Tales Don't Tell Themselves review by Funeral for a Friend

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  • Released: May 14, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (93 votes)
Funeral for a Friend: Tales Don't Tell Themselves

Sound — 9
First things first, many people hate this album. It is a real advance on the old FFAF and if you want to stick to the classic "scream the verse, sing the chorus stuff" don't buy this album. It shows a much more mature side of funeral for a friend, and personally I like it! This album is a concept album (which may put some audiences off) where each song tells a tale. Most of it, you can tell from listening, is written about a man lost at sea and wondering what is going on back home and whether he will ever get home. This album has a less metal sound than the other FFAF albums and EP's. It is leading towards a classic rock sound.

Lyrics — 10
I think the lyrics on this album are brilliant! Some times on concept albums you will get lyrics that are just written to fit into a story. However on this album, I think that the lyrics have been very carefully written and therefore live up to FFAF's brilliant reputation. The singing on this album is also much more mature. Vocal range is used which adds to the quality of the album.

Overall Impression — 8
This is a very large departure for Funeral for a Friend. This is a very studio heavy album, but having seen the band play some of this album live I would say it works well in concert too. "Into Oblivion" and the 2 parts of "All Hands on Deck" are the best songs on this album. They are infectious tunes that have choruses that you will be humming for days. Points that I do not like on this album are the songs that get a little to "pop" for my liking like "Walk Away". Whilst I like the fact that this album is something new, I think that this is untrue to FFAF. If I lost this album I would probably buy it again as it is a very good album. Thanks FFAF!

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    there old stuff was amazing and there new stuff was amazing, they are good at watever they do be it screamo, or calm, amazing new cd to
    Just thought I'd let everyone know it's probably a good idea to disregard this whole review as obviously the person whom wrote it has no idea what they are talking about. Yes, the album is brilliant however when the author of the review begins by saying:
    while still staying true its melodic pop-rock sound
    It is unlikely the person who wrote this review has any idea what they are talking about. This is Funeral For A Friend's first mainstream-ISH album, they have previously never written anything to be considered pop-rock. Furthermore, concept albums are not a dangerous move at all they are normally very successful. Bands ranging from Queen to Coheed And Cambria have all had great success with concept albums. For those of you who actually know Funeral For A Friend here is a bit on an insight into how the album varies from their previous albums. Funeral For A Friend has further developed their unique sound by moving away from their already unique melodic heavy guitar riffs to add even more music. The songs have a generally lighter tone than their previous albums however it is in no way less emotional than their previous albums. The album also has undergone far more editing in the studio than previous albums (as is often the case with concept albums). The extra editing adds an another dimension and greater depth to the music, after listening to the album several times you will still pick up new things hidden in mix. Earns a 9/10 Definitely worth buying especially for die-hard FFAF fans!
    All of you who think this album deserves a 6 must open their minds. This album was not aimed at making more money or catch wider audience. It is just a different type of rock music, made by a great band FFAF. I thought this album was artistic and had some quality songs. Into Oblivion, Walk Away, One for the Road, Great Wide Open and etc are all excellent FFAF songs. True as a fan myself, this was not their best album and had less good songs compared to the others. but it still sounded very good and a brilliant album like this does not deserve such a poor rating. Also, I bet the teens who criticize this album without giving any convincing reasons just do not get the whole point of this album and hate reading fairy tale books. This album is not meant for those of you who only listens to screaming loud music and cannot tolerate softer music. Personally this is NOT my favorite FFAF album though, not because it's less loud, but because it just had a bit less quality than CDADIC and Hours.
    yar.. rather kinda disappointed but still this album rox dude!
    I love this album! It has far more structure than any of the previous FFAF records. The great thing about all the songs on the album is that they are very easy to play, especially for the rookie guitarist that I am, yet this does not stop them from being catchy and generally great. This to me seems more refined FFAF, moving on from their old "Screamo" sound (which I'm not saying was bad at all), where they concentrate more on melody and vocals than anything else.
    I really disliked this album to begin with, but it's grown on me a lot. Although it's a shame that FFAF seem to have canned their old sound, the playing on this album is tasteful and the songwriting's great too. One For The Road has some awesome guitar.
    Simon Acreman
    When will these ponses realise music should have nothing to do with 'growing up'.....the sound is nothing like FFAF that most fans prefer, it is a complete change of sound....that's why ALOT of fans are annoyed at this album
    i very much enjoyed tales dont tell themselves. It is a great album by a great band but i still agree with evry1 else, i want more of the older stuff!
    I'm glad the new album will sound like the old stuff. I liked Hours but this was too pop for my tastes.
    i love how whenever someone doesn't like an album, their initial thought is "sellouts who just wanted to fatten their wallets". yeah **** even thinking about musical progression. please make the same album over and over again and never change a thing. if i see the word "sellout" in a review, it's immediately dismissed, and i recommend that everyone else take the same approach. bias leads to bullshit, keep it out of your reviews.
    the unregesterd reveiw is shoking. quote " everything but sonny was great" hes clearly just one of those ignerent metal heads who have no scape for individuality whos just destroying my favourite album {hours}. seriously if you have no respect for progress you shouldnt listen to ffaf