album. It's a good album. What makes it good? Well while it might not have been too innovative the risks that were taken paid off and created the first must-listen album of 2009.

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    There's far too much pop-rock in the world that sounds exactly the same, most of these modern indie bands need some sort of a genius to tell apart in sound and appearance... BUT, Franz Ferdinand DOES have a unique sound that he's managed to keep up so far, and in such a terrible musical climate as it is, he deserves some respect for that - Even from angry Black-Metal-Maniacs like myself! Though it's not what I'm into, I can still appreciate his work as being music, not just a load of moans and groans (coldplay, muse, anyone?).
    ze monsta wrote: I gave it 5. It was pretty damn boring. The same catchy melodies? I think not.
    This is true, Franz Ferdinand haven't impacted and returned with any real decent melodies, personally I'd give seven, but I think the wait has been too long and has built up false expectations.