Code 666 - Religion Syndrome Deceased review by Funeris Nocturnum

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  • Overall Impression: 8
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Funeris Nocturnum: Code 666 - Religion Syndrome Deceased

Overall Impression — 8
F.N. has released two full albums before Code 666, and I have to say that this is clearly the best for now. In the album there are nine songs, representing possible the finest blackmetal of Finland`s history. Lyrics needs no review, the album title speeks for its self. Still, few things disturbes: The drummer Draco. Exellent drummer, but uses only insignificant part of his skills. Not good. And the hidden twelve tracks after the record, one is somekind of tekno tryout, and rest are just silence. If that is joke, I find it not amuzing. Some of the tracks feels like they are there only to refill and get nine songs out to stores, some are made with passion and you can hear it. Despite the few diffusing parts, Code 666: Religion Syndrome Deceased is a record worth bying.

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