Heroine review by From First to Last

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  • Released: Mar 21, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (96 votes)
From First to Last: Heroine

Sound — 8
I was only a short-time fan of From First to Last before "Heroine" came out, and heard "The Latest Plague." On the internet just after the CD came out, and was completely blown away by it. It was very unique and triggered a new concept of how deep From First to Last could be. This CD gave a sense of something that was very much involved in making this album, but it's hard to find out what it is. The Guitars are nice and deep, the solo on Mothersound is overwhelming to me. The louder Rhythm guitar is very powerful, but not quite powerful enough to cover up the lead, which seems to be FFTL's style. And the bass is incredible. Just heavy. My only complaint is that there's a lot of chords, instead if single note riffs I like.

Lyrics — 9
Sonny's songwriting is defiantly different than from their last album. Sonny's is metaphoric and sings in riddles a lot. Since he had his vocal surgery, his voice sounds different. It's sometimes hard to tell he's the same person as the last album. There is a theme of self-hatred, being abused and neglected. 01. Mothersound - a song which seems to be about how music is being simplified and taken for granted. 02. The Latest Plague - about a kid in a society that has lost it's individuality, and how he rebels against it. 03. ...And We All Have A Hell - lust at it's creepiest and most tormenting views. About the shame in sex and a lustful mind. "Tonight I'll make my way into your house/I must; I'm lusting for your body/Skin looks tight, think I just might have/To take a bite, but I know one will turn/To three or four or more my little whore." 04. Afterbirth - about Sonny realizing that he was adopted, And that his real parents were close friends of his foster parents. 05. World War Me - the fear of being fat, and the attributes, good and bad, of having an eating disorder. "No food for weeks I've never felt better/We look better famished girl/Hightail to the lush escape, /And leave our filthy world away." 06. Shame Shame - don't really know. I still have to figure it out. 07. The Crows Are Coming For Us - ok, this seems to be vaguely about a girl whose been exhausted by being entered in beauty pageant her whole life, and blame her demise on her mother. "You wore me out so proudly/Hidden in the glitter is the real thing, real." 08. The Levy - is about jumping off a building to you death. "Rise, rise, rise to fall/I never cared, never cared to try until now/To find home/The distance grows as the ground approaches." 09. Waves Goodbye - drowning? 10. Waltz Moore - Sonny's self-hatred of having to keep an image (and figure) because he's the "voice of the generation." He hates he last to look good, even when he thinks he doesn't, the torment by people who hate him, and so on. 11. Heroine - about missing your mother, and about what he has become. I love the fact how we have to figure out what each song means.

Overall Impression — 10
From First to Last took a huge leap in ground breaking on what music can do. They aren't "that emo band" anymore. The switched their tuning to Drop C, lost a bassist, and the vocal style and sound has been changed. They took a huge risk in this album, and it seemed to have worked out. I love this album, it's defiantly in my top five albums of all time. "The Latest Plague" is in my top five songs of all time (it's passed the three-digit marker on my play count). But I hate that this is the last album with Sonny. He will be missed. If I lost this CD, I would buy it again.

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    After first listening to this album, i really disliked the new sound, however after listening through the entire album straight, i ended up likeing it. i listen to it pretty much everyday. The album is obviously more like an experimental industrial sound than a postxhardcore punk style they had in their previous albums. This album has more added background noises and a better quality overall balance in the sound engineering put in it. Yes their previous album was the sh*t but this album was a huge stepping stone for them. the sick soloing by matt good and sonny moore reaching to his limits in recording vocals. 9/10