Tales Don't Tell Themselves review by Funeral for a Friend

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  • Released: May 14, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.9 (93 votes)
Funeral for a Friend: Tales Don't Tell Themselves

Sound — 8
This album sounds a lot like Hours, Just more mainstream which is a let down tbh. But I guess that's what happens when popularity strikes unfortunly! But I think Matt Davies vocal Abilities have gotten that bit better! Once again, they still have the octave notes ringin away in their riffs, sorta boring because that's what have been using from day one, so imo a change is needed! Those of what I mentioned might be a let down of the album over all!

Lyrics — 7
I'm gonna take you song by song just to make it less all over the place so here. 01. Into Oblivion - the first single to be released off the album. Prolly one of the best off the album too! very poppy and mainstream feeling off this one. Maybe it's just me! but none the less it's a good enough song, everything flows nicly. 02. The Great Wide Open - I like the intro riff! I thought I was gonna get some old FFAF with this song, but not completly! it's like a mix of old FFAF and new. it's a great song tho, I really like the chorus! Really catchy. 03. The Diary - Imo crap title and crap song.. Theirs just no kick from this song! The only good thing is the chorus, which looses the buzz the first time round! Not a great song really. 04. On A Wire - sorta mellow song, but once again not really feeling FFAF with this one! Nothing really special with it! But it's not the worst I guess. 05. Raise The Sail Pt. 1 - the intro gives off a really good song to come! And that's what they give! Probably my favourite song off it! If they kept this going for the rest of the album I will be happy. 06. Open Water Pt. 2 - ok, first time I heard it I didn't like it, second time I still didn't like it. Tbh this song just aint FFAF. Prolly the worst song on the album. 07. Out Of Reach - this song is like something off hours which I have been waiting for since song one. Sorta like Raise The Sail, not as good! omg, the chorus is really disapointing! That's usually their strong point in songs! But not this time! 08. One For The Road - starts off really good! The better of the mellow songs on the album! The chorus is pretty good, nothing really compared to some previous songs! But a good song none the less. 09. Walk Away - I get a American Rejects feel off this song! That's all I'm saying! I will let you judge this song. 10. The Sweetest Wave - I don't know what they were thinking doing this song, I really don't. It completly kills the albums intensity. Thanks christ it's at the end so you can turn it off before it starts! But on a musical side of review it's pretty good, well structured.

Overall Impression — 7
Over-all this is like b-sides of hours imo. It just doesnt't compare to any of their previous albums unfortunly! I'm probably being really mean but damn like, I expected something great from a great band and imo they failed to deliver! Anyway I will let ye be the judge of that! It is just my opinion of course!

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    Metallica-worsh wrote: im trying 2 say is it still rocks n any1 who says different get a life!!
    you need to get a life and stop speaking for every when no asked you to. Reviews are based on personal opinion!
    FFAF, like any self-respecting bunch of people who are GROWING UP, decide to write songs that reflect something other than angry adolescent philosophy... the lyrics and the story of this new album speaks for itself; the sound isn't toned down, to my reckoning, it has become bigger, as it should, and matt davies has simply started to look beyond himself for inspiration, a sure sign of maturity. The guy even has a hobby of playing country music with his sideband. These guys are not selling out for more cash, they are just ..well..growing up. When i got the first FFAF albums, the content suited my own thoughts at the time, those of an angry teen pissed off at the world for one reason or another. This new one seems to be as natural a progression as it could get for anyone, in terms of personal growth. I doubt this is called selling out, cause I have no idea why people would rush out to stores to get a cd about a fisherman lost at sea tryin to find his way back home. Personally, this is the best of FFAF's records, and I LOVED the first two (Casually Dressed and Hours) to bits.
    I'm an old school FFAF fan- Between Order days . I've given this album a long and thorough listen and, to be honest, you can forget about the old Funeral For A Friend: this album is amazing! Takes a while to get into and the guitar work is quite poor, but it's a dream to listen to (and I never use gay metaphors like that). My favourite song is 'On A Wire', it's so fluent and solemn- really demonstrates their progression. Excellent song, excellent album. I still think 'Out Of Reach' is appalling though. Seriously, give it a chance. I mean, really listen to it. What a band!
    Simon Acreman
    In response to 'umop-3p!sdn', I have nothing against mainstream bands, and I have nothing against bands experimenting, but this ablum is terrible and seems more aimed at fans than the music itself.....I actually wanted to cry when I heard what had happened to this once fantastic band. Perhaps they wanted to tone it down for other reasons, but they have still shitted all over the middle ground where my music taste is based. I'll go back to my underoath and KsE for the time being. But it's not only FFAF who have the 'lets go mainstream for more money' philosophy; lostprophets used to be cool too....now they're wrist-slitters.
    Hang on... you have everybody saying it "just isn't FFAF". Well sorry, but it really is. They sat in the studio & it was FFAF that made it. So yeah, it really is FFAF. Man, can't people accept that change happens? They don't have to play the same stuff their whole life to keep you all happy! I think their new album is really good, just like their old albums.
    also, where are the freaking RIFFS! listen to their stuff before "casually dressed and deep in conversation", that stuff is REALLY good.
    while still staying true its melodic pop-rock sound.
    are you kidding me. staying true to pop rock sound? THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE POST HARDCORE! gah, their old stuff was better. old school fans have been let down. i dont even know if i will buy this. sooo bitterly disappointed
    oblivions a pretty cool release i've tabbed it up, it should be loaded on pretty soon check it out
    This album sucks shit its almost a ****ing pop album i brought it and was completely dissapointed like it would be alright if had never heard any of there previous stuff but this record just plain sucks but everyone to themselves only you can make the judgement but i suggest you download like 2 or 3 of the songs before you buy it or listen to em on myspace
    they cant stay away from the mainstream when your playing warped tour every other year. I bought the album today, quite pleased with what i hear. Defintaly a bigger change but big whoop. Bands do this we've all said it a million times with every new release of any band-The reason For example-Ravenna- Screamo record -Things Couldnt Be Better-Pop/keyboard influences less screaming...same goes with FFaF-just this album isnt as hard , maybe its due to the Orchestra accompnement on almost every song
    shockingly bad record. ffaf have let many a person down in pursuit of a commercial fanbase. whatever happened to the shaggy haired welsh kids?
    they sound kind of the same as every other pop/rock/emo band.... i'd love to hear a pop/rock/emo band that had a unique sound to them.
    Died because of how awfully dull it is compared to their other stuff I mean
    I saw the video to their new single, whatever it was, and I died a little inside.
    Man, I loved all their other albums, this album is crap. Pure crap. It's very disappointing.