Hours review by Funeral for a Friend

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  • Released: Jun 13, 2005
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4.7 Poor
  • Users' score: 8.7 (58 votes)
Funeral for a Friend: Hours

Sound — 6
Well, the first ablum casually dressed and deep in conversation wasn't brilliant, as most emo bands tend to over do the whole 'leading whilst the other does rythmn' thing, seems to go even more over the top. But like I said, the first album wasn't great, and this one "isn't" any better. The first album is something you could mosh to, this is the sort where hold lighters in the air as it is more melodic, and the double kick bass pedal isn't really here as much as the first.

Lyrics — 4
As most emo bands have their hair going over their face to hide their emotional scars, the lyrics kind of explain what I mean, Matt Davies is still as whiney as usual and still does wierd noises that are appariently words! But, to be fair, the tone of the vocals do fit in well with the musical impact that has changed the face of emo.

Overall Impression — 4
I can't say that they are simular to any other band as they are quite different. Now I don't have a grudge against emo, because I love 'Coheed And Cambria' and 'The Storybook Ending' but these guys just get on my nerves with their arrogance. I do not reccomend this album to anyone, but the first album is a bit better, so if you are going to buy anything buy Machine Head.

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