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  • Released: May 6, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.7 (22 votes)
From First to Last: From First To Last

Sound — 9
From first to last seems to want to change their sound on every disk, their first EP was scene emo, their first disk was kinda scene emo but actually good, while their second disk was dark post hardcore. This CD is hard to put into a genre because there's so much on it. There's a little scene emo here, little hardcore, little rock and roll, it's all different. Even though I wish they would have stayed with the dark post hardcore sound of heroine, there new sound isn't too bad, it's just the fact they keep changing so much. The music I have to be honest falls in a lot of places, I just have to turn off songs like "Medicinal Reality" because it just sucks so bad. But songs like "otherside" and "a perfect mess" are amazing! some of the best songs they have ever done, but still there is a lot of filler on this disk.surprisingly they incorperate a lot of new effects and breakdowns that I haven't heard before(the guitar solo of a perfect mess is one of the best creative guitar parts I've ever heard)but it sorta seems sometimes that they wrote songs as if they were like "I want to have this solo in it because it's cool, but I don't care if the rest of the song sucks." But the overall sound is a lot poppier then what they've done before, I don't want to say this is the "sell out" record, but the first single "worlds away" I know was just written to make a single. The sound of this record is different, not bad, just different. you have to find your taste for it like I did.

Lyrics — 8
Many people say that FFTL suck now that sonny has left and the vocals would suck without him, but actually the lyrics and vocals are not what's the problem with the disk. Matt good and travis richter do an amazing job at singing and screaming, in fact I thing they do a much better job than sonny, sonny sounded too weak while matt and travis make the vocals more stronger and pulled together. There is a lot less screaming on this disk, but when there is screaming, everyone screams so it's overall much better. The lyrics are not as well written as other records, at least on some songs, and I wonder why because most of the bands songs were written by Matt good. there are a few parts here and there where the lyrics and vocal parts don't fit in, but they aren't bad, like I said the problem with this disk isn't the lead singer or the lyrics.

Overall Impression — 10
I'm not going to say that this disk sucks or is really terrible because honestly it isn't, it's just really different from their other stuff, which happens every album, they like to change things up. Even though it sounds different, there is no excuse for a couple of the songs on here that suck really really bad, they are so bad that you will be able to notice the good ones when you hear it. Songs like "Be-headed" "the other side" and "In Memorium in Advance" are so much better than most of the songs. while I like their changes(like having an acoustic song at the end that is actually really good) I dislike their song "Deliverance!" so much, it sounds like they tried to do ska music, but didn't know what ska is, but I like the fact they took chances. overall it's a pretty alright album, I like it, but I would like FFTL to put a lot more time and effort into their next album, because they are an amazing awesome band, but this CD doesn't show it very often like the amazing lyrics of dear diary or the freaking awesomeness music of heroine. I think they need to figure out their sound more.but I would buy this album, even if you don't like the songs or their style, some parts of the songs are really amazing.

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    From first to last are the 2nd best band EVER! (MCR being the best) i love them seen them live twice and ive met them i dont think this album was as good as the others, but it is still amazing! worth buying!
    I really liked this album. I didn't love it, but almost any CD is not perfect(Rise Against, now THEY are perfect!). I really like Two as One
    I loved the new album, I was getting annoyed with Sonnys voice, honestly he may have a little high pitched voice but it really gets annoying, Ive loved fftl since the beggining, and im pretty sure their back to their true colors now, but this review makes me sad, scene emo?....
    MusicLover#1 wrote: ep scenne emo? i REALLY want to hit you.
    It was scene emo... but still good.. a 9 on a cd you say is neither good or bad isnt a fair rating
    You say some of the songs suck really bad, and yet you give it a 9? Come on dude actually mark it as you feel.
    This band sounds like a bunch of davy havok wannabee jacking off in a closet while crying. I saw these guys live a few years back during a Bad Religion show as headliners, and they were just awful. Not even several trips to the bar made the experience any less painful. Rise Against, however, were excellent preformers, even if I think they are too poppy.
    Manning screams in some songs too... this review is horrbile, like the CD. The lyrics are pointless, and the guiatr riffs are generic and every song on the CD sounds similar to the next...
    yeah i agree with everyone this is stupid Sonny has some serious talent! Bring him back!!!!! All Hail Sonny! =)