Angels & Devils review by Fuel

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  • Released: Aug 7, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (24 votes)
Fuel: Angels & Devils

Sound — 8
Multi-platinum Tennessee based rockers Fuel have finally returned to the music scene with "Angels and Devils," their latest full length album since 2003's "Natural Selection." Fuel has never been a band to be labeled "unique" or "original," but frankly, they're not interested in having those adjectives used to describe them. This album, however, is a breath of fresh air for straight ahead, radio friendly rock fans who are growing weary of a music scene overflowing with Christian hardcore/screamo bands and purpose-canceling "indie" bands.

Lyrics — 8
This time around, Fuel is armed with a new singer, Toryn Green. I loved Brett Scallions, and I must admit I was quite disappointed when he left. But Toryn fills his shoes quite nicely (I'd say they have the same shoe size yeah, I suck). He has the same kind of high pitched, scratchy voice as Brett, but the two singers are both individually distinguishable. Songs like "Not This Time," "Again," and the single "Gone" have the classic, anthemic Fuel sound, enough so that a listen or two would make even a casual Fuel fan to think "Gee that sounds like Fuel but do they have a new singer?" Guitarist Carl Bell writes most of the songs all himself, and his songs haven't changed much. But they're still pretty impressive, especially the first single "Wasted Time."

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, this is a great album by a somewhat underrated band. I would recommend it to anyone who may have forgotten about this band over the last few years, or anyone who is a fan of modern alt rock. If lost or stolen, I'd have to replace it immediately. It's catchy, it's loud, it's Fuel.

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    This CD is awesome, toryn green isnt a bad singer, but it just sounds different cuz brett had a unique tone. still like the older stuff better although, gone, not this time, and halo of the son kick ass
    turnstyle 1
    I am sick of everyone saying that Toryn Green is not what Brett Scallions was !He is a different singer he is not going to be!Has anyone heard anything live from fuel in there last shows with Brett? Anybody who knows how to sing or has any vocal talent could see he was singing from his throat and that is bad! He was straing so hard it hurt me to watch.He was ruining his voice !He didnt know how to sing properley! Even still Carl writes great songs and has to compete with Panic at the dick show crap! When will all these teenage jackasses figure out that if you want to write good songs that last, you cant be just another flash in the pan one trick pony ! We will see where all the crap that is out now be in the next ten years
    Fuel Collector
    Brett joined the X's and is also playing bass for Circus Diablo. I heard that Brett became the lead singer of Riders on the Storm as well.
    Does anybody know what happened to Brett? Where did he go, I suggest we follow him. Green just doesn't cut it and I'm sick of watching re-runs of the Carl Bell Show.
    Awesome album apart from the swearing, I found a clean version of "Forever" mp3.html Brett Scallions was a better singer, but Toryn's voice sorta blends in with their music more. Did that guy say, "Angels & Airwaves"? and he said "Mess" was the best track on the album, I think he musta meant "Not This Time" cause "Mess" is just 12 seconds of suff around. A great CD, LONG LIVE FUEL!!!!!
    Fuel Collector
    An awesome album, dislike the swearing though. Toryn has a great voice, not as good as Brett, but he does a good job. Hope this album makes it big for Fuel, they really deserve it.
    p.s. - if there are two things a person "hates" about an album, does it really deserve a perfect 10 in all categories? I think someone needs to learn what the scores mean... haha.
    I haven't had a listen yet; I'm very hesitant. Fuel's first two albums are among my favorite rock albums I own. I did think they tried to over-produce the third, but it was still alright. Carl Bell may be the main force behind Fuel, but it still won't seem right without Kevin and Brett. One day I'll get the nerve to try it out...
    im glad that the lyrics are the same (since carl bell writes them), but Toryn Green's vocals are way too different from Brett's, so...this album was a "meh" one for me.
    EVANescence1500 wrote: I dont think I can get over the loss of Scallions, Green is no match for Scallions
    I Dont think by at any means Toryn is a bad singer..but hes like a big emo girl. Hes a bitch. Scallions made that band.
    I dont think I can get over the loss of Scallions, Green is no match for Scallions I dont think Toryn is a bad singer, but hes like a big emo girl. Haha its sad...Scallions made that band.
    okay you guys are right...scallions is better but when the reviewer here is contradicting himself...First he says that fuel had been "leaving room for disappointment but more to grow on" but then he rates it an 8.7 out of 10...thats good...where's the disappointment...
    Has anyone noticed that it says "Angels & Airwaves" as opposed to "Angels & Devils" under the lyrics part of the review at the top
    The New Album is good but nothing like the earlier stuff but still good nonetheless.
    i liked fuel when scallions was in the band. they were probably my favorite band there for a while. i'll give this one a listen though
    Yea, Scallions made that band distinct. I heard the new song on a late night show and it just wasn't that great. This is sad for me because I used to love Fuel. It just doesn't cut it for me this time. I have so much trouble telling them apart from the other modern rock bands.