Slow Focus review by Fuck Buttons

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  • Released: Jul 22, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.4 (25 votes)
Fuck Buttons: Slow Focus

Sound — 8
Shock! Horror! Outrage! This is electronic music, why are UG reviewing this? I thought this was supposed to be Ultimate Guitar, not Ultimate Drone! Well, if it helps I could tell you that Fuck Buttons write all of their songs on a Dimebag signature Razorback before they translate them to synths and sine waves. But I'd be lying. What this British duo undoubtedly are is challenging. Poisoning the chalice of dance music's more esoteric forms with noise and drone, their racket is as aggressive, heavy and apocalyptic as any guitar music you'd care to name. The idea of the "difficult second album" is put into perspective when the press treat your debut as the superlative end of all things, but second LP "Tarot Sport" went straight back on the offensive and, even after a four year break, new album "Slow Focus" doesn't seem to be any more forgiving. Dense, dark bass synths swarm as "Brainfreeze" grows and expands from a base of tribal drums and the repetition is tough. Whilst "Sentients" is a vocoded nightmare and "The Red Wing"'s bass riff runs black to the core, their orchestrations have grace, poise and a great deal of substance. No matter how tall the tower of sound grows, how blistering the noise becomes, they never lose sight of the initial spark - someone humming a tune, striking a drum or playing a chord on the keyboard. That is their greatest strength, and their strongest link to guitar music via post-rock. You can hear Mogwai's curiosity beneath the roaring waves of "Stalker," the digital catharsis of 65daysofstatic sounding through the rubble as "Hidden XS" dismantles the first six tracks and brings about the end of the album with emotional, musical and pyrotechnic closure. These last two tracks, which span over twenty minutes, will give newcomers an idea of what electronic music can do: evolve and mutate over long periods, swapping instant gratification for the feeling of having journeyed, and having changed with the music along the way.

Lyrics — 8
There are no words, only noises.

Overall Impression — 8
Fuck Buttons are a wonderfully immersive listen. "Slow Focus" takes their previous constructions and forces them under hot water, leaving the chaos awash with reverb across extended trances. It is formidable, imposing but far from impenetrable. Give it a chance and it may surprise you; give in and it will sweep you away. If the restraints and repetitions of rock and metal are starting to leave you cold then introducing something like this to your diet may well be what keeps you going this summer.

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    Surprisingly fresh and interesting music - perhaps not groundbreaking, but really immersive. By the way, they still use guitars - but with a huge amount of distortion - last track "Hidden XS" is a good example:
    I saw these guys open for the Pixies a few years ago, and I've never seen an opening act clear a venue as fast. Now I don't knock any type of music. Everyone has their own tastes. But these guys produced the most horrific noise I've ever heard in my life. Seriously, a good 80% of everyone in their seats got up and left the main area. Can't forget the name though.
    I like how Ultimate Guitar will censor "ass" in their articles but has no problem with this on their homepage lol
    I love putting on my headphones, turning up the bass and playing The Red Wing at a very high volume. Something about it is just...right.
    The song Surf Solar is an excellent track.They used it in the last Olympics ,But they never mentioned it was the Fuck Buttons.
    The first song posted was irritating as hell, but the second one wasn't bad. Their name, on the other hand...
    I listened to this on Pitchfork's stream because I got a kick out of the name, but it's really, really good. I definitely can see how the reviewer connected them to post-rock, too (even though it's a lot more raucous and noisy).
    Wow, there are more kinds of stupidity in this comment section than I knew existed.
    not digging the music, not really what i like...i have to say the band name is probly one of the best i have heard in a long time!!XD
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    Yeah, UG really needs to decide on their language policy, because right now it makes no sense. Can't swear in the comment sections, but you can put FUCK on the front page of the site?
    Why UG censors the comments at all is beyond me. We're all big boys. I think we can handle it.
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    For anyone that wants to hear a very post-rockish song by these guys, listen to The Lisbon Maru. Just sayin...
    Fuck buttons is great, I wish everyone could listen to **** all day. I also wish more bands would be influenced by these ****ing guys