Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count review by From First to Last

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  • Released: Jun 29, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (82 votes)
From First to Last: Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count

Sound — 10
Florida's own From First to Last's Debut album Dear Diary, My Teen Angst has a Bodycount is a Flurry of Banging Drums, Sweet Guitar licks, and Tantilizing Vocals.The whole CD's Sound is Hair raising from start to finish.I think that the message in the beginning of the 1st song Soliloquy is what they expect you to hear and devrive from their music saying,"Hello World, suck your life from my voice and breathe it back into yourselves."which to me means to interpret your own meaning from this music so you can like it every time you listen to it.But the whole records bomb from songs like "Note to Self" to "Kiss Me, I'm Contagious".And what a Tricky Move bringing in a Fifthteen year old Kid from California to Record on it even though he wasn't supposed to, but somethings in life just happen.Their Sound I'd have to say is a Deffinant post-hardcore sound compared to other bands I've heard in that category.But their music makes you feel different every time you hear it.There's probably no chance that any part in that whole CD should be changed because every song is pure gold material, I think they should have had more singles than just 2 but every record they write changes in sound and mood.If I had a list of CD's you had to hear before you die, I'd put this probably close to the Top because it's just that good of a record. the recording is really great it's more balanced out than their second album.Even 5 years after the record was written I still feel the same as when I heard it the first time. Go buy this Record it will grow on you.

Lyrics — 10
When I first heard the Vocals and Lyrics off of FFTL's Debut I litteraly gasped and said,"Damn!".Sonny Moore's Vocals are pure Genius combined with Matt Good's Lyrics.Every song is a masterpiece, for Matt and Travis to write the whole CD in 2 weeks. Sonny's Vocals are rougue and unexpirienced with Matt's Vocals being high pitched at times and melodic, the 2 voices are really different but perfectly sounding in synch.Some of the songs that use their signature double singing are heard in "Note to Self","Featuring some of your Favorite Words", and "Ride the Wings of Pestilence".Their Double singing could only be heard on this album from their other CD's, Heroine(2006), From First to Last(2008). The Lyrics with the Music sounds incredibly perfect with each other, and each song sounds really good with all of the band members just doin their part.I think people say that the band sucks now that Sonny left but they still are great writers with Lyrics that open your mind to a canvas where they paint you a picture.

Overall Impression — 10
Here's the Breakdown of the whole CD for you and what I think about it: 01.Soliloquy: as an Opening Track..It Speaks for Itself.It tells you to listen to the CD, Love it, then really get into the songs and see what you think they mean, a lot of bands don't really do that and expect you to already know that. 02.The One Armed Boxer V.s. The Flying Guillotine: to be Truthful I didn't even Know the song started yet at the Beginning until all the Instruments came in the First Time I Heard it, but really great supporting song to the album but the Lyrics kinda Sucked. 03.Note to Self: probably one of their most played and Widely Known Songs in their Setlist the Songs talking about to get real and stop hanging onto the past but if the past does come back to haunt you take it back why not? at least to me that's what it means don't get mad if I'm wrong, the song is the 2nd single off their Debut and the Video of a man at the Asylum is Sic. 04.I liked you Better before you were Naked on the Internet: this song is more for the Techno Lovers as it contains no actual Instruments except Bass, it's meaning is that Love can Hurt You and leave you Scared probably written after someone was just in a Relationship, not really one of my Favorites but good Lyrics. 05.Featuring some of your Favorite Words: to me one of the Best Songs on the Whole Album.Its talking about how you can put your life on a page but never fully understand the feeling that's put into it, really great song. 06.Emily: wow for an Acoustic it's pretty awesome.Probably one of the only songs that only Sonny sings on alone.If you hear it closely the singing is done in a big place, like a Gym, or a Tunnel hypathetically speaking.but at the end you can hear someone walking out of a building.The songs pretty self explanitory because it's about a girl or something compared to a girl that you really like and saying there's no one like you. 07.Secrets don't make Friends: it's one of the songs that start off with sound effects then gets really noisy and then gets kinda Technical with different parts.Another self explanitory song with the Title, the song means that someone stabbed you in the back and hurt you by telling lies to other People.really great song though and love the acoustic transition in the middle of it. 08.Populace in Two: another Love Song that starts with sound effects and the only song off their debut with a 10 second guitar solo.Sonny pours his heart out in the song and in the end it's really good, really well written with good lyrics. 09.Kiss Me, I'm Contagious: one of the most Whacky songs on the album, it's talkin about the Wild West and how they used to have stand offs at noon basically but it's really a strong song. 10.Minuet: the only instrumental song on the whole album, can't really say much about it, but a really good song 11.Ride the Wings of Pestilence: to me the Best song on the Entire record this song explodes with power and the lyrics so menacing, the songs about how a man kills a women and hides her body parts in his walls, the 1st single off their debut amazing. 12.Hidden Track(Dead Baby Kickback): really goofy song with Major League Player doing a collaboration in it.The song was supposed to be a B-side but the Band Sasoin secretly Remixed the Album with the Track on it, The Remix has the song ending at 5 min which 2 min at the End being strange sounds and saying f--k You Reapeadedly. The Whole album was great if it was lost I'd definately go buy it again but don't take the my meaning from these songs.

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