Legend Of The Shadowking Review

artist: Freedom Call date: 02/25/2010 category: compact discs
Freedom Call: Legend Of The Shadowking
Released: Jan 29, 2010
Genre: Power Metal
Number Of Tracks: 14
Freedom Call is in some way what the flamers want DragonForce to be. Not so very technical, nor shreddy, and so on.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 9
Legend Of The Shadowking Reviewed by: GisleAune, on february 25, 2010
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Sound: Freedom Call is a extremely cheesy power metal band, but on this album they have tried to be cheesy, dark, sad and even tried to have one "rock 'n' roll" song in it. It's about the lives and times of a king called ludvig living in the late 1800s. Freedom Call is in some way what the flamers want DragonForce to be. Not so very technical, nor shreddy, and so on. If you like cheesy power metal, check it out. The only drag-down is the guitar sound on Tears Of Babylon. // 9

Lyrics: Chris Bay masters a lot of different singing styles, from dark and creepy, to happy and cheesy. Most of the other musicans in the band are also great singers, which make realistic sounding choirs. I think one of them is capable of growling, but that's only used in a song on one of their earlier albums. // 10

Overall Impression: 01. Out Of The Ruins: is an extremely cheesy hopeful song that made me wanting to replay it over and over. 10/10. 02. Thunder Gods: awesome song with some interesting parts. 10/10. 03. Tears Of Babylon: is quite good, the rhytm guitar sound sucks sometimes, but the song is a masterpiece. It tries to be like Land Of Light from the album, Eternity. 10/10. 04. Merlin - Legend Of The Past: is a quite cheesy song, the only thing i hate is the intro thing. 9/10 05. Resurrection Day: It has a nice vocal-only intro, great riffs and an interesting chorus. 10/10 06. Under The Spell Of The Moon: is a good song, but not really a power metal song. 7/10. 07. Dark Obsession: this is a good dark-sounding Kamelot-like song, but the first 31 seconds of the intro sucks. 8/10. 08. The Darkness: this song is not what to expect from Freedom Call, but it's an OK song. 6/10 09. Remember: is a good song, nothing to complain about. 10/10 10. Ludwig II. - Prologue: is an awesome short song that sounds a bit like a mix between Freedom Call and Rammstein, and it's on german, the ending is like an awesome buildup for the next song. 10/10. 11. The Darkness: great song with many interesting and cheesy parts. 10/10 12. Merlin - Requem: it's simply beutiful and sad. With the same cheesy chorus like the other Merlin song, but in a completely different mood. 10/10. 13. Kingdom Of Madness: Freedom Call attempting rock n roll, amazing. 10/10 14. Perfect Dsy: sounds a bit arrogant, but all in all an awesome song about a perfect day in your life. 10/10 After Eternity, Freedom Call has really released 2 mediocre albums, but this is some kind of ressurection, but there's still a way to go before they're back on Eternity standards. If it were stolen/lost, who the hell steals albums?! Anyways, I'd kill him/her stealing it. // 8

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