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  • Released: Sep 10, 2012
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.6 (21 votes)
Gallows: Gallows

Sound — 10
This is the first Gallows full length album with Wade MacNeil on vocals, the third in general, and it is simply fantastic. The album starts of with a fairly creepy spoken word part, then "IN US, WE TRUST" roars Wade MacNeil, while the rest of Gallows explodes with him. From then on it is a masterpiece of fury, riffs, intelligence, hooks and passion. Laurent "Lags" Barnard and Steph Carter continue to prove themselves as two of the finest guitarists going, best shown on "Last June", "Nations" and "Cross Of Lorraine", which crush and punch the listener; while the likes of "Outsider Art", "Austere" and "Vapid Adolescent Blues" are more anthemic, and just wouldn't be without the catchy riffs. Stuart Gili-Ross (bass) and Lee Barratt (drums) serve as a rhythm section that do more than just keep the songs tight.

Lyrics — 10
Wade MacNeil's lyrics tackle political issues mainly, i.e. "Last June" "Pigs is pigs, I can't relate, you represent, everything I hate. There's no justice, there's no peace. Being thrown in black vans by secret police", or "Odessa" "I'm a sycophant, I'm a small time crook, I'm a hail of bullets, I'm a name crossed out in your history book". He also sings about things personal to him such as on "Cross Of Lorraine" "Always waiting for the death of the death of love". All of which he sings with a high level of anger and intensity, in a raw, distinctive style.

Overall Impression — 10
I met Lags at the last Gallows show I went to with Frank Carter as their frontman, and I told him I couldn't wait for their album to come out, and I knew it would be amazing. Then Frank Carter left the band, and I wasn't sure it would be, but I've listened to it now and I was right, it is another masterpiece. Wade MacNeil is making himself a Punk Rock legend in Gallows, and the rest of the band are as outstanding as they've always been. If you were a fan of any of Gallows previous releases, you will most certainly love this. If you consider yourself a fan of Punk Rock, chances are you'll love this. If you do listen to this album, chances are you'll think Gallows are still one of the finest bands of our time.

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    The new vocalist is completely lost on me. They've lost their englishness and Frank sounded and portrayed real anger. The new guy just sounds like someone pretending to be Frank, but with a strong Canadian accent. Doesn't quite work.
    They've lost their Englishness in the voice but not the lyrics or music. I think this is their best album by a million miles - they sound liberated, sort of like the band they were always meant to be where before they were compatriots in the Frank Carter show. Not sure the review's gonna convince anyone mind
    The way I see it in terms of the whole "Wade's not english, but the rest of the band are" is, Frank Carter was one of the best, if not thee best british frontman ever, especially in Punk/Hardcore. If the got another british guy he wouldn't do the job as a BRITISH singer as well as Frank, so they've got one of the best Canadian vocalists instead
    Just received my copy in the mail today, and I must say that I do regret buying it. Not entirely bad, but your comment pretty much sums up this album completely. Upon the very first song I listened to, I knew that something was wrong, and then I got to the 3rd track, and already knew what this album was going to sound like. Just bores me. *Yawn*
    Fanboy review, complete fanboy review. Not listened to the album but listened to alexisonfire for a long time and still thought wade was the weakest vocalist out of the three.
    You only think he was the weakest singer in Alexisonfire, because he was the one who sang the least, and Gallows is a different beast to Alexisonfire, if you actually listened, you might think he's awesome as a frontman.
    George is a better screamer by far and Dallas has an amazing clean voice, Wade was a pretty unnecessary vocalist. He is a good guitarist for post-hardcore but his vocals aren't particularly strong, especially compared to George or Dallas.
    George was the best screamer, Dallas was the best melodic singer and Wade was something inbetween, he was melodic, but he was raw as well. I take it you've heard Keep It On Wax. That's why Wade is just as good a singer as George or Dallas
    I like it, and see their previous work with Frank as history and this as a new start. Don't hate it 'cause the old line-up was better. Disconnect the old with the new. It has catchy riffs and lyrics, and Wade MacNeil sounds like he's singing with real anger. Can't wait to see 'em live in Amsterdam September 20.
    MiKe Hendryckz
    bought this last night; can't wait to listen. only had time to hear first and second track. holy riffs batman.
    I listened to this album and everything that made me like Gallows from the second release is gone now. To me they're just another faceless hardcore band now that Frank isn't there. Don't believe me? Well just try and picture the hype if he decided he'd return for the 4th album... That should tell you right there, this guy doesn't fill his boots well.
    This looks like a completely unreliable review. I heard the 'Death Is Birth' EP and the single 'Last June', and neither of them did much for me. Many bands can continue to make great music after serious line-up changes, but, in this case, I think Frank Carter was an essential part of Gallows. I doubt they'll capture something as raw and awesome as 'Orchestra of Wolves' ever again.
    So... this is the best album of all time I'm guessing? Sound:10 Lyrics:10 Impression:10... fanboy review indeed.
    Not thee best album of all time, but one of the best And yeah I'm a Gallows fanboy, because they make amazing music, including this album
    i loved grey britian but i HATED franks voice, period. same with orchestra of wolves. wades voice is welcome, i liked his vocals in alexisonfire