Throne to the Wolves review by From First to Last

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  • Released: Mar 16, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (19 votes)
From First to Last: Throne to the Wolves

Sound — 9
From First To Last changed their way to underground. It's pretty exciting because it seemed like they wanted to be totally mainstream band as their last record showed us. And I like the way they move. Music on the new album became more progressive, with all this hardcore, metal and rock elements mixed, great guitar work is done, all the musicians continue to improve their skills and showed it. Maybe songs not so catchy as on the Self-Titled, as their structure generally not simple as "verse-chorus", but they need attention and will gratify you, and whole conception of songs is built very clever, to catch your attention with super track Cashing Out, and to the end, Soft War and Now That You're Gone, that may remind you a little of a Heroine times, with some electronic stuff. To my mind sound mixing itself could be done better, comparing to Heroine, but maybe it's idea to make sound more underground. Still it's very pleasent for ears.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics at a very good level. Not so emotional, but in some way cynical, social and more personal, very attentive lyrics I could say. Such lyrics as "Elvis Said Ambition Is A Ream With A V8 Engine", "Going Lohan", "The He Man Woman Haters Club" impressed me most as I see and feel them in real life. The best line of the album that could be claimed as the main idea - "now that Christians bought up hardcore and Disney owns the punk scene?". Matt's voice sounds perfect on the album, but live he must do something to improve singing skills, it's his weak point.

Overall Impression — 9
I could claim without a doubt this album is the best post-hardcore release of the year. It shows how post-hardcore must sound now. Band is moving on, and showing us new ways they discover, as much grown-up musicians. Such songs as Cashing Out, Going Lohan and You Me and the Significant Other are tho most catchy as for me. It's great that album has less in common with their old albums(and nothing in common at all with other bands), maybe less emotional as Heroine, and not so poppy as Self-Titled, but more professional, with ideas that must be shown to the world. I would buy it again of course, it's worth buying.

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    Does the reviewer even normally speak English? Half this is sentence fragments, haha. Great release though, they really do have impressive guitar work and all throughout it, awesome stuff.
    i dont get all these sonny moore worshipers, he was a god awful singer, it was just noise atleast matt can hold a note! oh yeah great album teehee
    Fatally Jon
    This album's growing on me. It takes a few listens for the melodies to start to stick but once they do it's great. And the riff in "Chyeea!" is freaking epic!
    I have enjoyed all their albums for me this is a tie between heroine. but moving to rise was what they needed this is definitely an album of year contender
    nasedase wrote: I've only listened to their self titled and I loved it. Will I like this one?
    This album blows that one away in every way.
    I've only listened to their self titled and I loved it. Will I like this one?
    This album is awesome. especially love Elvis Said Ambition Is A Ream With A V8 Engine and The He Man Woman Haters Club
    terrible review. i know third grade kids that could write better than that.
    Im so glad they made this album before they went on hiatus because their self titled one blew so badly. I like how they went back to their roots with this CD even though Matt can never replace Sonny's vocals he puts up a good fight to try to step in Sonny's shoes